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I grew up with my dad who is a graphic engineer/ coder/ website designer. Just recently I have started to learn how to code. I just build a desk top with a lot of good specs. I also know how to use a lot of different software.
I know I have said it a lot but boy scouts also teaches how to have good teamwork. You are constantly having to help each other out in the middle of nowhere with limited food and water.
Oral Presentation
In boy scouts they teach us how to present with confidence with good posture.    
I have been playing guitar for about a year and a half and I have learned far quicker than most people. I play almost any genre from acoustic to blues to death metal.

Work experience

Teaching how to a ride bike


We got a bunch of bikes and set up a track and taught people who never knew how to ride bikes how to ride bikes.

Cleaning up river


We cleaned up a river by removing dead trees, trash, rocks, and other things blocking the water flow.

Serving food to the poor.


We bought some food cooked it then served it to family's that are not lucky enough to be able to afford it.



Corona del Sol