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Work experience

Jan 2002Present

statewide contractor

Baker`s Painting & Drywall
I am The Finisher. I specialize in commercial and residential painting, interior and exterior, hanging drywall finishing drywall and ceilings, tape and bed, texturing, custom texture, matching texture, stain and repairing drywall. Call today for a quote today. Best prices in the state. GUARANTEED!
Feb 2010Present

Replace sheetrock, tape & bed and texture 1240 sq. ft house


My current project that I am will be wrapping up soon ( majority finished): There was no sheetrock at all in the house, garage or closets. I hung all the sheetrock ( 98 sheets), taped and bed, textured the walls with an orange peel texture, scrapped all the old popcorn from the ceilings, and retextured the cieling with splatter knockdown texture.

Reference: Mathew: 719-640-8949

Mar 2011Present

New Construction. Start to finish: Hang all the way to paint

Chad Williamson

This is brand new construction going on and I`m doing it all: a complete finish

- Install sheetrock in the entire home- 2200 sq. ft

- Install sheetrock in the garage- 1000 sq. ft

- tape and bed all installed sheetrock in the home and garage with three coats of mud.

- Texture all of the sheetrock walls in the home and garage with custom texture

- Texuture all of the ceilings with skiptrowl texture

- Paint all of the walls for custom finish

- Glaze the walls for custom finish

- Paint the ceiling

Reference: Chad Williamson.

Apr 2011Apr 2011

Repair and Match texture in 8x6 bathroom

Jay Brown (real estate agent)

repair and match the existing texture- splatter knockdown in an 8x6 bathroom

Reference: Jay Brown: 405-520-4910

Apr 2011Apr 2011

Tape and bed, float out and Texture newly installed drywall

Lacey Mechanical LLC

- Tape and bed the new sheetrock

- add two extra coats of mud and float out for a better finish

- Texture the new sheetrock to match the existing texture- splatter knockdown.

Reference: Bob- owner of Lacey Mechanical 405-387-2000

Mar 2011Mar 2011

Repair and Match texture

Mark Fabian

Repair damaged drywall in the bathroom

match existing texture in the bathroom

Reference: Mark Fabian: 405-210-3963

Mar 2011Mar 2011

Hang all sheetrock in 1300 sq. foot home

S.A.W.S. Remodeling

Hang 1300 sq. foot of sheetrock throughout the entire home

Reference: Sindey Wisby 405-476-0502

Mar 2011Mar 2011

Interior Painting

Donnie Winkle

Interior Painting

Prime and paint living room and two bedroom walls taking it from dark brown to beige with a semi gloss finish

Touch up the ceiling in the kitchen

Reference: Donnie Winkel:  405-410-3337

Feb 2011Feb 2011

Float, tape/bed, match texture and caulk

Mary Saenz

- Livningroom- Float, tap/bed the angles and match the texture, (skip trowl)

- Mater Bedroom- Float, tape/bed the angles and match the texture, (skip trowl)

- Master Bathroom- Float, tape/bed the angles and match the texture, (skip trowl)

- Kitchen- Caulk the crown molding

Reference: Mary Saenz.  [email protected]

Jan 2011Jan 2011

Hanging sheetrock, tape/bed,texture, & paint- add on to the home

Mike Holford

Add a 450 sq. ft room with two closet and a bathroom

-Hang all the sheetrock in the entire add on addition: 475 sq foot

- Tape/Bed and Texture the add on. (splatter knockdown texture)

- Paint the add on.

Reference: Mike Holford 405-831-4171

Dec 2010Dec 2010

Hang sheetrock, match texture, drywall repair

Doug Fernbacher

- Replace damaged drywall in the living room

- Skim-coat all damaged drywall throughout the house

- Texture drywall that has to be replaced with skip trowl texture.

Reference: Doug Fernbacher  1-512-696-7594

Dec 2010Dec 2010

Splatter knockdown texture and Paint

Ryan Holt

- Backfill crown molding

- scrap acoustic popcorn off of both ceilings in the bedrooms

- skip trowl the celings and walls in the bedrooms

- Paint the bedroom

Reference: Ryan Holt 405-921-6226

Dec 2010Dec 2010

Interior Painting: kitchen cabinents, trim, walls

Chris Richardson

-Caulk the kitchen cabinents

-Paint the kitchen cabinents

-Paint the trim thorough the house

-Paint the 5 interior walls

Reference: Chris Richardson  405-474-8752

Nov 2010Nov 2010

Drywall Repair and Splatter knockdown texture in Garage

Mark Fabian

Repair holes in the garage.

