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MITCH BABKES 21424 Angela Yvonne Ave. Home: 661-263-1296 Cell: 661-607-6125 Santa Clarita, CA 91350 [email protected] 25+ Years Product Design & Development Experience - Solo, Director, Sr. Management CAD Projects Designer Teams Various Engineering Teams Establish Manufactured Quality Aesthetics User Ergonomics PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) EDUCATION: CORNELL UNIVERSITY, Ithaca, NY - Bachelor of Science, Product Design, 1979. Dean s List Honors. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CREDITS (CONCEPT TO COMMERCE): Medical - Various Surgical Tools; Angio-Vascular Access System; Phlebotomy Devices; Laproscopic and Endoscopic Video Equipment and Light Sources; Gynecologic/Obstetric Operative Retractors; Disposable PAP Sampling Device; TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) Devices; Enteral Feeding Pumps, Pump Sets; Intubation Connection Systems; Ambulatory Back-Pack System for Enteral Feeding; Abdominal Lifting Speculum; Lighted Suction and Irrigation Yankauer Systems; Tympanic and Predictive Thermometry; Closed Suction Respiratory System Devices; Surgical Field Illuminators; Chest Drainage Units; Dispensing Systems; Patient In-Bed Monitoring Systems; Breast X-Ray Patient Fixture; Patient Clamping System for Arthroscopic Procedures; Irrigation Pumps; Fluid Sample Analyzer. Commercial - Transportation: Transit Buses, Wheelchair Entry Systems, Fire Trucks, Refuse Trucks, Mining Trucks, Limousines, Small Aircraft Interiors, Trenchers and Tractors, RV's. Tools and Equipment: Printing Presses and Auxiliary Machinery, Cranes, Commercial Mowers, Flight Recorders, Sub-Site Locating Devices, Electronic Screw Driver, Tile and Masonry Saws, Pneumatic Power Tools, Police Radios, Laundry Equipment, HVAC Equipment, Optical Scanners, Police Data Radios, Aircraft Communications, Automatic Test Equipment. Consumer - Automotive: Power Tire Jack, Tire Inflator, Car Wash Brushes, Ice Scrapers, Snow Brushes, Radar Detectors. Miscellaneous: Ladders, Choppers, Blenders, Exercise Equipment, Cookers, Cosmetic Mirrors, Fishing Reels, Coolers and Jugs, Camping Equipment, Retail Plastic Sundries, Audio Speakers, Air Treatment Devices, Consumer Electronics, Toys, Computers and Peripherals, RF-Controlled Lighting. JOB EXPERIENCE: Teradyne Inc., Agoura Hills, CA April 2004 Present (no titles at this company) Director of Corporate Industrial Design for large manufacturer of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE industry). Engaged in broad range of engineering, marketing, and production activities, with focus on product development. Key customers include, Intel, IBM, Sony, AT&T, Sprint, Motorola, Erickson, Samsung, NEC, GM, Ford SYLMARK, Los Angeles, CA March 2002 April 2004 Director of Product Development Direct product design, engineering, manufacturing, and manage projects for large Infomercial Company. Responsible for product designs as sold on TV- Plastics, Metals, Electromechanical systems, User interface/ Ergonomics & collateral graphics. Direct CAD & prototype operations for in house staff, outside consultants, and with Chinese factories. Ensure success of all products, from inception, through Asian manufacturing, to fulfillment center delivery. Schedule projects & budget developmental resources. Marketing and product testing support, up to distribution release. Key ACHIEVMENT- Developed new home product, topping 6,000 units per day production, and sales of over 100,000 in first two weeks. MITCH BABKES, IDSA Resume, Page 2 Tyco/Healthcare/Kendall, St. Louis, MO (Now spun-off as Covidian Medical).1996 - 2002 Principal Project Engineer Directed Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Software Protocol and related project management for medical device and equipment development programs. Specialized in Thermometry, Enteral feeding systems, and other Electro-Mechanical devices and equipment. Reusables, Disposables, and Reposables. Responsible for plastics enclosure designs, User interface/ Ergonomics and ensuring customer preferences. CAD & prototype Specialist. Project Coordinator. SolidWorks & other CAD EXPERTISE. Hands-on and Direction. Ensure CE mark compliance & ISO documentation. Specify materials and processes. Verification/ Validation bench testing for Software, Electronics, Mechanisms. Provide regulatory submissions assistance. Qualify suppliers. Scheduling & resource Budgeting. Supervision and training of Mechanical Engineers & Industrial Design personnel. Marketing /Sales liaison and Customer \ clinician interface. Marketing support up to distribution release. Direct / design product labeling, packaging & instruction manuals- text+graphics, & collateral materials. ACHIEVMENTS- 1. Opened $60 million annual market with expanded product line concepts. (Transferred to US Surgical) 2. Modernized several products. Set new corp appearance standards. Reduced cost, parts count. Enhanced durability. 