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To obtain a internship or job in the field of Mass Communications. 

Work experience

Mar 2006Present

Sandwich Artist


While employed at Subway I had many duties. These included:

  • Listening to costumers instructions and making them quality sandwiches.
  • Communicating effectively with other sandwich artists to form a unified team.
  • Keeping the restaurant's working area and dinning area clean at all times.
  • Opening and closing the store.
  • Baking bread, cookies, and party subs.
  • Washing dishes. 
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor. 



Jonas Grossman

Carla Johnson

Karen Erickson



  For the last two years I have been dabbling in photography.     Recently I have been much more active in doing more serious photography.  I have a decent amount of experience in sports photography as I was the MSU Handball Club team's photographer during the 2011 Collegiate Nationals.     Here is a sample of some of my pictures. 
  I have recently began blogging this year. My blog is based around mass communications.    I will continue to develop this skill so I can use it in a future workplace. 
Photoshop has been useful tool of mine for just over a year and consider myself an intermediate level of skill in this category.   I know the basics of touching up, copping, and generally making photos look better.   I will continue to develop this skill and am curtain I can use it in a business setting. 
Costumer Service/Communication
  I have been working in the costumer service industry for around four years and have gotten proficient at communicating with different kinds of people.   I am absolutely confident in my ability to communicate effectively in both an on-the-job and personal settings.