Skim coat (mud work) the garage

spot screws.

Texture the garage with splatter knockdown

Reference: Mark Fabian: 405-210-3963

Nov 2010Nov 2010

Exterior Painting

Molly Holbrooke

Paint the exterior of a 2500 sq. ft home

Paint all wood siding,



wood trim

Reference: Molly Holbrooke 405-840-9757

Oct 2010Oct 2010

2 Story Exterior Paint Remodel

Steve & Vickie Newby

New Construction: 2 story home approx. 3400 sq. ft..

Paint all the soffits (exterior trim under the roof) of the home all around green going int red.

Paint all the soffits, (exterior trim under the roof)  of the shed all around green going into red.

Paint the facia, siding green


Steve or Vickie Newby:


Oct 2010Oct 2010

Interior Paint & Drywall Repair 2400 sq. ft home

Cassandra Patmon

Killz and Repaint the living room, dinning room, one bathroom, hallway ceiling


Repair three drywall patches.


Cassandra Patmon:


Oct 2010Oct 2010

Tape and Bed 2 story, 2000 sq. ft home

Jimmy Elliot

2000 sq. ft. home: 2 story

Tape, bed and sand entire home

Reference: Jimmy Elliot


Oct 2010Oct 2010

Ceiling repair, texture and drywall repair

Stanley Steemer

Repaired water damage in the ceiling of a bedroom.

Remove damaged sheetrock

Hang sheetrock

tape and bed, float out, sand

apply acoustic popcorn texture


Reference: Lamar Mensah 405-745-1078

Nov 2010Oct 2010

Ceiling repair, popcorn texture, drywall repair

Carl and Tracy T.

- Repair a patch in the living room ceiling: Apply acoustic popcorn and paint

- Texture two walls in the kitchen (splatter knockdown)

- Repair a patch in the wall and a patch in the ceiling in the bedroom

- Repair two drywall patches in the bathroom

- Tape cracked corners in the living room

Reference: Carl or Tracy T.  405-889-4005

Oct 2010Oct 2010

Drywall Repair and paint

Michael Veal

Repair a drywall patch in the ceiling and in the wall.

Tear out damaged sheetrock,

replace 2 sq.ft of sheetrock

tape and bed,

match the existing texture: popcorn on the ceiling. orange peel on the wall

Paint the spots replaced.

Reference: Michael and Fay Veal: 405-215-7780

Aug 2010Sep 2010

Interior Paint & Stain remodel: 5000 sq. ft house

A. & B. Parker

5000 square foot home in Edmond w. 30ft. ceilings

Paint the entire interior of the home:

Paint the crown molding

Stain  the trim, stairways, cabinents, and front door.

Reference: A. & B. Parker: Owner of Direct Buy: 405-301-1268

Sep 2010Sep 2010

Ceiling repair, texture and drywall repair

Tim Fischer

Replaced cieling

skiptrowl texture on the walls

float out walls

drywall repair

Sep 2010Sep 2010

Demo Cieling: Tear Out, Replace, & Finish Ceiling Sheetrock

Peak Roofing

Demo Ceiling:

Tear out all the ceiling sheetrock

Hang new sheetrock

Tape and bed and mud

finsish with flat wall ready for paint.

Reference: Peak Roofing- Bill


Jul 2010Aug 2010


Hang all sheetrock, ceilings, walls, closets and shed, in a 1200 sq. ft. home.

Cut out holes for all lights and electricians

Tape and bed with three coats of mud for a professional finish!

Reference: David Hope- 405-306-9143

Aug 2010Aug 2010

Remodel Attic: hang sheetrock, tape/bed, texture

Martin Towey

I hung about thirty pieces of sheetrock, sheetrocked the entire attic,

taped and beded, floated out

textured with skip trowl texture

Reference: Martin Towey: 405-562-4544

Aug 2010Aug 2010

Paint all Soffits (exterior) of 1100 sq. ft. home

Craig Hodges

Paint the all the soffits (exerior trim) around the home

Paint the exterior doors.

