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Work experience

Jul 2008Present

Budget Coordinator

Umpqua Community College
  • Providing financial data and other information essential for long- and short-range planning
  • Preparing revenue and expenditure forecasts and monitoring related issues
  • Overseeing budget development process; preparing budget document and ensuring compliance with state budget laws
  • Training staff and providing resources on budget preparation and related issues
  • Preparing monthly budget reports to the board of trustees
  • Managing grants and contracts
  • Performing internal audits
  • Assisting in the year-end financial close-out process and financial reporting
  • Serving as a member of VPAS leadership team

Accomplishments: established an indirect rate for grants and contracts with cognizant agency; established budgetary controls; improved budget communication process

Oct 2006Jun 2008

Lead Budget Analyst

Umpqua Community College

Promoted to a new position to develop and implement changes to budget management

  • Overseeing budget development process; communicating with on- and off-campus constituencies; preparing the annual budget document
  • Managing grants and contracts
  • Preparing budget reports for State and Federal agencies
  • Preparing various forecasts; analyzing financial resources and assisting in planning for future operations

Accomplishments: redesigned budget document and brought it to state standards; improved timeliness and efficiency, incorporated communication and transparency processes in budget development

Mar 2004Oct 2007

Accounting Specialist

Umpqua Community College
  • Managing accounts receivable, grants and contract, foundation accounts; balancing and analyzing funds
  • Maintaininggeneral ledger and chart of accounts
  • Assisting with in-house preparation of college financial statements, spreadsheets and the annual audit with the independent auditors
  • Preparing various state, federal, local and other reports
  • Assisting with internal auditing
  • Assisting with the implementation of the Banner system (a fully integratedsoftware solution)

Accomplishments: gained proficiency in the Banner system and implemented parts of the finance module; improved efficiency and processes for managing grants, foundation and accounts receivable


Recent Training

Emerging Leadership Workshop, Silver Falls (2007); Integrated planning and budgeting by NACUBO (2007); The Executive leadership and management institute at Stanford (2008), Presenting financial information effectively by WACUBO (2008); College and University Accounting by WACUBO (2008); Leadership UCC program (2008-2009)



Associations: Phi Theta Kappa, International Club



Budget coordinator with experience in fund accounting, budget development, preparation of the budget document, revenue and expenditures forecasts, budget law, establishing and maintaining a revenue and expenditure control process, management of grants and contracts, foundation management and financial reporting.Over six years of successful experience in higher education in positions of increasing responsibilities and duties with focus on business services, accounting and finance.


A business officer professional eager for new challenges in higher education administration


Leadership in higher education; networking; diversity; foreign languages


fund accounting and financial reporting internal control procedures grants and contracts /  sponsored programs metrics and performance measurement, budgeting risk management technology management technology use (desktop application proficiency, including enterprise wide solution)
Higher education environment competencies
knowledge of higher education environment, stake holders, compliance with governmental, regulatory, professional and accreditation agencies strategy  policy and governance organizational dynamics building relationships management budgeting and planning sustainability