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I am searching for a position relevant to the fields of Defense/Strategic Analysis and International Affairs. I am mostly looking for analyst, consultant or reporting positions.


Social and Professional Skills:

Ability to work in a multicultural environment as a result of my work with minorities and my studies abroad, cooperative spirit within a team, negotiating and managing interpersonal relationships skills.

Highly proficient in data analysis and policy planning, experience in writing texts due to my studies and working experience in the area of online information, experience in organizing and managing staff of varying social and ethnic backgrounds.


I have been involved in the field of International Affairs and Defense for almost 10 years already, both as a student and as an entry level proffesional. Pursuing a carreer in the field, is my dream and purpose. This is why i am willing to rellocate almost everywhere, if that means i am going to find an opportunity to prove my skills and competencies.

I have attended two excellent and well acrcedited universities, both in Greece and the United Kingdom. Both are a guarantee for the level of education and theoretical knowledge of the field.

My proffesional experience is in fact not very large if we examine it by years, something not surprising the financial and social situation in Greece. But I have in a number of organizations, both public and private, from a variety of posts. I have seen both the theoretical and practical aspects of public policy, as a researcher and as public servant, and in some cases the most sensitive aspect of public policy. I have also had an experience working in the Media, and more specifically in the newest generation of Media- the Internet and Social Media.

All of these years  I have been collecting knowledge and experiences that will help me become a competent student of International Security Affairs. Now I am looking for an opportunity to prove my skills and further my understanding of the field.


Work experience

National Olympic Committee Assistant

Athens 2004 Organising Committee-International Olympic Committee

I worked as an intermediary between NOCs, Athens 2004 Organizing Committee and IOC with logistics care responsibilites. It was my first experience in working within and between groups and, due to the variety of my tasks, i had to increase my multitasking abilities.

Research Intern

Institute of International Relations

I conducted research and wrote reports and analysis on the political and security situation in the Middle East.    With the guidance of my supervisors i learned the difference between a proffessional and an academic analysis and started to develop this aspect.

Sep 2010Feb 2011

Web Editor

ALPHA Satellite Tellevision, SA, Athens

My responsbilities included the creation of content, in the form of news articles, edited videos and images, for the TV stations website, moderating the official forum  and administrating the social networks activities (facebook, twitter) of the station. 

Through my work here i honed my writting and my computer skills. I had to learn how to write news reports and also how to work with website management and proffesional editing tools. I also got accustomed to work within tight deadlines.

May 2009Mar 2010

Reserve Noncommisioned Officer (Corporal)

Hellenic Armed Forces

I served in the 12th Battalion as 1st Office Noncommisioned Officer, responsible for assisting the Commanding Officer in administrating and human resource management.

I also served as a logistics  officer in the 871 Central Fuel Station, responsible for managing and coordinating large fuel orders and their delivery. Finally, I had some training responsibilities of new recruits as well.

In my military service I experienced working in strict and hierchical environments and also working with sensitive and classified data.

Feb 2007Aug 2007

Personal Assistant

Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Civil Affairs Office of Thrace

I assisted the Director of the Office with organizing and implemanting programs targeted at Muslim communities in Thrace, targeting at the improvement of the quality of life and education. I also worked as a liaison between community leaders and the Office.

I had to learn how to work in a multi-cultural and conflictual environment and to achieve balances. Managing and directing a staff of teachers and social workers helped me cultivate my leadership and organizational skills.


Sep 2007Oct 2008


King's College London

War Studies, Military Theory and History, International Relations, Conflict Simulation and Strategic Studies.

Sep 2002Sep 2006


Panteion University

International Relations, International Law, Strategic Theory, International Economics, European Studies, History.


Language Skills: Spanish
DELE Nivel Intermedio
Language Skills: French
Language Skills: English
Certificate of Profficiency in English
Computer Skills
Certification ECDL, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, MS Office, Adobe Illustrator