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Manav Gautama

Senior Technical Architect


Embedded/Enterprise Linux systems architect with 15+ years experience in building innovative consumer electronic products and cloud designing enterprise solutions.  Proven ability to quickly learn and integrate new open source technologies  and methodologies into complex and evolving distributed systems environments on custom hardware .


Design and development of Linux/Android based handheld devices, tablets, high end surveillance systems, video phones, digital video recorders and thermal cameras based on StrongARM, PXA, OMAP2, OMAP3, Freescale, Davinci & x86 series of processors.

Android experiance since 2010 till date.  

Record number of consumer projects(>200) architected & delivered custom solutions.

Implemented projects for National Aeronautical Limited(NAL), Food Corporation of India (FCI),Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL), Naval Aircraft Servicing Development Organization(NASDO), (C-MMACS), Ministry of Education-Brazil, Wildlife Conservation Society for Intel. Designed temper proof crime recording device and infrastructure for Indian Police under the TIFAC, Department of  science and technology , Govt of India. 

Management and delivery of multimillion dollar projects/products. Architected enterprise cloud solutions on OpenStack, HBase/Hadoop, AWS, EC2, UEC, Virtualization Platforms, Dockers and Clustering.

Hands on expertise on IOT stacks and devices based on : TinyOS, Contiki, Mantis and FreeOS.

Expertise in deploying e-learning/e-government based setups.

D&D of a web 3.0 semantic content delivery handheld showcased in the Unreasonable Institute.

Deployed Custom Clusters for 1028 Nodes for developing algorithms for use in future forecast models for nay, IITs weather predictions centres and universities .

Design and deployment of OpenStack, Nova. Cinder, Neutron,  Swift and Glance over KVM VM with mangoDB, MQTT cloud deployed using proisioning tools including chef and puppet. AWS deployment, custom open stack deployments.  

As a personal initiative trained more than 2000 students on embedded Linux and open source implementations.

Authored keynote articles in I.T magazines and addressed alumni of State and Private Engineering colleges across India. Worked as project mentor at III-B

Work History


Chief Technical Architect

  • Implementation of various frameworks by different platform teams.
  • IoT port and application design using Tiny OS
  • Design and development of various camera sensors and integration of the same on Android JB Along with HAL and Media framework.
  • Board bringup of custom ARM SOC using latest stable kernel and integration of various device drivers.
  • Setting up road map for next 3 years and various projects to be delivered in the same time frame. 
  • Mentoring team of 15 people on various technologies related to various projects.
  • Process setup for internal use of repo, git and hardware lab for history back tracking.
 Jan 2016 June 2016

Senior Technical Lead

  • Implementation of of code for component validation for Intel's next generation processor
  • Build Infrastructure using Yocto and adding custom packages for automated builds.
  • Implementing integration of builds with gerrit for automated tests against all builds
  • Building u-boot , kernel, Quality of service driver verification along with First boot Test reports
  • Adding and packaging with yocto for the new architecture.
  • FaceBook Mobile me Platform bringup.
  • Mentoring team on the various linux frameworks and the frameworks internals training
Jan 2012July 2014

Senior Systems Architect

  • Bangalore Android Port for the DW Tab including the various HAL middleware requried for the same. Wrote touchscreen abstraction and calib profiles. 
  • Developed wireless abstraction layer and GPRS connectivity using airtel dongle, trained internal team for Android application development. 
  • Android Port including board bringup on a i. mx53 based board. Activities included kernel port, android port and various other driver activities targeting android CTS certification.
  • MSP430 tinyos port and board bringup based on the same, including a TLV implementation to write to the flash in a robust failsafe manner, IOT profile.
  • Design and Development of BEL video recorder which included kernel porting and TVP driver implementation complete stack video recorder application for a use in a thermal camera for use by indian defense.
  • TPM(trusted platform module) bootloader development with integration along smartcard, password on poweron and biometric authentication. Implemented IMA(integrity measurement architecture) in bootloader, kernel and user application for managing Keys.
  • Build system customization on top of yocto, open embedded, android
May 2011Dec 2012

Senior Systems Architect

  • Senior Systems Architect Heading the systems group, responsible for product design.
  • Design and Development of Android based DM368 based high end Video phone.
  • Design and development of a conexant chipset based low cost surveillance camera.
  • Design and commercialization of a high end surveillance camera based on the DM365.
  • Design and development of DM8148 based cloud computing and video phone terminal.
  • Architected a cloud solution for large scale deployment in BSNL datacenters targeted at deliverying Iaas, Paas, Saas cloud services to end customers using open stack.
  • D&D of a 720P video phone for use in HDMI/Component capable televisions. D&D of a DM81XX based digital video recorder.
  • Integrating build systems while training teams Android, Yocto and various cloud implmnetnations
Sep 2004May 2011

