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Software Engineer who had experience creating Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Wearable Apps. Most of work is driven by desire to explore the possibility in this world and it’s relation with humanity. Finding significant point where it could be enhanced with Technology to gain improvement on Humanity.


Dec 2014Jan 2015

Software Engineer


Crafting Push Notification Manager with location and accident identifier. Providing the nearest First Responder with real-time actual data about the accident that helps them to make better decision.

Mar 2014Sep 2014

Software Engineer

Quick Disaster

Fitting solution and disaster data to Google Glass local storage. Successfully reducing network latency to ~500ms. Making it usable in country like Indonesia which has slow internet connection. If it’s not quick it cannot be called Quick Disaster.

Jan 2014May 2014

Project Manager


- Tweaking current Auto Summarization algorithm to be useful in many language. Using DBS (Density Based Scoring) and SBS (Sentence Based Scoring) approach. Resulting the algorithm can tackle many language that using latin based word like English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, etc.

- Guiding our Windows Phone Developer to make astonishing yet simple and intuitive interaction on Snack interface. Using modified pivot view in Windows Phone. Resulting user can view Snack message one point at a time. No other app in Windows Phone behaving like this.

- Imagine Cup 2014 Indonesia National Finalist, could be a national winner if we can speak English fluently at that time :p

May 2013Sep 2013

Front End Developer

  • Integrating Backbone.js with IBM Worklight to make it working together. Successfully creating robust app structure that make it seamless to add or remove app modules.
  • Tweaking jQuery Mobile Theme CSS, resulting the app feel native and having identity among other HTML5-wrapper app that using plain jQuery Mobile.
  • Got awarded in Compfest 2013 as Best App of “I Love my City” Category.


Aug 2011Feb 2016

Computer Science (Undergraduate)

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)

Members in an active labs on campus:

  • Software Engineering Lab as Researcher
  • Nokia Innovation Center as Head of PR and Team Leader of Carnelian (Game dev team)
  • OmahTI Innovation Lab as member of Web Division