Jul 2010Jul 2010

Add on wall, texture, paint

Comet Cleaners

Hang sheetrock over all the brick and tile  in the back room:  20x20

Texture with skip trowl texture

Prime and Paint

Jul 2010Jul 2010

Drywall Repair, match texture

Fix two softball sized holes in the drywall with hotmud, and match the current texture

Jul 2010Jul 2010

Splatter Knockdown Texture

Put a second coat of mud on the wall

Texture splatter knockdown on the walls

Approx: 8 pieces of sheetrock

Jul 2010Jul 2010

Paint Doors & cabinents

Use texture rig to paint all cabinents in the house

all drawers in the house

all doors in the house

Jun 2010Jun 2010

Commercial sheetrock and interior & exterior paint remodel

Comet Cleaners

Commercial property:  Comet Cleaners

- Paint, hang, and texture the drywall - Interior

- Blockfill the bricks on the interior

- Paint the white sign outside of the property

- Paint the four standing post outside and the carport that is connected to it.

Reference: Michael Bright: Owner: 405-476-5260

Jun 2010Jun 2010

Paint soffits and trim(exterior) of a two story house

Two story house in Edmond:

Paint the entire exterior of the home: Soffits and trim. Up to 40 feet in the air for the top and 10 feet in the air at the bottom.

Reference: Colin Roden: 40-627-1244

Jun 2010Jun 2010

Bathroom Remodel

Chris Gruenwald

-Mask off

-Texture the bathroom with splatter knockdown texture

- Paint the bathroom

finished in four hours

May 2010May 2010

Interior Paint & Texture Remodel

Melvin Mayo- Real estate

- Paint two bedrooms

- Fix cracks in the walls, three blowout patches

- Skiptrowl texture the kitchen and living room ceilings

- Paint the living room & kitchen

- Paint all the trim inside the house

- Paint the cabinents

- Paint all the doors.

Reference: Melvin Mayo: 405-745-7742

Apr 2010Apr 2010

Mr. and Mrs. HUDSON

Contract Agreement for Mr. and Mrs. Hudson.

I Corey Baker (owner), agree to go into contract agreement with David and Sarah Hudson for the paint remodeling of their home. In undergoing this process we agree to do the following:

- Kitchen: Repaint the trim, cabinents, and island.

- Repaint the red entryway, downstairs hallway, upstairs hallway, two bedrooms upstairs, and the bathroom upstairs

- Repaint the exterior (outside) entry black.

-repaint the kitchen

Apr 2010Apr 2010



Painted the top trim of four buildings,

painted 18 doors in the center

removed popcorn from cieling, smoothed out, retextured ceilings and walls with splatter knockdown, then repainted walls and ceilings

Apr 2010Apr 2010


Total living area: 8000 sq.ft.  Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms:3 ½; Garage type:Two-car garage

8000 sq.ft. / 305.28 sq.m Home: Paint the soffit all around the house, (exterior painting)

soffit: If you stand under the overhang of the roof and look up, the covering between the wall of the house and the outer edge of the roof is called a soffit. It is sometimes plywood and sometimes aluminum or PVC.

Reference: 405-202-9671

Feb 2010Mar 2010

Toatle Remodel on a 18000 sq. ft home

- Tear out & replace sheetrock, float, tape & bed joints to make flat walls, prep, and paint the two children`s bedrooms.

- Repair roof on the barn by renailing down the tin panels.

- Repair roof on the house and replace new shingles.

- Tear out & replace sheetrock, float, tape & bed joints to make flat walls, prep, and paint the living room.

- Window reapair in the living room-quick fix and official repair.

- Tear out & replace sheetrock, float, tape & bed joints to make flat walls, prep, and paint the master bedroom. (Does not include wood trim)

I performed all of the above actions for Dave and Julie Rumery, Remodeling their entire home. This was my latest project. 

Reference: Dave or Julie Rumery: 405-889-5040

Mar 2010Mar 2010

Replace texture on Ceilings

Cecil Gray

I removed popcorn from all ceilings in the clients house and retextured the whole ceiling with a skip trowl texture.

