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Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Practicum student


  • With SRS I shadow investigations while also performing individual investigations with a licensed social worker overlooking my work.
  • Data and log input.
  • Liaison tasks within the juvenile court system. 
May 2011Aug 2011


King Liquor

With King Liquor I was fortunate to make use of my summer before I moved.  It was a great summer job where I was able to practice my customer service and  organizational skills.  King's customers are always the best and I was happy to be a part of it, if only for a summer.  

  • Customer service
  • Cleaning and maintaining store
  • Organizing and stocking; money handling
  • The selling and handling of lottery tickets
  • Responsibility of closing store weekdays
Jun 2010Jan 2011

Sales Agent

Combined Insurance

With Combined insurance I was able to generate new customers while at the same time meeting with existing policy holders to review their coverage and offer them further assistance so that they were able to better cover themselves and their family or business.  

My responsibilities included but were not limited to conducting needs assessments, securing referrals and setting appointments, reviewing policies, and constant use of customer service skills.

  • Helping customers understand current policies and file claims while also targeting new clients from individuals or small businesses.
  • Constant use of interpersonal, organizational, and negotiation skills.
  • Administrative tasks, such as typing, filing, appointment setting, writing of applications, and money handling.
  • Received a Winner's Club (WCS) ring and pin for my dedication toward the company.
  • Received WCS Recruitment Award and pin for the recruiting of new agents.
Jan 2008May 2010

Front Desk

Candlewood Suites

With Candlewood Suites, I was fortunate to work with extended stay guests where they were treated more like family rather than guests.  In that position I created reservations by phone and in person, was in charge of the safety of a 60 room hotel while I completed my shift, typing and filing, and a considerable amount of customer service.

  • Constant use of problem solving skills and organizational skills with single individuals and large companies.
  • Responsible for front desk duties such as typing, money handling, filing, reservations, and billing.
  • Responsible for the safety and assistance of all guests staying in the 60 unit hotel building.
  • Perform customer service functions such as phone answering and person to person interaction.
Jan 2011Apr 2010

Supplemental Training Associate

Wolf Creek

With Wolf Creek I was able to gain experience and knowledge of the nuclear power plant in Kansas.  In this power plant, I aided supplemental workers as they worked toward their safety certificates for the 2011 outage that occurs every 18 months. 

  • Responsible for the transitioning of escorted supplemental Wolf Creek employees while undergoing.
  • Safety training courses to unescorted supplemental Wolf Creek staff.
  • Proctored and managed supplemental workers as they studied for safety exams.
Jul 2006Jan 2008

Management and Delivery

Papa Johns

Through Papa Johns I was able to experience the fast paced lifestyle of management, in-store and delivery duties. The job required constant customer service and organizational skills.  

  • Constant customer and organizational skills.
  • Management duties including opening store three times a week
  • The counting of delivery drivers money bags at end of shifts.
  • Cleaning and prep work of fresh foods
  • Money handling 
  • In-store duties including prep work, making and boxing of pizzas and cleaning.
  • Delivering pizzas.
Jun 2003May 2005

Deli Associate

Wal Mart

Through my two years in the  Wal-Mart deli, I was able to build customer relations as it was customer service oriented job while maintaining a clean working environment.

  • Customer service.
  • Cleaning, slicing and frying of foods.
  • Stocking shelves
  • Making of sandwich, meat and cheese trays for customers.


Aug 2011Present

Master of Social Work

Wichita State University

With this degree I hope to work toward my clinical license where I am able to practice in a therapist or counseling office.  I hope to work with clients dealing with trauma and crisis using approaches such as the solution focused therapy or strengths based theory in attempt to help clients find answers and healing within themselves.  

Jun 2003Dec 2009


Emporia State University

I began attending ESU in June of 2003 until spring 2005.  Due to personal reasons I took a year break and continued in the fall of 2008.  

While working toward my Bachelor's I took classes such as Interpersonal Communication, Communication and Gender, Family Communication, and Cultural Communication where I was better able to understand the communication process and styles that individuals and families use within their community and outer surroundings.


Interpersonal & problem solving skills
The ability to communicate effectively in work and personal settings. I am fortunate to have experienced customer service employment for the past 12 years where I positively and constructively interact with customers and clients while demonstrating problem solving skills within the work place.   Fortunately, I have been able to work in employment with jobs revolving around the creating and maintaining of relationships with customers and clients.  In selling insurance out in the community and working at an extended stay hotel, I was able to build on my interpersonal and problem solving skills with distressed families and individuals. 
Customer service & public speaking skills
I am fortunate to have been able to successfully work in a customer service employment for the past 12 years where I have practiced organizational, interpersonal and negotiation skills.  While working toward my Bachelor's degree, I received a 97% in my Advanced Public Speaking class, learning and exercising advanced public speaking skills with a class of twenty students.     I would like to transfer these communication and customer service oriented skills into a more narrowed and specific area, such as child welfare, clinical, or volunteer work within communities.  Without my undergraduate degree or previous employment, I would not be as experienced and prepared to work in the social work field.  



My interests include but are not limited to the good of the community. 

I am interested in volunteer work, child welfare, the clinical side of social work including counseling and solution focused therapy, crisis centers, prevention and preservation agencies.