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Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Vice President

Ernst & Young/ HSBC (Consulting)
  • Developed Anti Money Laundering tool that identifies fraudulent activities.
  • Technologies employed are Core Java, Spring, Hibernate, Web sphere 7/8 administration and JProfiler.
  • Assisted to set up Coherence strategies – fail over and fail safe procedures.
  • Worked with Core java and Coherence cache.
  • Utilized Coherence 3.7 Grid Edition.
Oct 2010Sep 2011

Sr. Java Developer

Barclays Capital (Consulting)
  • Worked with a project that covers the work needed to sustain margin requirements and linked workflows.
  • Worked as a team lead in the risk market domain.
  • Worked on encryption mechanism to secure passwords and other vital Barclays data.
  • Worked profoundly with messaging (JMS) and Oracle Coherence.
  • Developed an application which loads and computes margin based on diverse stratagems for a specified portfolio comprises of 75,000+ positions in less than 17 seconds via utilizing threading methods like executor service from end to end which integrated Java and C++ applications and oracle coherence.
  • Worked profoundly on data integrity problems to move the existing code to newly developed code  and wrote test cases to verify it (re-engineering efforts).
  • Worked profoundly with oracle coherence cache.
  • Technologies employed were Core Java, JDBC, Oracle Coherence Cache Hibernate, Threading, Eclipse, Linux, Unix, Microsoft, Web logic 10.0, EJB’s, Tibco, Autosys, Web Services, MDB, Sybase and SQL Server.
  • Regression testing.
Apr 2010Oct 2010

Sr. Programmer / Architect - Risk Margin Team

Bank of America (Consulting)
  • Worked with a project that deals with the work needed to sustain product specific risk margin requirements and linked workflows.
  • Worked profoundly with Apache MQ message broker and Google protocol buffers via Java for low latency purposes.Set the standard for modifying the code from XML to Google protocol buffer.
  • Skills utilized are TCP/IP, SOA, JDBC, SSH, UDP, JProbe, Java, NIO, SQL, JMS (Queues, Topics, in memory brokers, dynamic queues), SQL server 2005/2008, fine tuning of Java classes and Oracle coherence cache (3.6).
  • Interacted with cross functional teams to classify business needs. For internal and external clients (hedge funds), expansively worked with Microsoft Excel (VB Script) for margin reporting purposes.
  • Modified all the existing projects and defined standards for employing Apache maven for worldwide Bank of America developers.
  • Worked with threading techniques like fixed thread pool to reduce memory consumption.
  • Wrote test case via JUNIT (using eclipse and maven) to verify performance improvements and suggested modifications to the infrastructure team and cross functional teams.



Bachelors of Science

Stony Brook University

New York University


Eclipse, JBoss, Jbuilder X Macromedia, Photoshop, Visio, JProfiler, Protocol Buffers, Apache MQ, and Oracle coherence cache, JProbe and JHat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Image Ready, Flash, SQL server 2005, DB2, MSSQL 2000.
Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle Weblogic 10.0.
AWT, Swing, Hibernate, Spring, Struts.
Web Based Development
JSP, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB),, Websphere Application Development, Java Messaging Service (JMS), Jscript, VBScript.
Programming Languages
Java, HTML, DHTML, XML, AJAX, C++, Perl, ASP, C#, SQL.



To work in an exploring and competitive atmosphere that efficiently consumes my analytical, coding, interpersonal and organizational proficiency to conceive and achieve solutions.



Personal ASP.Net project: (under construction)


Cars in general, sports cars, racing


France, England, Belgium, Italy, Japan