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Recent USF alumnus of the Information Studies curriculum, technologically proficient, effective communicator/listener, skilled with Microsoft Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, and search engines. Will provide fast-paced, customer-oriented service, and conduct self both professionally and courteously. Am prepared provide technical support assistance to businesses and consumers for desktop support, Internet services, and troubleshooting.

Work experience


Dec 2015

Bachelor of Science in Information Studies

University of South Florida

Information Studies is a program that integrates a strong foundation in information technology as well as an understanding of human, organizational, policy and other issues. The coursework prepares students for careers in a wide array of environments and contexts related to the emerging knowledge economy, from e-commerce, leading IT teams, and information architecture,  to health informatics and other areas. While the degree necessarily provides students with in-depth technical knowledge and skills, emphasis is given to understanding how people interact with information and technology and other complexities of the information society.


Technical/Professional Document Development

Completed college-level IT communication course, completed college-level Information Systems in Organizations course, have experience in Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel, developed step-by-step process document, developed project proposal and progress report with Gantt chart, developed research project reports and posters on Internet censorship and modern privacy concerns

Information Retrieval

Completed college-level Information Retrieval course, developed Microsoft Access database table, query, and form of the 50 States and related information, conducted research on State of Florida using different searching strategies

HTML, PHP/MySQL, Adobe Dreamweaver

Completed college-level Web Page Design/Management courses

C++ Programming Language
Completed college-level C++ programming course
Java Programming Language

Completed college-level Java Programming courses