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I am very hard working, dedicated, and determined. I have a lot of experience working with people of all ages. I am very friendly, responsible, and respectful. I enjoy helping people and working with others. Currently, I am participating in the Peer Leadership class at Batavia High School. We work with high school students that have disabilities and play games with them. This has been my favorite class I have taken throughout high school.  I also have been dancing for six years and enjoy that, as well. Dancing and helping people are my two favorite things to do. Therefore, combining them both into a profession is something I would love to do for an occupation. 

Work experience



A Step Above Dance Academy

I answer customer phone calls at the desk and answer parent questions. I also handle a lot of paperwork, document customer payments, clean around the studio, and work at the desk for the boutique. On Saturday mornings, I assist in teaching a ballet class of two to four year olds. 



A Step Above Dance Academy

I participated in the LINK program through the high school. I came to the studio every day for an hour and a half, five days a week. I entered a lot of deposits and payments into the system. I did a lot of organization with dance costumes, accessories, and props. I learned the aspects of being a dance studio owner and just did various tasks each day. 


Sales Associate

Halloween Spirit

I organized merchandise and offered assistance to customers. I also helped out with the dressing rooms. 



Batavia High School

Extra Curriculars

Psychology Club

I have been a member of Psychology Club at Batavia High School since 2014. We organize multiple fundraisers and donate the proceeds to various charities and organizations. We also volunteer at Marklund Home, which is a home for cognitively disabled adults, once a month. We play board games with the residents and make art projects.

Competitive Dancer at A Step Above Dance Academy

I have been on the competitive dance team at A Step Above Dance Academy since 2012. We have multiple practices throughout the week. Currently, I am dancing twenty hours a week. We perform at five regional competitions and one national competition each season. We also perform two showcases. This competition season, I am the captain of the dance team. 


  • I am very dedicated and determined.
  • I have very good work ethic.
  • I am very reliable, respectful, and responsible.
  • I have experience working with children and adults.
  • I have a strong dance background.
  • I work well with others.