Mar 2008Jan 2010


Cherokee Painting LLC

I am was assitant manager for a commercial site for Cherokee Painting LLC. The duties I perform on a daily basis include: labor, tape and bed, operating spray rig and texture rig, sanding, texturing and painting drywall,  texturing cielings, sanding, boomlift, bazooka. Sometimes I am sent to another site where we dig up the floors, such as tile and cement.  Those are my main duties, along with managing a crew of about sixteen other men. I was the main texture guy for cherokee. We just wrapped up a project, constructing the new oklahoma heart hospital that was just built off of I-240 and Sunnylane. I textured over one million square feet.

Jan 2010Jan 2010

Paint Exterior of a 900 sq.ft house

Roberta Lacour

I scrapped all existing paint off of the extetorior (outside) of the house, then sanded to make all the the siding smooth, then repainted the whole exterior of the house. I also hund the doors on the inside of the house.

Reference: Roberta Lacour: 405-881-4097

Jun 2010Jun 2009

Drywall Repair, match texture, and paint

Repair a hole in the livingroom wall.

put a blowout patch on it.

tape and bed, three coats of mud


match the current texture


Reference: Patty: 405-341-887

Jan 2004Mar 2008

Maintenance Technican Supervisor

Edward Redeemer Nursing Center

I was a maintenance technician and supervisor for Edward Redeemer Nursing Center. I over saw all the maintenance needs to the building. My duties included roofing, light electrical work, some hvac, stripping and waxing, buffing,  floor tech. Painting, assembling furniture and wheel chairs, light construction,  ordering inventory, driving to office depot and picking up equipment and inventory,and plumbing. Having the title of Maintenance Supervisor I was over the houskeeping, floortech, and maintenance departments.

Feb 2005Mar 2006

Forklift Operator/warehouse

Resource MFG

Resource MFG is an employment service/temp to hire service where I trained and got certified in operating a forklift. I have two forklift liscense. I did warehouse work for a few compainies represented by resource mfg, like Clements Food Co. and Vaughns Foods, as a second job, both of them required operating a forklift, operating cranes, pulling orders, and heavy lifting.


Aug 2006Oct 2007

certificate in contractor management/forklift license

stratford career institue
Aug 2002Jun 2006

Highschool Diploma

Douglass Highschool


I have a passion for horses. In my spare time I run my grandfather`s ranch in  Spencer, Oklahoma. I have three horses, goats, and cattles, but my horses are at the center of my heart. I have an American Quarter Horse mare, registered, an arabian mare, and a thoroughbred guilding who is a former champion racer. Another intrest I have is farming, raising fruit and vegtables and fishing and hunting are other big ones, mainly fishing, I fish every weekend. So all around I would say being on my grandfathers ranch is my main intrest, there I can fish in the pond, enjoy my horses, and raise fruit.


Yvonne Baker

Yvonne K. Baker is the Owner and Operator of Vaughn`s Bellisima Cuts and Desings.

Lemar Mensah

Melvin Mayo

Brian Morgan

Roberta Lacour

Roberta Lacour is one of my most recent customers. I painted the exterior portion of her house.



                                                                    Description of Business

Baker`s Paint & Drywall was established in June, 2008. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest professional quality of texturing and painting the interior and exterior of their building or homeat the lowest price, striving each day to achieve high quality, loyalty, trust, and respect in this industry to satisfy my clients and my community.

Baker`s Paint & Drywall specializes in all phases of painting including brush roll and spray tech painting, interior and exterior, commercial and residential, We also specialize in all phases of finishing drywall, from hanging sheetrock, tape and bed, sanding, texture, and even custom texture. We have the experience background to satisfy our professional level in this industry we have worked on commercial projects such as: The mercy hospital on I-240 and sunny lane, projects on Tinker Air Force base: the dorms and old gm building, local schools: Edward Elementry and local convenient stores. We have also undergone a complete remodel of some residential homes. We enjoy what we do. Our biggest satisfaction is having a satisfied client when it`s all said and done.

The best thing we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risk involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, and then make our plans with confidence.

_Henry Ford

Baker`s Paint & Drywall

P.O. Box 55636

Del city, Ok 73155

Phone: 405-889-7278

Fax: 405-619-0826

EIN #: 27-0426085


Commercial and Residential Painter


Ranch Hand
Paint and texture
Forklift Operator