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A member of Cornell's Big Red Marching Band's Drumline for the past 2 seasons, Alexander has been a drummer and percussionist for the past 8 years.


Since childhood, Alexander has always had a fascination with aviation and space flight due to his father's job as a Naval aviator.  Due to this interest, he was a member his international high school's Air Force Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (AFJROTC), where he reached the rank of C/1st Lt. as a Flight Commander and was awarded the AFJROTC MOAA's Leadership Medal.  He holds particular interest in UAV, autonomous drone flight, and manned spacetravel in the private sector.

Current Projects

Cornell Vet School Pet Health App

The Cornell Vet School iPhone Pet App is a comprehensive pet management system for the iPhone & iPod Touch that focuses on nutrition tracking for dogs and cats.  Users will be able to find out the amount of KCals in various pet foods and construct diets so as to help their pets get to and maintain their ideal weight.  The system will also allow for tracking of immunizations, medications, and other useful pet medical information.  I work as a project organizer and software developer for the program.

This project was done through CS5150 in cooperation with the Cornell Vet School and is aimed for deployment in early 2010 on the App Store.

Current Status: Preparing for Submission

Method To My Madness

Method To My Madness is a cross-platform C++ serious game aimed at teaching figurative language (idioms) to pre-adolescent children with Asperger's through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and interactive gameplay.

Developed during the 2009 Ithaca College REU, this software is aimed at being a research tool into the effectiveness of serious games in teaching children on the Autism Spectrum.

Current Status: Alpha build on Mac, Windows


Gesamtkunstwerk, or "integrated artwork", is a program that is aimed at making the process of creating photographic mosaics easier.

Coded in Java, this program utilizes the Google AJAX API in order to make relevant, continual image searches and save the images to the local disk drive.  If the user puts in "Iraqi War", the program should be able to continue to search for related imagery using similar keyword searches so as to get the thousands of pictures sometimes necessary for a unique photographic mosaic.

Current Status: Proof of Concept


IthacaQuest is a program originally created in the CS2111 Java Practicum course in conjunction with Kevin Dolan.

Coded in Java, this program acts as a Google Maps/MapQuest clone for the Ithaca area, utilizing the TIGER/Line dataset provided by the US Census Bureau for Tompkins County.  It has a very basic GUI and gives basic directions.


Alexander Botkin is a junior at Cornell University.  Coming from a military family of 6, he has always been fascinated by the mysterious spaces in our universe, both beyond our atmosphere and within the digital realm of computers.  His love for programming, from his childhood TI-83 to his new iPhone, has lead him to pursue a career in computer programming and software engineering.  He currently resides in Ithaca, NY and spends his summers and breaks with his family in the Washington D.C. area.


Jan 2006Jun 2007

Attended on a part time basis during high school, taking courses in Calculus, Statistics, & Genetics.

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

HelpDesk Mac Consultant

Cornell Information Technologies

Assist members of the Cornell community in using Macintosh and Apple products with campus networks and software through phone, email, and walk-in tech support.

Jun 2009Aug 2009

REU Student Researcher

Programmed a cross-platform C++ serious game called Method To My Madness.  The game aims at teaching figurative language (idioms) to pre-adolescent children with Asperger's.  Children with Asperger's have trouble with figurative language, often adopting a literal interpretation.  Since there have been studies showing that these children learn best through computer interaction, Method To My Madness was developed as a experimentation tool to see the effectiveness of serious gaming in teaching children with Asperger's.

Specifically, I led the software design of the game, developed the tile-based game engine and Mac version of the software, and integrated the Natural Language Processor (NLP) and battle engines into the game.

Jun 2006Jul 2006

High School Intern

Conducted research as a high school intern under Dr. Arlene Haffa.  Research involved the analysis of the RNA of photoheterotrophic bacteria, specifically NAP1.

Dr. Haffa's Recommendation


Computing & Technical Skills
Programming Languages:   +Java (3 years)   +C++ (2 years)   +OCaml (1 year)   +Lua (< 1 year)   +Objective C-2.0 & Cocoa (< 1 year)   Computer Science courses:   +CS 100J Intro to Java   +CS 1610/PSYCH 1650 Computing in the Arts   +CS 2110 Object Oriented Programming   +CS 2111 Java Practicum   +CS 2024 C++ Programming   +CS 2800 Discrete Structures   +CS 3110 Functional Programming   +CS 3410 Systems Programming (Currently Taking)   +CS 4700 AI   +CS 4701 AI Practicum   +CS 5150 Software Engineering   Operating Systems:  Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Windows 7 IDEs: XCode, Eclipse, code::blocks, Visual Studio Libraries Used: Boost, SDL


William Arms

CS 5150 Software Engineering professor who oversaw the Vet School iPhone project I worked on.

Note: Best contacted through email.

Ron DiNapoli

CS2024 C++ Programming lecturer who works within Cornell's CIT department.