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I have extensive photography experience in: photojournalism, portraiture, concert photography, commercial photography, street photography, and conceptual/artistic photography.
Wordpress Content Management
I have intermediate skill in managing a Wordpress backend. I have specific experience in the areas of menu hierarchy, page format, photo placement, embedding multimedia slideshows and videos, and basic html coding.
I have basic knowledge of creating and editing videos on the linear timeline. 
Adobe Lightroom
My primary photography workflow program. I typically process and edit around 50,000 photos a year with Lightroom.
Adobe Photoshop
I primarily use Photoshop for artistic edits and for generating graphics.


I am a volunteer photographer for the City of Ventura. I take photos of City classes, concerts, and events and my photos are used in promotional materials such as their website and quarterly publication, the MyVentura Guide

I have also done volunteer photography work for Schools For Salone in making their annual poster and the Saticoy Elementary School PTA in taking photos of their re-naming ceremony.

I have also volunteered as a member of the FTHS KIWINs Relay for Life Team for the past four years.

Character Trait


This character trait appeals to me because I see myself as a team-player who can make things happen. When I am responsible for something, I will see to it that I meet those responsibilities and follow through on my commitment. When thrown into a sticky situation, I will use what I have and try to make the best of it. 

This past year, I have shown resourcefulness in managing my section. The one Multimedia section is responsible for having photos for all four writing sections. As Multimedia Editor, my resourcefulness allows me to prioritize my time and my staff's time so that we are getting photos, videos, art, and graphics done in the most efficient way possible. 

The number of articles that need multimedia is out of my control, but with my resourcefulness, I can control how to best lead my staff so that we get the multimedia completed in the necessary order of importance, as quickly possible. 


Foothill Technology High School

Aug 2011 - Jun 2014

University of California, Los Angeles

Studying Electrical Engineering

Oct 2014 - Present

Best Work

Chris Prewitt Memorial Slideshow - This slideshow was my best photojournalism work this past year. Even with the sensitivity of the event, I was able to capture touching, emotional moments of the family members and friends of Chris Prewitt. I feel that my slideshow was comparable to the local professional newspaper's photos

Buena vs. Ventura Football Game - This slideshow was my best action photography slideshow. I got some great shots of football players in action, running with the ball, jumping up for the catch, and lunging for the tackle. My photos were sharp and bright, even with the poor stadium lighting. 

Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game - This slideshow was my best example of initiative this past year. I heard about the casual pick-me-up game going on during lunch and I contacted a quick team of journalists about the story and covered the game with photos. I got some great action shots of teachers, normally in their dress clothes, in shorts and t-shirts playing ball with the seniors. 

Personal Initiative

Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game - As I mentioned above, this slideshow was my best example of initiative this past year. I heard about the casual pick-me-up game going on during lunch and I contacted a quick team of journalists about the story and covered the game with photos. I wasn't obligated to spend my lunch hour covering the game, but my initiative drove me to document the game.

Chris Prewitt Marathon - Covering the marathon was another example of my initiative. As a senior without editor responsibilities, I didn't have to cover this event, but with my initiative, I woke up at 5 AM on a Sunday to cover teachers running legs of the marathon in memory of Prewitt. 

Work experience

Jul 2014Sep 2014

Recreational Specialist

City of Ventura

I have recently been hired by the City of Ventura to assist in running the City's summer concert series, Music Under the Stars.

Apr 2011Sep 2013

Volunteer photographer

City of Ventura

I took photos of City of Ventura events, classes, and concerts. My photos were used in City of Ventura promotional materials such as their website and quarterly publication, the MyVentura Guide.