3. Empowered sales staff to establish new accounts for entire product lines, with new CAD design pix and SLA models. 4. Simplified production and distribution, through qualifying new global suppliers on many different product lines. INTEREX COMPUTER PRODUCTS CORPORATION, Wichita, KS 1995 - 1996 Director of Product Development Managed product development operations for an organization achieving $18 million in annual sales. Led product design programs and coordinated development on up to 40 concurrent product and packaging programs placed with production suppliers throughout China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Responsible for daily global communications. ACHIEVMENTS- 1. Set new Asian communication standards, virtually eliminating vendor errors and omissions. 2. Introduced new CAD software to Hong Kong and China manufacturing suppliers. Successful fax training conducted. 3. Repeatedly saved big on annual budgets, while enabling timely product visualization through Rapid Prototyping. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES, Wichita, KS 1993 - 1995 Principal Coordinated project activities between clients, subcontracting engineers, designers, & manufacturing/supplier network. Provided turnkey design, CAD engineering and prototyping services, on over 20 new product programs for local and national client base during a two-year+ period. Developed products, business plans, vendor networks, marketing strategies, and Sales Rep. forces for startup companies in plastics, toys, electronics and medical device industries. ACHIEVMENTS 1. Facilitated 3X sales through increased product appeal. Re-hired to modify design for higher volume tooling. 2. Designs launched $800 Million company start-up. Company still leads its industry 8 years later. 3. Launched TWO Medical Product Company Start-Ups with Doctor/inventors, further developing patented concepts. 4. Raised $2mm seed capital and initiated 4 start-up companies via proprietary product designs FOSTER DESIGN COMPANY, INC., Wichita, KS 1991 - 1993 Vice President of Product Development Started &Managed product development operations for 100-employee consulting engineering and outplacement firm. Hired key engineering, design and technical personnel. Directed in-house Design & Engineering projects. Developed client proposals and presentations. Managed resources to ensure profitability and repeat business. BAUGH DESIGN, INC., Wichita, KS 1985 - 1991 Vice President of Design Managed 30-year-old consulting business and group of 10 creative professionals in studios and model shop. Coordinated activities between staff, outside engineering and production resources to ensure effective servicing of international clientele. Hired and trained staff members in studio, model shop and on CAD systems. Led in-house materials/ process class. KEY ACHIEVMENT- Doubled company revenues from $1.5mm to 3mm in 2 years, by adding valuable new service capabilities. MITCH BABKES, IDSA Resume, Page 3 RUSH HAMPTON INDUSTRIES/FLORIDA POLYMERS, Lake Mary, FL 1983 - 1985 Chief Designer Responsible for OEM product design for custom injection molding business. Led development of company s proprietary product line of air purification systems. Developed proficiency in design of injection mold tools used for in-house production. NCR CORPORATION, Ithaca NY and Orlando, FL 1976 - 1983 Project Industrial Designer Developed financial and business computer systems, factory floor terminals and production controllers. See Pictures at: Experience: Industrial Design Product Styling and AppearancePrototype FabricationColor and Finish Spec. s Ergonomics & Human Interface Safety and Service Features Regulatory Agency Compliance CAD 2D & 3D Design Rendering CAD Documentation & Drafting Parametric Solid Modeling Conceptual Sketching Models and Mock-ups Functional Prototypes Materials Specifications Dimensional Tolerances Supplier Qualification Mold Design Assistance Graphics and Product I.D. Packaging Design Sales and Marketing Materials Business