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General Information

Date of Birth: 22 September 1977

Nationality: Saudi

Marital Status: Single

Spoken languages: Arabic, English


To gain more experience and training in HR field, this will give me a chance to enhance my personal skills and will lead me to build a professional career.


After I graduated with a Diploma in Computer Programming from Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in Riyadh I joined Al Rajhi Bank head office to work as Computer Operator in IT Operations Department. I gained strong IT concept with many implementations and had the ability to learn and get new experience.Then, I joined BAE SYSTEMS HQ to work as HR Administrator and then promoted to HR Support Specialist in HR EST (Employee Support Team) which gave me good HR knowledge. After that, I moved to Finance as Operations Accountant which gave me good Accounting knowledge. Then I joined Saudi Technical Group (STG) as Personnel Manager. After that, I worked as a Reward Information Services Consultant at Hay Group. Currently, I work as HR Consultant at International Company For Human & Managment Development (ICHMD).


Khalid Al Shehri

My Ex Supervisor

Ali Mubarak

My Ex Supervisor

Ahmed Al Lowaimi

Shady Al Sousy

Work experience

Jun 2010Feb 2011

Reward Information Services Consultant

Hay Group

Compensation & Benefits Surveys Job Mapping Job Pricing Information Consulting

Jan 2010May 2010

Personnel Manager

Saudi Technical Group (STG)

•Managing a team of eight employees including brokers.•Good knowledge of Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).•Good knowledge of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).•Good knowledge of Commercial and Business visiting visa requests from Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.•Good knowledge of Muqeem Service. Perform several critical services for expatriates' employees through accessing the databases of the Saudi Passports & Traffic Departments in quick and secure way.•Good knowledge of Saudi Passports services such as Exit Re-entry Visa, Issue new Iqama, Renew Iqama, Transfer Sponsorship and all dependent procedures through Saudi Passports.•Good knowledge of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) procedures.•Good knowledge of Riyadh Traffic procedures.•Good knowledge of Bureau of Labor and Workers procedures.•Good knowledge of Saudi Labor Law.

•Manage all employees’ actions such as: medical insurance, leaves, time sheets, end of service, new arrivals and terminations.

•Manage medical insurance for all company employees and coordinate with the medical insurance provider.

•Manage leave and business tickets and coordinate with the travel agency.

•Manage company cars: insurance, accidents and government related issues.

•Manage recruitment locally and via recruitment agencies in Middle and Far East.

•Coordinate with an IT company to implement a new HR System while upgrading the network.

•Supervise the petty cash and the department safe.

•Supervise writing new manuals for each job within the department.

Mar 2008Sep 2009

Operations Accountant (Finance)

BAE Systems

•Organize new files which make processing Expenses easier to track.•Handle company business Expenses and Payroll processing (two different roles) at the same time for about seven months.•Handle the companies Cheque books, the Finance safe, Petty Cash, Bank transactions like paying SEC and STC invoices, Bank Drafts, cashing Cheques and Telex Transfer.•Arrange Expenses and other payments online, cash and in Cheques.•Process all support services and Base payments such as new and renew Iqama, leave and business visas and Bases petty cash top up.•Processing Payroll for all company employees falling in different Payroll areas and printing pay slips while dealing with GOSI, Pensions, different companies and different regulations.•Set up exchange rates, payment files, GOSI accruals, Pensions reconciliation and rectify HR inputs as part of Payroll process while making sure to meet all the deadlines and set the payment date on the system.•Trained two employees in Expenses while taking new responsibilities like updating control accounts, updating Expenses COSA and prepare random Expenses for audit each month.•Create and update several forms and lists to be used in daily Expenses and Payroll process. Update Expenses manual with another two employees in the Expenses team. •Conduct two different Base Visits to ensure they are inline with Finance policies and procedures. The visits include checking the Base Finance related issues (such as Base petty cash and credit card) and try to solve and report any Finance issues between the Base and Finance department.•All actions were carried out using SAP.•Have a written Recommendation.Skills:Worked at SAP, HR Browser Reports and Outlook.Built good team work and supervisory skills.Time management.Ability to work in multinational environment.

Jul 2007Feb 2008

HR Support Specialist (HR EST)

BAE Systems

•Create and organize all the fixed contracts files.•Maintain the retirement report, retirement official letters and create and maintain the retirement files.•Preparing and distributing various HR Reports (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly) at certain dates.•Verifying the team actions, checking and forwarding all HR business emails in the Remuneration area and answering queries on the phone and face to face.•Trained several new arrivals and exciting employees in HR EST to be able to do their job while doing my day to day job.•Update several check sheets to ensure it reflects the updated process for HR EST actions.•Update several HR EST forms.•Manage, distribute and verify the work among a team of four employees.•All actions were carried out using SAP.•Have a written Recommendation.

Dec 2005Jun 2007

HR Administrator (HR EST)

BAE Systems

•Working in the Travel and TPO area including dealing with the travel agency offices around KSA to process and issue the authority for leave and business tickets.•Slightly improve the process in the Employee Support Team section.•Action and maintain all the terminations for about three months in the Remuneration area.•Trained several new arrivals and exciting employees in HR EST to be able to do their job while doing my day to day job.•All actions were carried out using SAP.•Have a written Recommendation.

May 2005Nov 2005

Computer Operator (IT Operations)

Al Rajhi Bank

•Write a professional manual for the daily Visa operation tasks.•Scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly jobs.•Responsible for up/down loading the external payroll files.•Preparing job documentation.•Have a written Recommendation.Skills:Worked at various systems such as Globas, Main Frame, Tandom and Visa operations.Gained good communication skills.Programming skills (logic, analysis, design, and development).

Work History & Education


Sep 2013Sep 2013

IELTS Test, English

British Council

Test type: Academic

Overall Band Score: 6.5/9.0

Listening 6.5

Reading 7.0

Writing 5.5

Speaking 7.0

Feb 2011Feb 2011

Job Mapping Training

Hay Group

Job Mapping Training

06/02/2011 to 09/02/2011

Prague, Czech Republic


Sep 2002Jan 2005

Diploma, Computer Programming

Institute of Public Administration (IPA)
Jan 1994Jan 1995

General Secondary Education Certificate Examination

Al Aqssa Private Secondary School


Basketball, Reading, Swimming and traveling.


Supervisory skills
Team work
Time management
Ability to work in multinational environment
Communication skills
Programming skills
Logic, analysis, design, and development