Senior Technical Architect

  • Kernel port and android port for omap3 and omap2 based custom hardware.
  • Developed a battery monitor driver.
  • Developed a PWM driver for backlight intensity control.
  • Board bringup and BSP for mobilinux for a omap2430 based custom hardware.
  • Deployed an eRCP application OSGi stack including port of the VM.
  • Managed project automation of servicingof aircrafts using a publication system. for the Naval Aircraft Servicing and Development Organisation(NASDO). Subsequently successful implementation in progress for Indian Navy.
  • Designed Japanese and Portuguese desktops for handheld devices with printing support.
  • Designed and deployed mesh wifi based handhelds for use in e- learning.
  • Managed technology transfer and builds of 8-node linux clusters with custom backplanes in association with National Aeronautical Limited(NAL) and deployed,
  • Added Mobile IP V. 6 on custom handhelds.
  • Did Technology Transfer for production of handhelds in Brazil.
  • Port of Android to mobilinux based omap board.
  • Success Execution of 100 million deal including technical conformance development.
  • Design of in-house build systems automated while Jira and redline
  • Push email solution based on linux for Karnataka Traffic Police personnel.
  • Prototype wireless crime recording system for the Corps of Defence
  • Ported SUN's J2ME and JamVM virtual machine to handheld platforms.
  • Integrated cross platform SDK based on Eclipse and Anjuta.
  • Ported 2.6. 8-1 kernel to custom PXA255 based hardware.
  • Architected wireless solution to check secure distribution of food grains in for the state of Andra Pradesh, Civil Supplies Corporation.
  • Designed a remote management interface for use in VOIP phone.
  • Wrote device driver for Samsung based nand device.
  • Executed e-book technology transfer of illumination reader for the Summerwood partnership, London
Jan 2002Aug 2004

Technical Architect

  • Setup and trained faculty for an Embedded Training Institute. 
  • Deployed Realtime linux on the Light Combat Aircraft(LCA) prototype for use in cockpit display from various sensors and and user interface simulation. 
  • Ported uClinux on a Freescale Fire Engine M5485. Deployed Embedded Linux on a PowerPC over NFS.
Jan 2001Nov 2001

Software Engineer

  • Wrote driver for Motorola chipset modem for use in QNX.
  • Implemented Trueffs flash driver for Linux for M-systems DOC
  • Developed driver for MIL-STD-1553 in QNX. 
  • Completed prototype set top box using NEUTRINO on x86 architecture 
  • Re-wrote existing system admin scripts in Perl, maintained and improved existing shell scripting tools Implemented DMZ and firewalls using different tools. 
  • Deployed split DNS for DNS Server under fwtk on Origanisations network. Built and configured firewall core boxes and Linux based routers, for packet filter, gateways, mail servers.
  • Deployed Linux for embedded applications for products designed on x86 architecture, specifically National semiconductors Geode including custom PCI hardware for interfacing from DiskOnChip from m-systems.
  • Maintaned DNS, DHCP, Sendmail, Samba, CVS, Apache, and NFS on RedHat Linux in mid-sized production network. And setup backup plan for the production systems Tested cmu-SNMP for monitoring of mailserver performance and troubleshooting.

Systems Administrator

  • Setup Intel servers and workstations, network hardware, and rack- mount storage housings. 
  • Resolved emerging and pre-existing server problems and instabilities. Tested, evaluated, recommended, and implemented backup software on ten Gateway 2000 machines on UNIX. Developed and maintained cpio backup scripts in Bash Shell using scheduled scripts for individuals and organizations. 
  • Created and maintained user, ftp and client accounts for all UNIX servers, and supported all workstation and NT Server software and hardware throughout the company. Deployed networks based on peer-to-peer model for organizations. 
  • Faculty for Government organizations like National Lottery. Courses taught include MS Money, Quicken, MS Access, Ms Visual Basic


Designs and Prototypes





Computer Science and Engineering


Dec 2009Jan 2009

RedHat Certified Engineer - India



Jan 95Feb 1996

International Computer Training Centre - Ethiopia

Micro Computer Applications- 



English, Amharic, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati