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High school diploma 

Al-Etisam school

I have been in AL-Etisam private school for 12 years. in my years there, i have learned lead, help and support others. i graduated from Al-Etisam school in Dammam,Saudi Arabia with 96% GPA, and obtained a certification of honor and appreciation.


Minor in business manegment


I have had my minor business management degree with my MET studies. i learned the efficiency in managing in work place, dealing with employees,customers, and produce more in less time with less effort. also, working independent or working with a group. i knew the ethics of dealing with other parties or foreign companies.  


Mechanical Engineering Technology

University of toledo

I am a student in the University Of Toledo, i am currently in my second year of studying. I expect to graduate in FALL 2017.



I worked with groups most of my years of studying. i realized the importance of a good communication. i can communicate under pressure and respond quickly. good team work requires a good communication.