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Baar Products, Inc.

Baar Products, Inc. is an enterprise is of medically oriented individuals dedicated to providing you and your family with a wide variety of health care products. Bruce Baar is the Owner and CEO of Baar Products, Inc and is a Doctor of Naturopathy. His wife Kathy Baar is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene School, R.D.H. with B.S. in Public Health. Together, their care and compassion create a constant influence on the services and products offered to customers and clients. A knowledgeable staff and friendly customer service team are always available to help you meet and exceed your health goals and enhance your customer satisfaction.The purity and freshness of our products is our highest priority. The high quality ingredients combined with our great prices has positioned us as the value leader in the industry. Our Hair Care, Skin Care and Beauty Products are created with safe ingredients. These unique ingredients are designed with long term safety in mind for you and your family. Our Mind/Body products are in a classification all their own. The Radiac and the Baar Battery are creating history. These products are sold throughout the world and their performance is documented in books like "Hope Springs Eternal" by David Atkinson.




Bruce and Kathy Baar of Baar Products, Inc., offer hundreds of naturally based remedies and products, many derived from herbs and plants grown on their 130 acres of land in Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Bruce Baar, a naturopath, invented the Radiac, a device designed to promote increased memory, awareness, and physical and mental strength and resilience for users. In addition to the Radiac, Baar Products sells an extensive line of health-care products based on the teachings of Edgar Cayce, whom many consider a founder of the principles of holistic healing and a leading spiritual teacher of the 20th century. In addition to the Cayce products, Baar offers items intended to detoxify and cleanse the body and maintain optimum levels of alkalinity; increase digestive function through natural substances such as apple cider vinegar, fig extracts, and herbs; and enhance the health and appearance of the skin and hair with ingredients such as B vitamins, aloe vera, castor oil, and lavender. Other Baar items target specific regions of the body, such as the legs, feet, joints, muscles, and heart, and specific conditions, such as generalized pain, cramping, psoriasis, and colds and congestion.Baar Products’ Radiac, in keeping with the company’s emphasis on natural treatment, uses no electricity or batteries. A customer simply fills a specially designed container with ice and water, immerses the Radiac, and attaches the device to the wrist or ankle. Customers have remarked that the Radiac sold by Baar Products improves their concentration and their ability to remember, and also increases their sense of well-being and happiness.Baar Products, and Bruce and Kathy Baar, strive to deliver exemplary customer service based on a business model centered in compassion, caring, and their wide knowledge of the natural products industry.


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