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*Graduated  from King Saud University, Department of Information Systems, College of Computer and Information Sciences

*Seeking to sharpen my capabilities and skills and to pursue a career in Telecom  field.

* Trained at STC during the 2010 summer and worked on vast array of technologies.

* Worked at Ericsson on 2G , 3G and LTE  Front Office Access.

* Worked at Ericsson on CS , PS & IN 

* Worked at Ericsson as a Team Leader 

* Service-level agreement coordinator.

* Network  Performance Manager.

Work experience

Mar 2014Present

Network Performance Manager


1. Manage the  contracts execution (cost, time and quality) ensuring the fulfillment of all contractual obligations by Ericsson and the Customer

2. Secure delivery compliance to both contractual and business case requirements

3.Secure that all internal agreements (WLA) between the Performance and other delivery organizations are signed and reflect the contractual requirements

4.Resource Management, Resource Planning & Competence Development

5.Maintain the performance and ensure that appropriate improvement actions are taken

6.Building team processes and work instructions organizing team tasks handling.

7.Supervising and recommending new reports needed to cover and improve work requirements.

8. Responsible for the Network performance  Analysis & Assurance tasks

9. Cross vendor meeting

10. Delivering results and meeting customer expectations

11.  Manage customer relationship building confidence and trust, ensure project progress arranging meetings and customer events

Jan 2018June 2018

Project Manager  


1. Establishing the project plan baseline, define project scope ( achieve the 2020 Target  ), secure the necessary resources and plans and monitor all activities.

2. Driving project execution: track project activities, monitor and handle changes, conflicts and critical issues

3. Reporting  the project progress and activities to the Steering group and relevant Stakeholders

4. Managing IT Performance  ( CRM , Billing , Mediation & E-Channel )  

5. Resolve any issues found by Performance team 

6. Participate in regular project meetings 

7. Participate lesson learning sessions to provide technical experience sharing

8. Leading 5 Streams ( Analysis , Assurance , Reporting , Supporting & Improvement )

9. Managing  Fixed performance (  PSTN , NGN , IGW & IPx )

10. Managing core performance ( CS & PS )

11. Managing Service performance ( IN , IMS & VAS )

As a Project Manager, I am always act as a role-model for the entire Performance organization by demonstrating flexibility, reliability, confidence and most of all willingness to offer any help and support proactively.

Sep 2013Feb 2014

SLA Coordinator  ( Service-level agreement)


* Coordinate between STC and Ericsson

 * Work closely with and secure customer contract fulfillment

* Collaborate and maintain relationships

* Distribute information to internal partners and call out delivery Issues

*  Handle project finance: ensure financial system monitoring

* Updated with financial data

* Cost-Reduction Strategies

* Lead MS delivery operational, financial performance and customer satisfaction

* Handle specific contract delivery performance

* Conducting Operating Level Agreements (OLA) signed with other service delivery units

* Following up with all Issues in the NW before exceeding the SLA  for all Technologies ( RAN / transmission  / IN & ESDP  

Apr 2013Sep 2013

Team Leader - FO 


* Managing and leading more than 35 employees 7/24 for Ericsson managed services at mobile network operation center STC account.

* Responsible for teams performance; technical, attitude, discipline

* Maintain, Develop, and acquire tools needed for the teams

* Follow up accomplishment of daily reports

* Follow up any escalation from customer.

* Team Evaluation / Team Motivation.

* Team roster.

* Shift engineer handover email check.

* Leading MS delivery operational ( 2G, 3G , 4G , CS , PS ,  IN/ charging / SS7 / prepaid charging / camel  )

* Leading and supervising, have coaching skills

* Lead in case of major issue, node isolation, and customer’s impact to minimize faulty duration

Nov 2011Apr 2013

Front Office Engineer 


Worked Headlines

* Worked on GSM Networks

* Monitoring Ericsson OSS 2G , 3G and LTE

* Working on Core CS  ( MSC , MGW , HLR , STG ) , PS (SGSN /GGSN /MME )  , IN ( CCN / SDP / VS / IVR ) & ESDP

* handling Trouble Ticket ( Create / Referred / Cleared / Closed ).

* Coordinate with implementer in the site

* Responsible for alarm/fault  handling& related emergencies management

Jul 2010Sep 2010

Trainee on GSM Networks

Training Headlines:
  • Overview of GSM900 , GSM1800 and CDMA from O&M Saudi Telecom Company.
  • Trained on troubleshooting transmission problems of STC networks.
  • Worked on variant technologies from different vendors, i.e: Nokia , Ericsson and Huawei.




King Saud University

Graduation Project: 

     Worked on a project to develop an evolutionary prototype of an innovation in preventing phishing and online scams. The innovation, namely The Guarantor, purposefully inspired to address 13 vulnerabilities almost not known by internet users, thus, subjecting their identifying information and account credentials to risk of theft. This innovation inspired to address a hole that most internet security solutions and policies had left behind, this by integrating multiple tactics together. The project and the innovation are sponsored by CoEIA. The innovation had been filed to Intellectual Property Licensing office in the university in order to have its novelty inspected and registered in U.S USPTO me and three other co-inventors including Dr.Khaled Alghathbar, CoEIA's founder.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Project for XML " University case : semi structured representation of a teaching data "
  • System analysis and design of an E-Business Directory.
  • Project for network " UDP Pinger Lab "

Key Beloved Courses:

  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Information Security.
  • Organizational Behavior.
  • Developing Management Skills.
  • Decision support systems
  • The basis of databases
  • Data Structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Engineering
Feb 2011Apr 2011


King Saud University

Diploma Headlines: 

  • Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • Microsoft SQL Query and Integration.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Microsoft C#
  • Microsoft AJAX, LinQ and Silverlight.


* Time Management * Communication Skills * Customer Care * Presentation Skills * Leadership and Change * Everyday Learning
Interpersonal Skills

* Innovative and creative * Accountable and committed *Perseverance and result oriented* Excellent listener. * Adapt to people's different morals and modes.   

Project Management

Experienced in stakeholder management of high level stakeholders * Good Coaching and Mentoring Skills*Used to deliver results and meeting Customer expectations * Good team Player * Strong integrity * Very good leadership and management skills * able to adapt to change


  • Play chess
  • Horse riding
  • Play football
  • Swimming

Honors and Awards

  •  Awarded by Dr. Khaled Alghathbar –CoEIA Director– for winning in InfoSec Graduation Projects Contest.
  • Certificate in Recognition of Excellent Performance from Eng. Ahmed Samir Ericsson Project Manager
  • Certificate in Recognition of Excellent Performance deliverables from Eng. Wael Bahgat Ericsson Head of MS CU KSA & Egypt
  •  Certificate of Appreciation from Mr. Ali Eid Head of CU KSA



Writing: Excellent      |       Reading: Excellent      |      Speaking: Native


Writing: Excellent      |       Reading: Excellent    |      Speaking: Excellent


Jan 2017Present

Leadership for Professionals


give the skills and capabilities in role as key functional experts,
 leading the people and teams they work with in achieving
business results.


VoLTE Concept

Apr 2011Present

Introduction to ISO 27001 2005

Center of Excellence in Information Assurance
Feb 2004Present

Job market preparatory program certified

Ministry of Education
Sep 2012Sep 2012

EPC System 

Mar 2012Mar 2012


May 2008Apr 2010