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Work experience

CAREER NOTE: Previous experience includes Television Director for Disney Channel, ABC TV, GGP, EMI America, Capitol Records.

Founder & CEO

Pioneering video search technology company and award-winning web site with world's largest searchable index of video on the internet.

Company and intellectual property is slated for acquisition in Q4 2008.

Founder & CEO

Catalyst, visionary leader and primary contributor responsible for the concept, development, launch and management of proprietary technology and business operations. Develop company strategy, create opportunities, develop action plan and delegate key initiatives to 20 employees and contractors worldwide. Develop the seeds of long term relationships and working partnerships with social media companies to expand usage of technology in industry. Identify and consult large media and cable and satellite companies that may benefit from video technology. Set vision for and lead development of innovative video product portfolio including ClipBlast PlayboxTM. Work with legal team to protect company assets and to execute acquisition. Communicate with investor community regarding progress of company.

Key Accomplishments

  • Raised $3M in seed funding over a six-month period from personal network of angel investors due to superior technology concept that improves profitability potential for video on the internet.
  • Increased value of product and improved credibility by developing business relationships and negotiating content and technology partnerships with major media and entertainment companies (Fox, ABC, CBS, Hulu etc.,) video platform, and social media companies (KickApps, YouTube, Metacafe, Daily Motion, etc.)
  • Led social media strategy and product development of Facebook and Twitter applications.
  • Directed the development of highly complex crawling technology that automates the consolidation and indexing of over 10,000 professional video sources, yielding a continuously growing searchable universe video clips with a flux of 1M new videos a day.
  • Co-authored multiple process patents, US and international, for web-based video search and distribution technology protecting core value proposition of business: seamless integration of distribution and monetization of video to third party internet properties (filed 2006, patents pending.)
  • Drove innovation process for internet’s first universal video player technology - ClipBlast PlayboxTM – enabling multiple parties to earn revenue from premium-priced contextual advertisements.
  • Secured a $300K six month pilot contract with a major cable and satellite company to deliver a custom search and discovery internet and set-top box technology solution, solidifying client’s position as most innovative in the industry.

Awards & Recognition

Received "Top Entertainment Website" and "Top Search Website" from the Interactive Media Awards, 2007


Digital Media Consultant


Sole proprietorship internet and business strategy consulting firm focused on high growth start-up clientele.

Major Client Projects

MedValue Offshore Solutions, Inc., Oak Brook, IL - 2004-2005

Act as interim EVP of Business Development and Marketing for the Inc. 500 company during first year of start-up. Develop and execute brand strategy, internet marketing strategy and tactics, PR initiatives and initial sales cycle. Provide insight and strategic leadership to executive management team.

  • Led direct sales efforts and developed customer relationships, delivering full year revenue expectations in first six month period ($550K.)

CinemaNow, Los Angeles, CA - 2003-2005

Hired to increase customer volume for new movies-on-demand subscriptions and increase awareness of the CinemaNow brand. Determine internet marketing strategy to identify target and align marketing tactics to illicit immediate sales.

  • Developed and executed the company's first internet marketing plan ($10K/month budget) including SEO, paid search, affiliate marketing and email marketing - resulting in an increase of subscription sign-ups by 45% in first four months alone.
  • Created multiple sub-sites and referral sites to generate high placement of organic search results on multiple search engines including Google, designed program to deliver results at 35% under estimated budget.
  • Conducted keyword analysis and optimized Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google, Yahoo, FindWhat - continuous monitoring of performance led to efficiencies and an overall cost reduction of 20% for PPC budget by month six.

Seasilver USA, Carlsbad, CA - 2002-2004

Contractor for consumer packaged goods company ($250M annual revenues) to market and sell liquid nutritional supplements. Design and manage internet marketing strategy and built sales network.

  • Delivered $20M in e-commerce sales in first year of involvement, irrespective of the downturn in dotcom profitability, as the leading distributor to focus on the internet as a distribution channel.
  • Build a customer network of over 5K retailers and distributors through aggressive prospecting activities and networking at health and wellness trade events.
  • Directed and executed development of a multi-tier internet marketing campaign including SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing program, success of campaign fueled high performing year resulting in company recognition as a top five sales producer for Seasilver in 2004.

Internet Strategy Consultant / Business Development Executive

IBM Global Services

Internet Executive Consultant, Nationwide

Business Development Executive, Los Angeles, CA

Balance two distinct roles in IBM's burgeoning internet services segment, one focused on servicing clients with innovative customized internet strategies, the other focused on building the internal strategy, branding and marketing plan for the IBM Centers for Innovation. Lead internet strategy development for IBM's top global customers by consulting with C-Level executives and management to understand business models and objectives, then shaping internet strategy and tactics to meet goals. Develop internal IBM strategy for brand development to raise customer awareness and increase client list for the IBM Centers for Innovation $200M investment in digital media production studios.

