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I have about 15 years of professional experience. During this period, I have touched following areas like:

Power Point Presentation

  • Presented the facts using latest Power Point Presentation for Windows 8.
  • Used the features of Microsoft Word for Newsletter and Excel for Fact Sheets. 


  • Sharing the thoughts and knowledge to various people around the globe.
  • Helping others to resolve the issues through sharing of knowledge.

Social Media

  • Adopted social media to reach out to people and maintain contacts with them.
  • Early member of social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Facebook, Orkut and VisualCV.

Web Content Writing

  • Writing SEO-friendly website content that is relevant to the business and has impact.
  • Maintaining the thumb rules of content writing to create good content.
  • Writing website contents that help on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

Analytical skills

  • Ability to comprehend and analyze wide range of topics and arrive at correct result
  • Ability to develop the concept from the scratch and develop it further.
  • Ability to search in the net to find the correct resources

Managing Key Projects

  • Conducting detailed need analysis to deliver relevant solutions to the clients.
  • Assessing the project resource requirements and getting the same to deliver the products in time.


Reading, listening to music, meeting people and visiting places.


To become successful in whatever I do.

Work History

Jan 2014Present

Freelance Blog Writer

General Global and and Indian News

 I have been writing  blogs for the past one year or so on various topics that are interest to me. I have been getting regular views because of this habit to the extent of monetization.

 Oct 2013Present

Wikipedia Writer


I have written few articles in Wikipedia as well. I am not writing regularly anyhow.

Content on Wikipedia


Mar 2014Present

Content Writer


In the current capacity, I am working as the Lead Content Writer who writes about news on wide range of topics that include politics, finance, entertainment, science, engineering and technology, gadgets, sports, or any other topic related to India. After joining this organization, I was instrumental in increasing the site traffic by almost the triple the initial value. When I joined the organization, the number of likes in Face Book was only 192. Now, it stands at 625 in Face Book. The Google+ shares increased from 1500 to 18,355 in two months time. The site traffic now stands at more than 20,000 as of today. The number of  visits per day has risen from 650 initially to over 1000 in last two months.

Content Works in Profile

Dec 2013Mar 2014

Content Wrtier


Here, I was writing the technical documents such as brochure, case studies, white papers, newsletter, etc. regarding various services and products rolled out by the company.

Jun 2011Sep 2013

Content Writer

Iridium Interactive

As a content writer, I write contents for various businesses online. I am deputed to client site Google India Pvt. Ltd. to write contents for various client websites. As part of the project at client site, I write SEO-friendly contents for various client businesses.

Jan 2008Jun 2011

Product Specialist


In this job profile, I was in charge of the academic content development. I had worked with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop the academic content according to CBSE and ICSE syllabi. I was also involved in developing storyboards for different animations for various classes. After writing the storyboard, the animations are conceptualized and visualized with the help of animators in the organization. I had also designed interactive classes using Adob Captivate for conducting language classes. I also had configured the e-learning portal that was built on Joomla and Moodle platforms. The content development was done using XHTML editor eXe in Scorm format.

Feb 2006Feb 2008

Content Writer

Newshawk Online Ltd.

In this job profile, I was involved in developing simple contents that describe the financial situation of different companies. For this, complete and in depth analysis of the company's balance sheet is done and the status of the company is reported in impartial manner. The different formats of reporting include headlines, quick facts, Updates and Full Story. After analyzing the company balance sheet, simple presentation of data is done. This helps the stakeholders to easily understand  the company's performance for the quarter, when compared to other competitors in the market. 

Sep 2001Jan 2006

Software Engineer

Adamas Technologies Ltd.

In this job profile, I have completed various projects. Some of the projects completed include School Management System, Library Management System, and Network Management System. For developing these software, I have used Visual Basic 6 as front end, and MS Access or SQL Server 7.x as back end. I have also worked on the project called Online Second Hand Car sales using JSP/Java as front end and SQL Server 7.x as back end. I have worked both as team member and as single person for these projects.

Sep 1999Aug 2001



In this job profile, I have taught the +2 students, both at academic and advanced levels. I have made study materials and prepared problems to make them understand various concepts in Chemistry.


Aug 1994Jul 1996


University of Hyderabad
May 1991Jul 1994


St. Xavier's College


Front End Tools
During this period, I have used software such as Java, Servelets, JSP, ASP, Visual Basic, PHP etc. for developing highly interactive and eye catching User Interfaces.
MS Word, MS Power Point
Being in the web content writing industry for this later part of my career, I have taken it upon myself to utilize MS Office as efficiently as possible in creating document templates, formats that capture the attention of the customers and businesses.
Content Writing
Though I have started my work as a Lecturer, I have moved to the area of content writing. Once into content writing, I have been able to enjoy it. But the knack to write on any topic became visible when I was doing my graduation, especially while writing about the science topics. In this field, I have written contents various clients. They include investors, children and small and medium enterprises. While writing the content,  I have discovered that following the fundamentals of good writing -- planning a theme to write, structuring of the content into paragraphs that relate to each other,  appropriate use of keywords in the content, etc. -- is a great way to help write contents which support on-page SEO.