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I am an organized, responsible,  open-minded, hard working and dedicated student who always strives to do my best. I am aiming to get good results while completing the International Baccalaureate. I enjoy school as well as playing sport like Cricket and Football along with other activities like going to the gym and being with my friends. I believe I have established a good balance between school and doing what I love.  

Work History


Personal Assistant

JLR Property Group

I was my father and Grandfathers assistant, I was required to do many task to give them more time such as photocopying, paper shredding, printing and reorganizing of files. This has taught me to become organized, accountable and teamwork


Farm Assistant

I was my Uncle and Aunt's assistant on their farm helping them do many things inside and outside the house such as wood splitting, mowing, gardening, fire making, cleaning and cooking. This taught me to be persistent, resourceful and creative to get the job done.



Geelong Grammar School

I was Dorm Leader in 2013 of Barwon House (middle school boarding house). Completed Timbertop. Currently studying in year 10 in Manifold House (senior school boarding house).

My year 10 subjects are English (A), Algebra Level Math (A+), Higher Level Science (A), Geography (A+), French (B+), History (Australian Curriculum) (A).

In semester one I also studied Text and Traditions (Unit 1) (A), Business Management (A+).


Organized and Responsible

I am always able to complete things on time and are always on top of any problem.


I always try to look for positives in a bad situation.

Problem Solving and resourceful

I am able to solve problems and draw on my other skills and resources to do so.


I am very confident in myself to do well and succeed.

Leadership and Teamwork

I am very co-operative and can work well in a team as well as being able to step up and lead to help out others.



Academic Excellence

Geelong Grammar School

I was awarded an certificate for academic excellence for achieving and A average in the end of year report.  


John Furneaux Mann Memorial Prize

Geelong Grammar School

I was awarded a Trangia (Outdoor stove for hiking) for all round excellence, endeavor, determination an care for others while hiking at Timbertop in 2014.


Academic Distinctions

Geelong Grammar School

I was awarded two distinctions in 2013 for Geography and Religion.

I was awarded four distinction in 2014 for English, Science, Geography,  Religion and Spirituality.


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Geelong Grammar School

Duke of Ed included completing a certain number of hours of reading and running as well as adventurous journeys which was all completed at Timbertop.