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My Name is Azeem Meor Suhaimi, and I am very interested in pursuing an I.T. Career. I have taken many I.T. courses in my life and some courses I really liked were Digital Photograpy, Web Design, and Computer Refurbishment. I have taken I.T. courses for about 2 years now and i am very interested in actually becoming an intern for a week or so to see the life of an I.T. Specialist. Along with this I also have taken 5 years of spanish when i was young and can understand a language i learned from my own family, Bahasa Malayu, which is a language  they speak in Malaysia. I am also an honors student and have actually acted in a play as lead before. I am very active and love to make  friends and i am very social.


To further my knowledge on I.T. and all the careers in it and to hopefully claim a job in the I.T. feild.


  • Wrestling
  • Digital Photography
  • Gaming
  • Socializing with friends


Aug 2008Present


I.T. Community Support Project
  • Digital Photography
  • Gaming
  • Computer Architecture
  • Digital Video
  • A+ Training
  • Computer Refurbishment
  • Web Design
  • Animation


Digital Video
I am currently learning the basics of digital video and in class we record other classes and try to make a commercial for our buisness to promote ourselves.
I have learned about animation when i was in gaming and i learned the basic skills of animation. I learned how to make the pictures move and how it works.
Game Design
Programing Charecters, making backgrounds, creating levels and objectives in a game, these are all things I have done in may Gaming class. IN this class we took a game software to produce games called GameMaker and we programmed all the things in  the game like how to move, jump, and even how to write a storyline for the game aso people would be interested in the game and so it actually had a purpose.
Computer Architecture
I have taken a class of computer arcitecture last year from fall to spring. I have the basic parts of a computer in my head and i know alot about computer talk. I have learned the basic vocabulary in computer architecture with words verying from ZIF and SATA to words like USB and RAM. In this class we took apart a computer and identified each part of the computer on our own.
Web Design
I have taken a course of web design in my school and i thought it was very fun and enjoyable. In this class i learned how to do basic HTML coding. Currently, I take Web Design and i am learning more advanced things like how to make a web photo gallery and many more things and i am having alot of fun in this class.
Computer Refurbishment
I have taken one class of computer refurbishment and have learned the basics of refurbishing old computers and making them able to be used again by installing the operating system again and troubleshooting to diagnose problems that may happen in the computer.
Digital Photography
I have taken about 2 years of photography and as a child i have always been interested in photography. I have taken 2 courses of digital photography in the summer and during the school year. I have learned many things from this class like how to use Photoshop CS2 and how to take great pictures with the aspects and fundementals of photography.

Work experience