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Andy Ewen

Nothing ventured...nothing gained.



BSc Physical Geography

Massey University

Areas of expertise:

  • Stream and river dynamics and flood susceptibility
  • Coastal erosion problems experienced in the Haumoana Littoral Zone of the Hawkes Bay
  • Alpine environment processes such as river and glacier dynamics
  • Biogeographic sampling of local lakes with the emphasis on pollen-type counts as a data proxy for paleoclimates experienced in the Manawatu region
  • The study and quantifying of ephemeral lake levels of the northern Castlecliff littoral zone
  • Data interpretation from remote sensing, such as Google Earth and ArcGIS
  • Using geophysical technologies such as ground penetrating radar, GPS and laser total stations and various other surveying equipment
  • Quantifying trends in human interaction between the three factors of social sustainability (environment, economics and social needs)

Dive Control Specialist

  • Assisting in the instruction of dive training to novice divers
  • Acting as a dive tour leader for certified dive parties
  • Emergency rescue diver and first-aider
  • Fostering interest in recreational diving by demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the local marine environment to students and divers 

Corps Competency Training

Royal New Zealand Corps of Engineers (RNZCE)
  • Basic soldiering techniques
  • Corps specific training including bridge construction (mechanised and improvised), boating, demolitions, minefield clearance, field geometry and survey techniques
  • Leadership training


 - Bridge Trophy for most promising Junior NCO (1999), 2 Troop, 1 Fld SQN, Royal NZ Engineers.


Trade Administration Training

Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF)

A 2 week residential course for prospective senior non-commissioned officers to facilitate the learning of all required technical administration pertinent to the supervisory level within the RNZAF's technical services.


Trade Training


Senior trade course for the aircraft engineering trade group covering all aspects of aircraft mechanical maintenance and servicing within the RNZAF. This includes:

  • technical administration
  • aircraft structural repair
  • powerplant and aircraft system maintenance.

Once graduated from this course, all technicians are deemed to be competent to carry out most mechanical engineering tasks specific to the trade group unsupervised.


Trade Training


Introductory course for all RNZAF technical personnel to demonstrate correct tool usage. Learning basic engineering techniques such as lathe operation, gas welding, hand filing and correct measuration techniques, the practical skills of each individual are assessed by way of 3 practical projects:

  • the manufacture of a hand vice
  • the manufacture of a tool box
  • the manufacture of a soft faced hammer.

On completion of this course, technical personnel are then required to undergo trade specific junior courses before being posted out to RNZAF bases for 2 years ' on-the-job training.

Work experience

Mar 2018 Jul 2018

Teacher Aide

Pembroke Primary School

I was employed as a 'one-to-one' mentor/teacher aide to a child who was overcoming violent, behavioural problems that necessitated his exclusion from school in the past.  This role involved helping him reintegrate back into both the school and classroom environments to assist in his catch-up of missed work during his absence.  Because of his inherent unpredictability, I was there to provide a calm and pacifying presence for him, preventing any situations  from escalating.  Sadly, this position ran out of funding at the end of term two, 2018. 

Feb 2017 Ongoing

Waitaki TimeBank Coordinator

Waitaki Natural Heritage Society

I am currently employed on a voluntary basis as the TimeBank Coordinator to assist and monitor the running of the local timebank. This also involves conducting induction and familiarization sessions with prospective users.

Feb 2016Sep 2016

Commercial Cleaner

Greg Murphy Cleaning

Library and Museum cleaner.

Feb 2014Jul 2014

Assistant Safety and Rescue Diver

Oceans Alive New Zealand Ltd

I was employed as an assistant rescue diver with Oceans Alive NZ Ltd. My primary role was to assist with the underwater safety contract with the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) courses. This was conducted by Wood Group PSN at their training facility in New Plymouth. I had to maintain the utmost standards of safety awareness, not only for myself but for the trainees conducting helicopter ditching at sea training. A calm attitude in the face of potentially serious situations (panicked or trapped trainees underwater; trainees or instruction staff suffering injury underwater, etc.) as well as an up to date knowledge of workplace first aid were essential prerequisites for working in this hazardous training environment.

Feb 2010Dec 2011

Student, University Tutor and Breakfast Show DJ

Massey University

Resuming study, after it was very sadly halted because of the passing away of both my parents, was something I chose to do after ending my career as an aircraft engineer. I saw the study as an opportunity to change career direction and pursue a long held interest in physical geography.  My degree major, initially, was a major in mathematical physics, but in fact my interests were better suited towards pursuing physical geography, and this showed in my marks.  

Whilst attending Massey, I took up several part-time work opportunities, including tutoring first year students in physical geography - specifically Google Earth application.  I also secured work as the student radio's DJ Breakfast Show host.  This position meant an early start to my day and a reasonable amount of preparatory work for each morning's show.  I also had to think very quickly on my feet due to the dynamic nature of live radio.  In addition to the breakfast dj-ing, I was also used as an MC for Wednesday live to air transmissions on the campus -  this included competitions and jovial interaction with students.


Trainee Dive Control Specialist

Manawatu Dive and Marine and Go Deep Scuba

As part of the training to be a dive control specialist, an internship in shop retail is required.  My internship was served with Manawatu Dive and Marine in 2007 while I was on leave from Feildair recovering from a serious work injury.  I was subsequently employed by Go Deep Scuba as a dive equipment retail consultant, whilst still undergoing training, after Manawatu Dive and Marine went into liquidation.  


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Feildair Engineering Ltd

I was an aircraft engineer on the Convair 580 and various other small aircraft types. Dealing, primarily, with aircraft structurar repair as well as aircraft system and engine maintenance, this role required meticulous attention to detail, all the while working to a tight schedule. Due to the dynamic nature of 'airside' aviation industry, this often required voluntary overtime in order to meet the specific time constraints imposed by the job. This was my last position as an aircraft maintenance engineer, after sixteen years of experience.  I decided to leave this position in 2008 to become a full-time, stay at home parent, whilst my wife resumed full-time work.    


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aeromotive (RNZAF)

General, small aircraft maintenance including airframe, engine and avionics systems. This included some appointments as night shift supervisor for night flying operations.

Jan 1999Jan 2004

Student and Territorial Soldier (Royal NZ Engineers Corps)

NZ Defence Force

Civil Defence Emergency Response Team Member

Manawatu District Council

Part of the initial emergency response team covering the Manawatu District. Training exercises included search and rescue, casualty evacuation, debris clearance, navigation and first aid.


Advertising Sales Manager for Radio Control


In charge of all advertising conducted by Radio Control 99.4FM (previously known as Radio Massey and RadMass). This included maintaining one-to-one relationships with advertisers, ascertaining customer satisfaction with the station's product and undertaking any remedial action, when required. My tenure at the station also included the commissioning and promoting of the 2001 Control Card. This was a free promotion card available to all students and listeners of the station that offered discounts at various facilities and retail outlets around Palmerston North. The 2001 Control Card was deemed by many associated with the station, previously, to have been one of the most successful promotional campaigns ever conducted by the station. 


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Royal New Zealand Airforce

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Royal New Zealand Airforce


Snorkeling & SCUBA diving, music, volleyball, underwater hockey, football, roller derby, mountain biking, bush craft & tramping, 4-wheel drive cross-country rallying, hunting, fishing, mechanical maintenance, engineering, physics, gardening, sustainable energy systems technology, permaculture, rock and stone carving, conservation issues.