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Ji Hyeong Lee

inchoen, yeon su gu, songdo dong, hae do ji ro 120-16


Jul 2013Mar 2014

hae song middle school

Mar 2013Jul 2013

po seong middle school
Jul 2011Feb 2013

hae song middle school
Jun 2009Jun 2011

American school of Doha

volunteer expreience

Has volunteered for the inchoen Asian paralympic games as a translator between game officials and players.

Has volunteered in the RUBY( rise up and be a young leader) and sold sugar based candy to donate to north korea to help the children in North Korea.


Delv award( debate) 2014english contest bronze 2014

Delv award( vocab) 2014

Delv award( Essay) 2014

Delv award( literatue) 2015

Delv award( poema, spanish) 2015

environmental essay english writing award 2014

english contest bronze 2014

sciopolis 2014

book review contest bonze and silver 2014


member of the PRP( pear research program) , writing a paper on relation between movie and diplomacy.

member of the Yupad( Youth Union of Politics and Diplomacy)

member of IFLH's soccer club hwa-mok.


speak basic spanish
fluent in English