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To work for an organization, where I would be able to polish my skills and apply my knowledge attained through extensive studies and work experience. In future I want to be an asset for the organization, putting forward my best, to play my role in its growth.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Associate Architect


Project Name: Fog Detection
Role: Full-Stack Engineer
Technologies: Java, MySQL & Angular 6
Description: Developed a system which get the feeds from the camera whether the area visibility. and build a tracking and notification system on maps.

Project Name: Tersai
Role: Full-Stack Engineer
Technologies: JQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, Prometheus & Grafana
Description: Developed an advertisement campaign platform.

Project Name: Web Detective
Role: Full-Stack Engineer
Technologies: Django, AngularJS & Dorky
Description: Develop a platform to find dorks, vulnerability on  application running on internet. Systems takes the google dorks and search them on the web and then based on our rule engine it detects whether the webserver is vulnerable or not. 

Project Name: Web Threat Protection
Big-Data Engineer & Reporting Engineer (End-End task delivery)
Datastax Enterprise, AngularJS, Kafka and Spring Boot
Developed an end to end solution to secure internet browsing. My responsibilities in this project were to
1 - Aggregate all the data generated from internet browsing and perform different analytics on it. 
2 - Develop web portal where end-user can create different policies. These policies are applied on internet browsing at user-level/group-level/client-company-location-level

Mar 2014Mar 2015

EXTJS Consultant


Project Name: Cloudflow
Role: EXTJS Consultant
Technologies: Javascript, EXTJS, Draw2d
Description: Developed management portal for private cloud, built on open stack

Oct 2012Mar 2014

Senior Server Engineer

Gameview Studios

I hold a key position in this Organisation. My key responsibilities are to develop social gaming servers, manage a team of server engineers and deciding the architecture of the server on different cloud platforms. Following are the projects i've done in this company

Project Name: LaqaQatil
Role: Server Engineer
Technologies: Java, Python, Google App Engine
Description: A social game just like the famous mafia wars on facebook. My responsibilities in this project was to develop the server-side logic for this game. This game's server was developed in Python language and the game's server code was Hosted on google app engine.

Project Name: Battle Heroes
Role: Server Engineer
Technologies: Java, Python, Google App Engine
Description: A social game just like the famous clash of clans available on google play store. My responsibilities in this project was to develop the server-side logic for this game. The game's server logic was developed in JAVA using play framework and the game's server code was hosted on amazon cloud. Game metadata uploading utility was written using python's webapp2 framework.

Aug 2009Oct 2012

Software Engineer

Strategic Systems International

I joined this company after graduation, here I have had the chance to polish my skills and bring them to the next level. Following are the projects I've done in this company
Project Name: Cheetah
Role: ETL Engineer, ASP.NET Developer
Description: The client had provided us with 99 datasets of different companies and different raw data formats such as excel, delimited files, access dbs and sql databases aswell. My role in the team was to understand the raw data, get the requirements from the client and develop a process to extract data from these raw sources and load them in a centralize repository. The process of ETL was developed using sql server integration services.

Project Name: TQA
Role: ETL Engineer
Technologies: SSIS, SSRS, C# Developer
Description: TQA project is a decision support system for stock exchange data that is built over a huge data warehouse. Transactional data is provided for Quantitative Analysis and business critical decision making. I work with Business analysts in India and USA to freeze the requirement for a particular data vendor of stock exchange. Once the requirements are signed off we design and develop the best possible optimized combination of Integration packages and SQL stored procedures to load hundreds of GIGA Bytes of data from different sources to the data warehouse

Project Name: Human Capital Optimization
Role: SSRS Engineer, ASP.NET Developer
Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL2k5, HTML, WCF
Description: The process of generating different sort of reports and designing those reports and then sending those reports to the executive were my responsibilities in this project. This process was automated using SQL server reporting services. Developing the management portal for these reports were also part of my responsibilities.

Project Name: Smart Staffing
Role: Developer
Technologies: Ext-JS, WCF, ASP.NET
Description: This project was developed to help the client to solve the staffing issues. By providing information of the resources their capabilities their credentials and their preferences an optimize schedule was generated using lindos. This scheduled can be then changed by the client and some reports were generated accordingly. the whole process of displaying staffing board, assigning any changes in the board, dashboards and reports were developed using javascript, jquery and extjs, The web services to support this architecture for Communication with the server were developed in C# (WCF services)


Javascript Frameworks

Javascript ES6, NodeJS, AngularJS, EXTJS, JqWidgets and jQuery


Play Framework and Spring


Google app engine, Tornado and Django 1.7


Message Broker

Analytics Tool

Apache Spark and Spark Streaming


MySQL, Cassandra and Microsoft SQL Sever

Search Tool

Apache Solr


ASP, C#, WCF and MVC (Razor)

ETL Tools

SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Reporting Services

Cloud Platform

Google app engine and Amazon


Aug 2005Aug 2009

Bachelors in Computer Science



Article: Tree view Hierarchical Data Load Http://

Description: This code will let the user to define some configuration that definig parent-child relation for columns and then this code will generate the hierarchal tree view automatically.

Article: Google App Engine Java Http://

Description: Designing a framework over google app engine in java, and the datastore entry mechanism framework was developed using JPA 1.0. This project was to fasten the development life cycle on google app engine using java sdk.

Individual Projects

Project Name: Soccer Cup 2k14
Role: Iphone Developer and Webservices Developer
Technologies: Objective-C, Python and Google App Engine
Description: Build this application as a product for saudi telecom (STC) on the FIFA world cup 2014 event.


Shafqat Mehmood / Director Engineering

Had over 14 years of experience in software industries
Contact # +92 (300) 944 1912

Shmail Ahmad / General Manager Ajab Technologies

Had over 12 years of experience in software industries