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Sep 2014Aug 2015

Master of Science in Strategic Communciations and Public Relations

University of Stirling
  • Strategic PR planning- Focused on the dissection of public relations campaigns aiming to provide a clear understanding for successful implementation
  • Media Relations- Extensive exploration and practice of various media relations types, focusing on copywriting, blogs and articles.
  • Public Diplomacy- Provided analysis of domestic and international relations, looking at communications and its importance towards successful relations.
  • Public Affairs and Advocacy - Research and analysis into lobbying campaigns, looking at execution and development.
  • Digital media-In-depth exploration of digital media in Morden business, working towards adapting and improving social media and web connections and impact.
  • PR in context- Providing a contextual understanding of public relations and communications and the various underpinning theories and concepts.
Sep 2010Jul 2014

Bacholar of Arts in Korean Studies and Business Management 

University of Sheffield
  • Exploration of Korean history, culture and society both past and present, aiming to provide understanding of Korea not just as a nation but also a people.
  • Analysis of Korea’s business environment; understanding past growth, economic disasters and current success.
  • Korean language- In-depth learning of Korean to fluent proficiency focusing on, speaking, listening, reading, writing and precision translation of literature of various types and topics from Korean into English.
  • Business Strategy-Exploration of business as a whole, implementing and dissecting its differing strategies.
  • Marketing- Provided analysis of both international and domestic markets looking at development and implementation.
  • CSR- Dedicated to understanding the importance of the internal and external business environments to a business’s reputation and future.

Work experience

May 2013Jun 2014

Sheffield University Korean Society Committee Events officer

 Organized society events working with a budget to find suitable venues and locations that meet the needs of our diverse society members. Also worked to make sure event ran smoothly and efficiently so everyone could have fun while learning about Korea’s fascinating culture.

Jan 2013Jun 2013

 Student Staff Committee Representative

Acted as a liaison between members of my departmental Level and lectures, expressing the general concerns and feeling of students along with suggesting methods for departmental improvement to help better the students experience.


Research Skills
Social Media
Microsoft Office