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To be associated with an organization which can provide me with a dynamic  work sphere to extract my internal skills as a professional and help me to attain my career targets.                                                                     


Jul 2012May 2016

Bachelor of Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology

Electronics & Communication Engineering                                                                                    CGPA: 8.66/10


12th Board Examination

DAV Public School,Gurgaon

Senior Secondary Board ( CBSE)                                                                                             Percentage : 94.2%


10th Board Examination

OLF Convent School , Gurgaon

Secondary Board (CBSE)                                                                                                                    CGPA: 9.4/10

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: C ,C++,Verilog , MySQL(Basics)
  • Software: Multisim,  Keil uVision, Modelsim, Optisystem, Riverbed , MySQL workbench, MATLAB


Jun 2015Jul 2015

Industrial training at Airtel India Limited , Gurgaon

Worked in network division of Airtel India Limited , Gurgaon

  • Gained experience in types of MSC, BSC, HLR, RRU and GSM antennas used in communication network of 2G, 3G and 4G.
  • Job was to visit various sites where task was to rectify problems and faults occurring in the network.
  • Tested 2G and 3G sites of Airtel NCR division.
  • Gained Knowledge in CCN , billing and backup of data in Airtel.

Academic Projects

  • Reversible data Hiding in Encrypted cover files .

Working on reversible data hiding technique to embed information on an encrypted cover files which can not be decrypted without a key and will serve as secured transmission of data to user end.

  • Voice controlled Car using Arduino and Android.

Developed a prototype of a car which follows the voice command by the user. Took the reference of an android app which connects Bluetooth module interfaced with arduino. On giving simple commands like ‘take left’ or ‘take right’ data was passed from that app in the form of voice which was received by arduino through Bluetooth module. Hence arduino controls the movement of wheel which decided the direction of motion.                                                 

  • 100 Gbps DPQPSK system with Digital Signal Processing

Conducted a study of a 100 Gbps DP-QPSK system using optisystem software and carried some experiments by modifying the code of the Digital Signal Processor to study the influence of dispersion over the transmission of data.

  • Bidirectional people Visit Counter.

Prepared a prototype of counting the entry and exit of people through a room and displaying the total count of people inside a room. Appliances of the room would turn on with the entry of first person and would turn off with the entry of last person.

Position of responsiblity

Nov 2015Feb 2016


 ISO Certified International Cultural fest Riviera 2016 
  • Supervision of Food operation and delivery services.
  • Member of Internal Audit committee.
Aug 2015Oct 2015


Colors of India 
  • Worked as organizer in Sponsorship and Stalls Committee.
  • Introduced a new financial model in stalls revenue.
  • Arranged Logistics for Stalls and Caterers.
  • Achieved targets of sales in given time frame.
Nov 2014Nov 2015

Public Relation Officer              

 The Electronics Club of VIT   
  • Handled publicity and sponsorship department of the esteemed organization.
  • Coordinated a team of 25 people in management domain.
  • Organized various events in VIT University.
  • Took various risk management sessions for the team.


  • Secured 99 percentile and third rank in school in CBSE 12th Board Examination.
  • 100 percent attendance award on University day.
  • Won 2nd rank in an event ‘ELECTRICITY’ in technical fest of VIT Gravitas.
  • Won several awards in dramatics during school days.
  • Certificate of merit in Math’s Olympiad via NISO.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Public Relation Officer of The Electronics Club of VIT.
  • Organizer of PCB Fabrication Workshop by MaxEmbedded.
  • Publicity Head of 2 days workshop on raspberry pi by Inventrom.
  • Committee Coordinator of Cultural fest Riviera,VIT.
  • Committee Coordinator of Technical fest Gravitas,VIT.
  • Event Coordinator in Technical fest Gravitas.
  • Event Coordinator in Cultural fest Riviera.