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Backend Engineering with a history of shipping products. Currently, focusing on mobile application API development. Interested in building restful APIs,  Service Oriented Architecture, and Domain Driven Design.

Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Software Engineer


• Oversaw day to day operations of engineering team.
• Designed proprietary PHP framework to power various aol content properties.
• Developed internal event management application for
• Integrated existing code base in to

• Built restful HTTP APIs for 2 launched mobile apps

Nov 2012May 2013

Software Developer

GraphScience Inc

• Designed PHP multi job queue support for AWS' SQS
• Worked with Facebook's Ads API to build custom ad performance reports
• Added Composer support to php framework allowing the use of modern libraries
• Responsible for leading the team in adopting PHPUnit and in writing tests to improve code base reliability.
• Fixed bugs in code base resulting in a 1% total revenue increase
• Implemented custom graphs and reporting features using the javascript d3.js library
• Added support for Graphite to allow improved monitoring of ad queues
• Managed engineering contractors to help reach company product goals
• Managed production code deployment process
• Worked with Analysts to add new features allowing GraphScience to adapt to Facebook's latest initiatives
• Rewrote php CLI library focusing on modular design, code reuse, and improved testability

Nov 2010Nov 2012

Core Engineer

• Designed transactional email system to interface with SendGrid or MessageBus.
• Designed Sphinx Search infrastructure used to power tech Q&A platform and product search.
• Improved form validation library to decrease development time required to build forms.
• Tasked with building major features including product reviews, mobile apps, and homepage CMS.
• Worked with designers to update many features including product pages, homepage, user profile pages.
• Worked with third party API's including Apple, SendGrid, MailChimp, and MessageBus.
• Helped to rewrite the site from the ground up for v2.0 re-launch.

Apr 2009Nov 2010

Web Engineer

Decorati Inc.

• Implemented paid subscription service using PayPal.
• Built ACL to support tiered subscription services.
• Using Google Maps, GeoIP, and SphinxSearch designed a system customers find local interior designers who met their needs and tastes.

Aug 2008Apr 2009

PHP Developer

Self Employed

Worked for a variety of clients creating small web applications.

May 2007Aug 2007


Pacific Swell Networks
Web design Internship working mainly with php/MYSQL, working both front and back end.




Sonoma State University