Plan Authorship Fund Raising Assistance Sales and Marketing Assistance Competitive Product Studies Patents & Patent Searches Trademarks & Logos P.C. Board Design Support Pattern and Mold Fabrication Trade Shows and Exhibit Design Point Of Purchase Displays Processes: Plastics: Injection Molding Blow Molding Rotational Molding Vacuum-Forming Pressure-Forming Foam Molding & Fabricating Compression Molding Extrusion & Coextrusion Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Structural RIM (SRIM) Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) Fiber Glass Lay-Up Stereo Lithography (STL)Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Electro-Deposition Prototype Molding and casting Metals: Extrusion Die-Casting Sand Casting Stretch Forming Hydro Forming CNC Machining CNC Sheet Metal Punching Progressive Die Stamping Bending and Forming Aluminum Spinning Shallow and Deep Drawing Screw Machining Other: Glass Forming &Molding Assembly & Finishing:Snap Fits Std. & Custom Fasteners Sonic Welding of Plastics Metallic Welding Solvent Bonding Adhesive ApplicationsGrinding Vacuum-Metalizing Spray Metal Coatings EMI / RFI Shielding Hot Stamping Tampo Printing Silk Screening Offset Printing Flexographics and Preprint Electroplating Embossing Dip Coating and Decorating Robotic Assembly Robotic TrimmingPowder Coating Painting-Manual & Robotic ConformalFlame Polishing MITCH BABKES, IDSA Resume, Page 4 Client List (as consultant): Allied Gear - Printing Equipment Bendix/King - Police Data Radios Bracket - Printing Machinery Broderson Mfg. - Cranes Boeing Airplane Co. - Models Borg Warner- HV & AC Eqpt. Chance Industries - Transit Buses Coleman - Outdoor Products Dexter - Commercial Laundry Eqpt. Diagnetics - Fluid Analyzers Didde Graphics - Offset Presses Ditch Witch - Trenchers, Tractors Excel - Commercial Mowers Executive Coach - Limousines Eldorado Coach Buses & R.Vs Fife Corp. - Web Guide Systems GE Corp. - Robotic Vision Systems Hilti Pneumatic Power Tools Honeywell - Flight Recorders Hopkins Mfg. - Automotive Aftermkt. Interex Corp. - Commuter Peripherals Kansas Microwave Radar Eqpt. Magic Focus - Cosmetic Mirrors Memorex/Telex Computer Perif ls. Mobiltech - Wheelchair Entry Systms NCR Corp. - Computers & Perif ls. Opticopy - Optical Scanning Equip. Ottawa Truck - Fire & Refuse Trucks Piper Aircraft - Small Aircraft Interiors Physio Tech - Medical Eqpt. PhysioTronics - Medical Devices Rubbermaid - Retail Plastic Products Smith & Nephew- Laparoscopic Eqpt. Subsite - Electronic Locating Devices Sylmark - Infomercial Products Target - Masonary Tools & Equip. Unit Rig & Eqpt. Co.- Mining Trucks Wescon Products - Plastic Sundries Zebco - Fishing Reels PATENTS: Reduced To Practice / Many still In Current Production: 1. Fire Truck Cab Interior (Design and Utility; U.S.) 2. Ice Scraper/Squeegee (Utility; U.S.) 3. Grass Collection and Disposal System for Commercial Turf Mower (Utility; U.S.) 4. Car Wash Brush (Design and Utility; U.S.) 5. Window Insulation Kit (Utility; U.S.) 6. Automotive/ Personal Security Light (Utility; U.S.) 7. Portable Tile Score and Break Machine (Utility; U.S. and International) 8. Electrical Surge Protector (Utility; U.S.) 9. Magnifying Cosmetic Mirror (Design; U.S.) 10. Automotive Adjustable Cup Holder and Mounting System (Utility; U.S.) 11. Automotive Dome Light glare shield (Utility; U.S.) 12. Buried Cable Locating Devices (Utility; U.S.) 13. Sputum Trap Manifold Service Seal (Utility; U.S. and International) 14. Fluid Pathway Anti Free-Flow Device for Enteral Feeding (Utility; U.S. and International) 15. Fast Predictive Electronic Thermometer (Design and Utility; U.S. and International) 16. Thermometer Electronics Connection Scheme (Utility; U.S. and International) 17. Skin Level Balloon Gastronomy Tube, Saline Level View Port (Utility; U.S. and International) 18. 3-way Ladder/ Hand Truck/ Dolly (Utility, Design; U.S. and International) 19. Combination Step Ladder, Hand Truck & Dolly Device (Smaller Version of Above) (Design; U.S. and International) 20. Conical Glass Cooking Device (Utility, Design; U.S. and International) 21. Floor Exercise Device (Utility, Design; U.S. and International) 22. Silicon Rubber Cooking Mitt (Design; U.S. and International) 23. Vacuum Coffee Maker (Utility, Design; U.S. and International) 24. Silicon Baking Pans (Design; U.S. and International) 25. Oven Insert for High Temperature Baking (Design; U.S. and International)

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