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centre for information technology and development

The overall aim of CITAD is to provide guidelines informed by both research and practice on how ICTs could be properly deployed for development purposes. Consequently, its specific objectives are:

  • Raise awareness about the use of ICTs in development
  • Campaign for an appropriate national policy on ICTs
  • Conduct research on ICTs in development
  • Propagate best practices in ICT applications in development
  • Use ICTs as tools for the promotion of democracy and good governance
  • Run community computer resource centres for people to have access to computing facilities
  • Conduct advocacy on the need to integrate ICT skills in the country’s education system
  • Monitor the application of ICTs in the society
  • Provide training to disadvantaged groups such as women, children and other marginal groups on ICTs.
Jun 2010Present

asst programme officer



Sep 2000Present


abubakar tatari ALI plytechnic