Abdulaziz Alabdulkarim

Abdulaziz Alabdulkarim




- Reading about new technology

- Social interaction with family and friends

- Sports of all types

Bio data

Date of Birth: Jun 19th 1987

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Status: Single


Recent university graduate seeking a challenging position related to Information System and the possibility of career advancement.

Courses and Projects

Major University Courses:

  • Project Management Information Systems.

  • Decision support systems.

  • Data Warehousing.

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP).

  • Develop web applications using (Java Server Pages).

Major University Projects:

  1. Library Project: Inventory System by using Oracle Form Builder.

  2. Graduation Project: Electronic shopping system which is about designing a web site to allow online transactions (buy and sell) of products or services over the internet.

Work experience

Work experience
May 2010 - Jul 2010

information security

Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange, TADAWUL


July 2010         Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange, TADAWUL

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Department: Risk Management Department

Position: Trainee

Duties: Complete 2 months training with Information Security team

Jun 2011          Microsoft ITCAN Course

Two parts: 1- Network Adminstrator(by Global Knowledge)

                2- Communication Skills(by Dale Carnegie)

Duties: Attended 2 months training course



Microsoft Office

                An expert in dealing with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel ,Power Point and Access).  

web applications

using asp.net & JavaServer Pages (jsp).    

Oracle and its applications

Dealing with the Oracle environment and its applications                   (Oracle Database, Oracle Form Builder and Oracle JDevloper).  

English Language

                    speech, comprehension and writing .