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Work Experiences


Curatorial and Research Volunteer Staff

Galeri Soemardja

Soemardja Gallery is the first university gallery in Indonesia, focusing on research, exhibitions, and seminars. Each program held by this gallery is aimed at academic studies in the field of Fine Arts and Design.



Moving Class

Moving Class is a group of young artists from Bandung. Started actively exhibiting and discussing since 2017, bringing academic, experimental, and career based discourses in the field of Fine Arts


Artist and Gallery Relation


Latest art,design and craft fair in Bandung Indonesia. Collaborate with BEKRAF and Artsociates 


Research Team

70 Tahun Seni Rupa ITB

Art Director

Lookats Project Indonesia

Drawing Lecturer Assistant


Main Stage Manager

Pasar Seni ITB 2014



Bachelor of Fine Art, Faculty of Art and Design

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Printmaking: 2013-2014

Art History: 2014-2018

Exibitions and Projects

Exhibition Curator:

2016 Inner Voyage, Group Exhibition. Salian Art, Sersan Bajuri Bandung.

2016 Obesitas, Experimental Studies Exhibition SR ITB 2012,  Exhibit in Web.

2017 I Know What I Do and I Did It Anyway, 15 x 15 x 15 Mini Art Project Exhibition. Galeri Soemardja Bandung.

2017 Soemardja Book Fair Exhibition, Galeri Soemardja Bandung.

2017 Moving Class, Rolling Group ExhibitionSejiwa Coffee Bandung.

2018 Young Artist, Quo Vadis?  Moving Class X Roh Projects, Art Jakarta Pacific Place.

2018 Gallery Specific #1: Lir Space, Solo Exhibition of Maruto Ardi, Yogyakarta.

2018 Interlude, Duo Exhibition of Erwin Windu Pranata and Yogie Ginanjar, Pullman Hotels, Central Park, Jakarta

Writings & Publications:

2017 Bloom in Diversity, Group Exhibition Catalogue, Sankring Art Space Yogyakarta.

2017 Belum 5 Menit, Azizi Al Majid Solo Exhibition. Omni Space, Bandung,

2017 K. K. K – Kale Koppen Kamp. Simon Admiraal Exhibition, Galeri Soemardja Bandung.

2017 Seni Bandung #1 Maunya Estetika. Majalah "Galeri" Edisi 25.

2018 You've Got One Notification, Art Book Exhibition, Parlor Bandung.

2018 Moving Class Identification, Moving Class Zine.

Group Exibitions, as an artists:

2012 Kausa Prima, Aula Timur, ITB, Bandung.

2013 Pra- Biennale Jogja International Mini Print Festival, Galeri ISI Jogja.

2013 Animalia, Galeri Soemardja, Bandung.

2014 Equal Liberum,  Gedung YPK, Bandung 

2014 Stimulasi: Report/Evaluate, Galeri Soemardja, Bandung.

2014 Utopia, Ruang Alternatif Studio Seni Grafis ITB, Bandung.


2012 Mural Project: Kampung Festival Taman Sari, Lapangan Taman hewan, Bandung.

2013 Archaic, Group Performance Art, ITB, Bandung.

2014 Mural Project : Babakan Siliwangi, Taman Sari Bandung.

2015 Kaceplade Screen Print Workshop, We The Fest, Jakarta.

Seminars and Trainings

2013 Printmaking Workshop with Juhari Sahid – Malaysian Printmaker, Galeri Soemardja, Bandung.

2014 International Seminar on Art History and Visual Culture in Southeast Asia, FSRD ITB Bandung.

2015 National Aesthetics Seminar, ITB

2018 Di Tepian Modernisme : Seni Rupa Bandung Dulu dan Nanti, Balik Bandung: Pameran Pilihan Karya Koleksi Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Galeri Soemardja ITB

2018 Imagined Curatorial, National Seminar and Curatorial Workshop, Galeri Soemardja ITB 


Selected Portofolio

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