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Innovative, creative, results-producing Marketing and Management professional, passionate about creative marketing, looking for challenging hands-on position to bring increased bottom-line results to your company. Motivated and personable business developer with talent for quickly assessing and implementing courses of action. Diplomatic and tactful with all levels of customer and staff interaction. Reliable and flexible with great sense of humor and style. Competent with deadline-driven environment. Twenty years experience with progessive growth in the industrial food industry. Knowledge and interest in motorsports, shooting sports, outdoor recreation, food industry, healthcare, non-profit, for-profit, and any other area to earn a living. Home Chef. Chief bottle washer. Motorcyclist. Woodworker. Weed Picker.

  • Creative Marketing Strategies
  • Publishing/Ad Sales/Tradeshow Sales
  • New Business Development
  • Marketing/Sales Promotion
  • Sponsorship Development
  • Brand Development
  • Tradeshow/Event Planning/Development
  • Marketing Research & Analysis
  • Internet Marketing/Content Development
  • Non-Profit/B2B/B2C
  • Strategic Planning
  • P/L Management
  • Vendor Management

Work experience

Aug 2003Present

Managing Partner

BK Kahuna LLC

• Creative Sales & Marketing Strategies

• New Business Development• Marketing/Sales Promotion

• Brand Development• Tradeshow/Event Planning/Development

• Marketing Research & Analysis• Internet Marketing/Development

• New Market Identification


Owner-Side Job

Get Sharp!

Tired of using Dull knives but don't know how to sharpen them?Let’s face it … knives get dull! My wife and I are home chefs and spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. I actually like doing the prep work with a knife rather than some fancy appliance taking up counter space. I also use knives for fishing, in the yard or just for cutting boxes down. But, my knives have to be sharp!Most importantly, a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. A dull knife can slip off food and cut you. The excessive force needed to make a dull knife cut causes the user to lose control, and could result in injury. A sharp knife requires little force, so it's easier to control and cuts where intended. The user is more likely to treat a sharp knife carefully.The joy of a perfectly sharpened knife is well worth it. Whatever brand and type you own, maintaining a sharp edge is far cheaper than replacing it. If you know of anyone who needs their knives sharpened, call me at 480-250-4445.

Jan 2008Jul 2008

Marketing Rep

Extended Presence

Marketing Rep for outsourcing firm contacting C level executives in IT.

Jan 2006Jul 2007

Marketing Kahuna

Allen Concepts, Inc.

Hired to develop and implement marketing and brand strategies and programs for multi-product, small manufacturer.• Drive the development and tactical execution of all marketing and advertising programs for the company to drive sales across all its primary selling channels: retail, direct-to-consumer, B2B, dealers/professional.• Conducted SWOT and GOST analysis to develop strategic marketing plans.• Developed creative marketing and advertising plans and ideas.• Developed and managed customer/prospect database.• Researched, developed, and wrote content for promotions, advertising, PR, websites, and other external communications.• Assisted with product development, branding, testing, and programming.• Developed and worked tradeshows, schedules and marketing tactics.• Developed keyword/SEO/linking strategies.• Developed and monitored web advertising and analysis.• Created pricing and reseller programs.• Hired and managed Manufacturers’ Reps.


Board Member


Moto-Trax is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)charitable organization whose mission is to promote recreational safety and teach values of responsible stewardship, leadership, and sportsmanship through positive experiences.

Feb 1983Jan 2003

Associate Director/Sales & Marketing

Institute of Food Technologists

Defined strategy for and developed, executed, and managed comprehensive marketing plans encompassing integrated marketing initiatives designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets. Increased revenues by 150%.• Developed and implemented integrated marketing strategies, promotions, and materials to maximize sales efforts.• Directed creative development of all marketing programs, overseeing design, copywriting, production, and distribution, reduced marketing costs by 40%.• Developed and implemented direct mail strategies and brand/member affiliation programs to increase membership recruitment and retention by 35%.• Tracked and analyzed response rates for marketing programs to determine ROI and effectiveness with customers.• Executed sales and membership research studies to determine and meet the needs of customers.• Hired, trained, and motivated marketing staff.• Negotiated and managed relationships with outside vendors.• Determined and managed program budgets.


Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


Michael Bloom

“Jeffrey exhibits wisdom in everything he does. He has a keen sense for business with the necessary processes to ensure a company's success. He is a great mentor and developer of those who work for him. Jeffrey knows how to navigate the waters within an organization to get things done. Measured results is one of his bedrock principles. Jeffrey is a highly organized strategic thinker with the ability to see both the forest and the tree. He is comfortable and competent whether it's in front of a board of directors or on the convention center loading dock with the teamsters. Jeffrey is a problem solver who believes there is a solution to everything.”

Carlotta Lacy

“Jeffrey is an intelligent and creative marketing professional. He always managed to juggle multiple projects with ease and competence. Jeffery is extremely personable and likeable and an asset to any organization.”

Steven Allen

“Jeffrey knows his stuff! He was a constant source of new ideas, and also kept current with all of our planned marketing activities. Jeffrey made many suggestions for improving our business structure, and then implemented these changes. He pushed for changes to our on-line ordering procedure, and also set higher criteria for adding resellers to our network. Jeffrey kept current by reading many marketing newsletters, and suggested many of the things that he found. I highly recommend Jeffrey if you need a new direction for marketing efforts at your company.”