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BOSS Ballet Barres offers a sturdy and portable solution to your ballet needs. Specially designed from a combination of their EuroKlemp products and steel tubes, Ballet Barres was created to meet the variety of needs that dancers have. These bars are suitable for experienced and new dancers as well as for use with individuals or groups who want to increase their flexibility and mobility through exercise routines. This product is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre to maximize your space, and is offered in a multitude of lengths.

BOSS offers three different categories of strength, depending on your needs. The beginner bar, or Princess Bar, is four feet long and is great for beginning or younger dancers, and can be fit anywhere. The intermediate series is geared towards those who are more practised and comes in four foot to eight-foot measurements, fitting in most living rooms. The pro series is the strongest set that is offered, as its length begins at eight feet and stretches to fourteen feet across, mostly being used by studios.

Boss Ballet Barres
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Tel: 905-508-8225