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  • Extensive knowledge of Web development, from concept through implementation and optimization.
  • Special concentration in RoR application framework and Ruby language.
  • Self-motivated worker with strong focus on business goals and end-user experience.
  • Good verbal and inter-personal skills.
  • Additional hands on experience with frameworks like AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery-UI etc

Work History

Aug 2013Present

Sr. Software Developer

NeoSOFT Technologies (A CMMi Level 5 Organization)
  • Provid full-stack RoR design and back-end administration for high-volume web applications.
  • Translate business requirements provided by client into consumer-facing UI designs.
  • Regular meetings with clients and engineers to discuss updates and recommend solutions.
  • Follow Agile scrum methodology
Jan 2012Apr 2013

Jr. Software Developer

Icicle Technologies
  • Provided full-stack RoR design and back-end administration for high-volume web applications.
  • Translated business requirements provided by client into consumer-facing UI designs.
  • Regular meetings with clients and engineers to discuss updates and recommend solutions.


Jun 2009Jun 2012

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

University of Mumbai
Jun 2006Jun 2009

Bachelor of Science, IT (BScIT)

University of Mumbai


Web Tools

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Rspec, Capybara

HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap


PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ


Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd, Passenger

Other Tools

Linux, Windows, Git, AWS, Heroku, Capistrano


ModPro (

Duration: 6 months

Team Size: 1


Modpro is an application for managing and tracking plumbing industry raw materials and

plumbers activity. The application is an MIS application for the managers to track the contract/task progress.

The application is a multi user system where different users have different access roles.


  • Import users from payroll system.
  • Create contracts (CRUD)
  • Import tasks through excel upload
  • Assign / Reassign tasks to different plumbers
  • Track task updates
  • Generate reports for contracts, tasks and plumbers
  • API backend for mobile app.


AngularJS 1.4, Rails 4, Ruby 2, Postgres


Vanso Real-Time Comunication System (

Duration: 8 months

Team Size:  2


Push core is an application that is basically used for sending push notifications to various platforms like

Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows and Chrome. It's a multi tenant application where companies can create account and register multiple applications that can be used for communication with the mobile devices. Push notifications can be sent immediate or can be scheduled.


Admin manages users and accounts, tracking support tickets, suspend users.

Super User manages other users of their account, register application, send push notifications.

Normal user manages Geo Zones and send push notifications.


AngularJS 1.4, Rails 4.2, Rspec, Capybara, Ruby 2.1, Postgres, Sidekick, Redis

MiMo (

Duration: 7 months

Team Size:  2


MiMo is an application for transferring money between users and merchants like PayPal.

MiMo is integrated and authorized with Nigeria's Central Bank enabling secure payments.


  • Social Media Login
  • Money transfer between user to user
  • Money transfer between user to business
  • Links to any Nigerian bank account, card and wallet.
  • Allows mobile phone based transaction features like Pay bills, set up direct debit, send money etc


Rails 3.2, Ruby 2, Postgres, Redis, Rspec, Capybara, Capybara-Webkit


Waupi (

Duration: 1 yrs (Part-time)

Team Size:  1


Waupi is a complete Hospitality Management system.

It is complete automation solution for Hotel owners and customers.


  • Admin section to manage Users, Checkins, Coupons, Customers, Shuttles and Reporting
  • Check-in & Check-out of Hotel
  • Get accurate realtime ETA for hotel shuttle on mobile app.
  • Access house-keeping


Rails 3.2, Ruby 2.0, MySQL

Google Maps and Google Distance Matrix API


Prodent (

Duration: 5 months

Team size:  1


Prodent is a web based system targeted for Dentists living in Norway.

Dentists can place orders for Teethes and the order notification is sent to providers which can be in Norway or China. When the order shipment is received the inventory is updated accordingly for the dentists.


  • Order placement and tracking
  • Admin panel for order shipment
  • Admin panel for order management


Rails 4, Ruby 2.2, Postgres, OCR-SDK


Warehouse Management System

Duration: 2 months

Team Size:  2


Gary Warehouse want to automate its warehouse management task through a web based system.


  • Role based user authentication and authorization.
  • Dashboard for admin and front desk staff
  • Shows Notifications, To-do list, Accessible links
  • User management, Order management and tracking, Inventory management, Pallets allocations/de-allocation
  • Role Access Control management panel


Rails 4.0, Ruby 2.0, MySQL



Duration: 4 months

Team Size:  2


The company wanted to provide a solution for the executives of Isle of Wight, U.S.A by creating a web based Power point management system. The system will allow users to share ppt documents into html format to diffrent people so that it can be viewed inside the browser.


  • User authentication
  • WYSIWYG editor to create/update presentations
  • PPT management (crud)
  • PPT sides reuse/embed into new another ppt
  • Import .ppt and .pptx files


Rails 4.0, Ruby 2.0, Postgres, MongoDB



Nest4less (

Duration: 2 months

Team Size:  4


Nest4less wanted to create a platform for Realtors and Vendors to come together and sell their products (Coupons) to their Client.

This platform will let Realtors and Vendors expand their business at a national level.


  • User authentication and authorization. Social media integration
  • Coupons management
  • Virtual markets management
  • Users management
  • Payment gateway integration


Rails 3.2, Ruby 1.9.3, Postgres, BackboneJS


Flo Project Management System

Duration: 6 months

Team Size: 2


RedchilliesVFX wanted to have an internal project management system for efficient management of its videos and photos i.e. Shots, Sequences, and Posters of a Film project.


  • Roles based user authentication and authorization (LDAP)
  • Project management and crud
  • Users allocation and tasks assignment
  • Sequences, Shots and Tasks management
  • Notifications based on user role
  • Reporting based on user role


Rails 3.2, Ruby 1.9.2, Postgres


Touch Based Enterprise Business Dashboards Systems

Duration: 6 months

Team Size:  2


  • Touch Based Enterprise Business Dashboard system is web based, cross platform and cross database business intelligence and reporting application. 
  • It satisfies the need of an enterprise to have access to information from varied data sources accessible from a single interface to different cross section of users. 
  • It provides multiple representations of data in various charts like bar, pie, angular, gauge charts etc. 
  • It helps us to manage comprehensive Graphical and Analytical reports.
  • Provides Drill-down and Slice-Dice functionality for charts.
  • Major task is to build individual screens and test on different devices for issues like orientation, layout and functionality.


Sencha Touch 1.0, Java servlets, JSP