Strategy Consulting Accomplishments

  • Led business development and enterprise level internet services strategy for Hertz - new internet initiatives achieved $42M in sales within six months, escalating to $44M per month within five years of implementation.
  • Standardized e-business technology across US operations for Toyota to improve sales and marketing efficiency, resulting in over $4M cost savings by utilizing the internet to create a paperless environment and enabling greater sharing of information across functions and regions globally.
  • Directed breakthrough project to develop, design and implement the first live leader board on the internet for, which demonstrated the application of real-time transmission of events on the internet and proved consumer appeal of instant accessibility of information with a 25% increase in site traffic.
  • Led five-month project with staff of 25 to provide e-commerce capability for CompUSA through an online retail alias including operating plan, design layout, security analysis, brand design and marketing strategy.
  • Designed and executed one of the first live-streaming video productions on the internet for The Grammy Awards Ceremony in 1998, pioneering the integration between traditional and digital media.
  • Facilitated deployment of web applications for major client, Wyle Communications, by strategically influencing top executives to invest $350K behind newly developed e-business solutions.

Key Business Development Results

  • Directed the strategy for expansion of the IBM Interactive design studios from one to 14 locations worldwide based on generated customer demand and reputation for high quality and effective results.
  • Led the establishment of the Santa Monica studio (50K square feet, $15M) including choice of location, hiring of employees, and design of innovation center environment.
  • Established important supplier relationships with the creative and technical communities in the Los Angeles area, enabling company to secure top talent on demand.

Awards & Recognition

Received "Top IBM Leadership Award" 1998 & 1999


Founder & President

Catalog Site

Bootstrap start-up that aggregates +700 catalogs for consumer convenience and marketing efficiencies on the internet.Acquired by, a division of Fingerhut, in 1997

Founder & CEO

All-encompassing role responsible for all elements of company development, growth and operations. Develop database of catalogues with a searchable directory for consumer use. Build sales force to grow catalog pool with a pay-for-placement model. Build email lists with targeted demographics based on analytics of order patterns and preferences. Act as key collaborator between catalogs and retailers to grow B2B and B2C product awareness through the internet.


Contracted Content Provider - Insurance


Online marketplace and communication platform (1M subscribers.)

Contracted Content Provider - Insurance

Conceive and develop the first consumer insurance information source online, 'Insurance Online.' Design and pitch a process to help consumers learn about, then apply for insurance policies with many leading carriers. Design and build back-end architecture for software program.

  • Gained approval to execute Insurance Online idea through AOL's consumer service.
  • Achieved go-to-source status for insurance industry on the internet due to large pool of free insurance information and content.




Video Editing
Video editing skills.
Project Management
Expert project management skills; experience in developing and deploying project best practices, policies, procedures and processes.  
Organization, Prioritization, and Self-Motivation
Interpersonal Skills
Communication Skills
Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, upward and downward.
Video Web Development
Digital Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
Online Marketing
SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing
Business Development
Product Development
Digital Media Strategy

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I am a Product Development Executive with over 15 years in digital media and TV managing revenue growth and building new revenue streams for Fortune 100 companies and startups. I am a proven strategic leader who drives optimal results by building successful digital products, platforms and web sites, leveraging existing relationships, surfacing new business opportunities, and negotiating winning partnership solutions with top brands, media companies and advertisers. Specific expertise developing, building, managing and maximizing digital product, video/TV content monetization via distribution strategies and managing/maximizing online marketing campaigns.

My background in television production segued into emerging digital media requiring strategic thinking, product development and online marketing allowing me a a diverse set of roles ranging from start-up founder of ClipBlast Inc., my current company, to digital media/web strategist for IBM and consultant to companies; Hertz, Toyota, Grammys, DIRECTV, Fox, CinemaNow, CompUSA, AOL and more. 


Help growing organizations successfully envision, develop, implement and operate their digital strategies, products, operations and marketing. Also available for consulting and advisory board positions.

About Gary Baker

Veteran digital media executive with over 15 years experience leading and managing innovative companies ranging from large corporations to start-up ventures.

Creative innovator paired with action yields a unique capability to be a world class digital media strategist and implementer.

Background in entertainment production segued into emerging digital media business holding a diverse set of industry roles ranging from start-up founder to internet strategist and online marketing consultant for Fortune 100 companies. Proven expert taking ideas through the innovation process from concept to launch. Highly skilled at developing partnerships and agreements within media and entertainment due to personal network. Experience successfully raising venture capital. Collaborative work style motivates team to think big and work smart.