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Awder Rashed


Experienced management consultant and business analyst. A successful Project manager and consultant in several assignments. My passion is working with creative and innovative solutions with tomorrows technology.  Master of Science in Engineering and Bachelor degree in Business. 

Making a Career


Management Consultant 

Playground Consulting AB

Consulting assignment in the following area

  • Product Owner and Solution Architect at an eCommerce company in Stockholm. Responsible for product development and implementation for several new clients that use the eCommerce platform. 
  • Portfolio Manager and Process Manager at an Project and Procurement company that works for the Swedish government. Responsible for an portfolio with several managers and projects. also responsible for the process, coming up with new and effective ideas that will save both time and money but still deliver the same quality. 



Management Consultant

Aregab AB

Consulting assignment in the following area

  • Project manager and Product Owner of several implementation projects with new business approaches, ERP-systems and project model
  • Strategic management for clients to plan and produce new business plans, products and processes
  • Strategic and financial modeling for several CXO
  • Assignment to analyze different data from clients to help them with strategic decision

Master of Education 


M.Sc Engineering Sociotechnical System

Uppsala University

With focus on project management and computer science


B.Soc Business Administration

Uppsala University

With focus on financial planning 

Other things

  • Agile methods, Lean, Scrum, Communication Team-building, Strategy management, Project management
  • Microsoft Office, Financial modeling, SQL, Tableau, C#, Java, JavaScript, SAS, R, Matlab, Python

Stranger Things

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