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A well-rounded representative and a perfectly driven character who is dedicated to work hardly and passionately.  Masters in Science Of finance from The George Washington University School of Business, almost 2 years of experience as an accountant in Riyad Capital, I am planning to shift my career from accountancy to investments. Worked as a trainee in Saudi Arabian Airlines while attending my bachelor degree in both summers of 2003 and 2004, Volunteered in Zahra Breast Cancer Association on both october 2008 and 2009. Excellent in Microsoft Office, and Smart Stream, I do have a good knowledge in both SAS and Matlab softwares. A rational risk-taker with high ambitions.

Work experience


Saudi Arabian Airlines
Jan 2003Jan 2004

While i was an undergrad student in summer 2003 and summer 2004 I joined Saudi Arabian Airlines in a summer job where I was assigned in the call center. It was my first job, and it has exposed me to reality and made me realise the importance of choosing a solid and a successful career. 


Riyad Capital
Oct 2008Jun 2010
My duties were mainly supervising the department’s operations including providing customers service and assuring that associates are following the company’s policies and procedures, assisting the department’s manager in achieving sales, gross profit and labor. I was also in charge of inventory goals set by the department, product ordering, quality, presentations, merchandising, organization, pricing, stocking and staffing.


Zahra Breast Cancer Association
Oct 2008Oct 2009

During breast cancer awareness months in october 2008, and 2009 I joined Zahra breast Cancer Association. Our major goal was to increase the awareness of health promotion to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. We focused on ensuring to deliver our message by choosing the hotspots in the city to reach the largest numbers of females such as: shopping malls, parks, and other recreational centers.


Masters of Science in Finance (MSF)

The George Washington University - School of Business
Aug 2012Sep 2014

The MSF Program, which builds upon a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or other quantitative disciplines, emphasizes both financial theory and quantitative methods in financial management. Students engage in applied research and modeling, learning the tools of econometrics with a using a variety of large professional databases and computer software packages. They also explore the international and regulatory dimensions of finance, focusing on risk management, financial engineering, commercial and investment banking, corporate finance, real estate, and portfolio analysis and management.

Toefl Achievement

San Diego State University
Aug 2010Jun 2011

90 Toefl Score.


Good in SAS, Matlab and Smart-Stream.
Fixed Income
Data Analysis
Asset Management
Portfolio Management
Investment Banking
Financial Accounting
Financial Analysis
Microsoft Office


Outgoing, energised, a risk-taker and a passionate hard-worker individual. Eager to learn with a lot to offer.


All References Upon Request