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Srikanth Narayana Murthy

Service Level Analyst


Working in Dimension data as Service Level Analyst from past 6 months.Worked in Unisys for 8 years.

Work History

Oct 2016Present

Service Level Analyst

Working in Dimension data as Service level Analyst for Service level Management team. Working on SLA and availability reports for Govt clients in New-Zealand.
  • On a day to day basis i am working on SLA reports wherein i extract details from ITSM for all priority tickets say P1, P2, P3 & P4 add that onto an excel prepare a simple dashboard to have a look into how many tickets have logged for the month, what is the status of all those and where do we stand as an SLA overall perspective. 
  • On a monthly report we do give trending analysis of past 12 months as to how well we have progressed from past an year as such.

Business Excellence Analyst

  • Initially I had worked in Order management team for 3 years in BSS Department. Important processes worked in this team are Quotes, Order processing, De-installation of orders, VAF for client BT.I automated a manual work for team auditing which used to take around 2hours for a week initially later it was taking just 2mins to get data Using VBA.
  • Later got promoted to a different department BOA –Business operations & Analytics. Over here most important processes I worked on was on APPLE SLA reporting, FLM process, MSS billing over here in this process I used to create Purchase requisition for vendors in order to make their payments weekly. Single handedly transitioned Score card report from China Service delivery manager and was able to work without any difficulty.
  • Again got promotion and moved to a different team within the same department BOA. Over here I am working as Business Excellence Analyst with providing field service reports to different accounts like Dell, Unilever, Andersen and many more. I download files from Business objects to work on day to day basis. After downloading reports on account basis, I query each and every call in our records that is service console to Analyze whether the technician has met the SLA or not. If he has not met the SLA we would be looking for any customer exceptions from client end.
  • The main reason to look into individual call is that to check for tech accuracy and also on SLA perspective. We cannot blindly consider the tech codes because we will never reach the target SLA on day to day basis.
  • SLA is very much important from client perspective because tech accuracy would be some were in mid-20%. I will look analyze each call so that this would go up-to 90% or more. After analyzing all calls in particular account we will be importing the Excel file onto database to get the final formatted output. Took an initiative of working on most difficult process at present in team which is Dell reporting. Over here the main challenge was there are 20 to 30 databases which are linked to one another and too many excel sheets are connected to these DB’s. There are macros which pull information from various sources and add onto databases. Problem here would be if any error pop’s-up we should be in a position to analyze where is the problem and how can I come out of it.



Prince 2 Foundation & Practitioner


This gives complete detail of how a project works and why Project manager is the most important person in designing of a project as such.




In MS Access we come across have how to create tables, queries relationship between a table & query,creation of report, form & Macros.


Advanced Excel


In Advanced excel we come across various mathematical formulas, charts to use on daily basis. In this course I also learnt pivot tables, Slicers as well.

Tools used

Excel 2007, VLook-up, Conditional formatting, Data validation, Pivot-table, Slicers, MS Access 2010, ORACLE tool to create PR, ITSM, Business Objects











Personal details

Name                                   : Srikanth Narayana Murthy.

DOB                                      : 27thOct 1987

Languages known             : Kannada, Hindi, English.

Hobbies                               : Playing Cricket.

Contact Numbers              : (91)80 - 23309420 (R), (91)80 - 9844417104 (M)  

Declaration: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to my knowledge.



                                                                                                                                                                                             SRIKANTH N                  

Place: Bangalore