Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2001 - Present


Oriental Dance Incorporated
In the past, attend various dance seminars keeping updated on the traditional and latest oriental dance styles from Turkey and Egypt. Instruction of oriental dance was offered from time to time. Purchased instruments and costumes from the middle and near east as well as design custom oriental dance costumes. There is a main stream clothing line in the works. Create, organize and plan various functions including fashion shows, public gatherings and seminars. I had won a few trophies in various art styles. Received first place in a singing contest many years ago. At one time, I did win a Presidential Physical Fitness Award.


ceramic art, painting on canvas, playing golf, tennis, swimming, running, weight training


Mrs. Ayisha Shimamoto brings extensive experience in the cultural arts to her current position as Director of Oriental Dance Incorporated. Oriental Dance Incorporated is a very small product and service company with its main office located in West Palm Beach Florida. Since 2001, Oriental Dance Incorporated offered traditional oriental (Turkish and Egyptian) dance training, seminars and sold a limited supply of costumes and middle-near eastern instruments. At present, Oriental Dance Incorporated is going through a restructuring phase. By the end of next year, there will be many visible changes within the company. Mrs. Ayisha Shimamoto lived in Japan for about ten years with her husband, Mr. Yoichi Shimamoto, who is is a pure Japanese National. Ayisha and Yoichi Shimamoto have been married for over ten years now. Mrs. Ayisha Shimamoto not only designs costumes, she designs, sews, cuts and occasionally models some of her wears. Mrs. Ayisha Shimamoto's grandmother used to be a wardrobe mistress for a vary well known theatre in Washington D.C. Her mother also use to be a clothing designer and seamstress specializing in woman's' hats in her own small boutique located in Washington D.C. and after years of training at a lapidary school in Maryland, became a lapidary who use to cut facet, mount Diamonds, Opals and other precious and semi-precious stones before graduating law school. Mrs. Ayisha Shimamoto therefore is a third generation costumer and clothing designer who presently is setting her sights on the development of a mainstream clothing and jewelry line in the near future. On the literary side, Mrs. Ayisha Shimamoto has written two novels and a few other books that have not yet been published. The only book that has been published was a book entitled "Jane Studies In Japan Part One: Screen Play Script Version," which was her first published literary work. By the end of 2009, Jane Studies In Japan Part 2 Screen Play Script will be available for purchase. In 2008, Ayisha Shimamoto painstakingly arranged and scored a completely digital composition entitled "HEAR THIS." HEAR THIS was mastered and compiled on a CD which is available for sale on-line as well. Ayisha Shimamoto has over 100 pages of scored music compositions. Perhaps in the future, she will like to include her vocals on one of her music composition CD's. Ayisha Shimamoto enjoys dancing, singing, reading and has received numerous awards throughout her life for her eclectic work. She thrives staying physically active by creating ceramic art, painting on canvas, playing golf, tennis, swimming, running, weight training and was previously honored with a Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Ayisha Shimamoto studied language when she was brought into the world. Her mother was fluent in Latin and Spanish and her father was a war Veteran who spoke and understood a few words in basic German. At the age of 8, Ayisha Shimamoto's mother and father hired a private tutor to educate her in the French language. Several years later, she spoke Spanish, a couple words of German and French. Later on in life she studied Arabic and then Japanese in college. It is still her mission to earn a triple degree, one of which is linguistics.


designer, apparel, fashion, art, jewelry, dance, music, painting, linguistics