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Career Statement

A well presented and self motivated Electrical and Electronics Engineer with Masters in Financial Management. Analytical thinker with excellent attention to detail with expertise in Investment Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Capital Budgeting, Portfolio Management, and Quantitative Economic Analysis. 



Masters in Financial Management

University of Wollongong, Dubai

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

S.R.M University, Chennai

Financial Projects and Reports

  • Capital Budgeting and Financial Statement Analysis on Porsche Automobile Holding SE.
  • Co-integration between Abu Dhabi Stock market, oil and gold prices. Highlighting gold as an essential commodity for portfolio diversification and crude oil's effect on stock prices.
  • Calculation of Beta coefficients for JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Emaar Properties and Emirates NBD while determining how stability (or instability) of coefficients affect investors in decision making.
  • Analysis to find three companies from the U.S. Stock Exchange for medium term investment and forecasting the results.
  • Fiscal policy and its effectiveness, financial sector structure and effect of M3 monetary aggregate and bank loans on economic growth of Japan.
  • Understanding Treasury's cash at home and abroad. (Ongoing project)
  • Identifying the determinants of capital structure decisions and its relationship with dividend policy within non-banking listed companies in Singapore and Kuwait. (Ongoing project)

Work Experience

Jun, 2016Present

Autonomous Performer

Portfolio Manager

Key responsibilities :

  • Equity research and stock picking
  • Finding risk aversion and implementing the right portfolio management strategy (Active v/s Passive)
  • Asset allocation and security selection
  • Finding close to perfect negatively correlated stocks for hedging
  • Using CAN-SLIM (techno-fundamental strategy) for stock picking

Key achievements :

  • Well over 20% returns on overall portfolio
  • Well over 40% returns on specific stocks 
Aug, 2015March, 2016

Sesa Goa Iron ore | Vedanta Resources Plc.

Financial Analyst 

Key responsibilities :

  • Preparing complete consolidated financial statements
  • Complete analysis of company's financial statements (Horizontal, Vertical, Trend and Significant ratios)
  • Comparing company's key ratios (Profitability, Asset Utilization, Liquidity and Solvancy ratios) with the benchmark 
  • Determining company's sustainable growth rate
  • Understanding core financial positioning, structure and corporate governance of the company

Key achievements :

  • Error free projections of company's market cap, growth rate, revenue, operating cash flow and EPS
  • Measured company's true quality of earnings (rather than quantity)
  • Decreased company's cash conversion cycle


June, 2013Sept, 2013

Reliance Power Ltd.

Business Development Intern

Worked on Integrated Truck Management System (I.T.M.S) as a part of project management team.

Key responsibilities :

  • Implementing the agreed action plan to the agreed standards and deadlines.
  • Act as the point of contact and communicate project status adequately to all participants.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports.
  • Weekly meetings with the engineers to discuss project status and monitor timeline.

Key achievements :

  • Replaced more than 100 workers with latest technology.
  • Supply chain management was made significantly more effective and efficient

    Computer Proficiency

    • Advance level E-Views (For Quantitative Data Analysis) 
    • Fluent in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word

    Personality Traits & Interests

    • Patience of redoing till accomplishment of determined task
    • Voracious interest in automobile and its market worldwide

    Personal Details

    • Languages known:  English & Hindi
    • Date of birth:  26/03/1992
    • Visa Status:  Student Visa (Valid till Oct, 2018)
    • References on request.