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Extracurricular Activities

Vice President (May 2010 – Present)

Purdue University Gamers’ Group

·Reviving and restructuring the Group after hiatus of one year, set a new direction and increased membership threefold.

·Building relationships with corporate sponsors, worked out a multifaceted $5000/year deal with NOS Energy Drinks, official corporate sponsor.

·Coordinating staff to prepare for the LAN event every semester.

·Promote gaming in all forms at Purdue.

This position was one of the most rewarding experiences I had at Purdue. The task of restructuring an organization that was blacklisted by the University for lack of activity was a challenge but one that was very rewarding in the end. I worked with NOS Energy Drink, our corporate partner to revive and restructure the organization from top to bottom. Ultimately, it was a huge success as we were featured in the University newspaper 3 times, we brought Zynga Games to campus to recruit and talk about their company and we held the largest gaming event the campus has ever seen in our end of the year LAN party. 

Stage Coordinator (Summer 2010)

Purdue University Malaysian Students’ Association

·Coordinated and organized all stage events for the Midwest Games 2010.

·Worked with Loeb stage staff and government officials under the Minister of Defense and Ambassador of Malaysia to USA.

I was brought onto this position at the request of the organizer of the Midwest Games. It was definitely an interesting opportunity as it gave me a chance to work with government officials. I never would have imagined that a person my age would interact with the Minister of Defense and the Ambassador of Malaysia and work with them on such a large scale. Stage coordination was something entirely new to me but it was a very fun experience and gave me a whole new appreciation to the work that happens backstage. With my crew of 12 stage hands, we held one of the most memorable closing nights in Midwest Games history.

President (Spring 2009 – Spring 2010)

Model United Nations

·Responsible for organizing trips to conferences in Chicago for the Fall and to Boston for the Spring.

·Responsible for building up Purdue’s reputation in the American Model United Nations and Harvard Nat’l Model United Nations.

I was involved with MUN since high school, having taken part in the Brazil Model United Nations so it was only natural that I would become involved again at the university level. Before I became President, we only managed a steady membership of around 5 people who would go to these conferences but under my tenure, we raised that number to 15. We are a self-funded organization so we do have to pay for our own trips which leads to a small number of people eventually going but I did set up a plan for funding that the current President is using to build the funds of the organization. All of our members were either sponsors or signatories of the resolutions that were passed at AMUN and HNMUN, which is a testament to my members. The most interesting aspect of this job was simply learning about the policies of different nations and interacting with like-minded individuals who believe in the idea of diplomacy and working together to get things done. Despite the fact that it is a simulation of the United Nations, it is fairly accurate and gives me better insight into that world.

President (Fall 2008 – Fall 2009)

Purdue University Malaysian Students’ Association (PUMSA)

·Responsible for handling 200 Malaysian students on campus.

·Liaising with Malaysian Students’ Department (Education Malaysia) in Chicago.

·Taking care of incoming students and introducing them to Purdue.

This was my first major student leader position and one that is close to my heart as it taught me everything that I needed to know to lead an effective staff and coordinate major events. I was also happy because I was helping out my fellow Malaysians and making sure that their needs were taken care of as I know how I felt when I was a stranger in a strange land. I set a new direction for PUMSA in that we focused externally as an organization rather than internally. We reached out to other organizations and hosted major events where we would draw crowds of up to 200 people at a time to experience Malaysian culture. I felt that it was important that we not only take care of our own but teach others about our culture and values. I am glad that the current administration has taken this new direction and continues to take part in events with other international student organizations.


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I am a fresh graduate of Purdue University with a BA in Political Science specializing in International Relations and a minor in Biology. My interests in international relations and politics in general gives me a unique problem solving approach with the ability to see the larger picture while keeping details in focus. I believe these abilities make me an asset to any company and I look forward to applying my skills to a suitable job.

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