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Aug 2006Present

B.S. Mass Communications

Virginia Commonwealth University

Work experience

Jul 2009Present


ClearChannel Communications
Nov 2007Jun 2009

Child Care Aide

VCU Health Systems
Aug 2005Nov 2007

Sales Associate

Old Navy

Program Assistant

Norfolk State University



I am currently working on obtaining a minor in Spanish.  I started learning the language in middle school.


I am a very good communicator.  I love trying to figure out how to relate to people that are different from myself.  Studying people could almost be likened to a hobby of mine.  I find it very interesting to learn how people work because we, as humans, try to learn so much about everything else in the world.  I think if we truly understood every aspect of a human being that we’d be able to make steps closer to a peaceful world.  In addition to my study of human beings, studying public relations has greatly increased my ability to communicate and listen well, which I believe to be a valuable skill within any organization.

Although I am not exactly sure of the career direction I wish to take in life, I’m actively trying to find it.  I am a sponge, and I want to soak everything up.  My goal is to learn as much as possible from whatever I do.  I feel that this willingness to learn bolsters my work ethic.  Since I want to learn new things, I’m ready to work hard to do so.

Even with strengths in these areas, I have challenges to conquer.  I’d like to become more time conscious.  By this, I mean that I’d like to learn to utilize my time more effectively.  Now, I have no problem with completing tasks on time; however, it would be to my advantage to learn to not pile up my tasks and complete them all at the last minute.  I’m detail-oriented, so I feel that this skill will be one that I will be able to quickly acquire through this work experience.

Experience is the best learning tool. I feel that the experiences I’ve had in other fields combined with my task performance strengths and the internship I hold now with ClearChannel allow me to be a prime candidate for any public relations position. 


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