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A Computer Science Graduate and innovation lover, with solid specialized aptitudes looks to work  in an association that  gives me an open door for self change, while adding to the representative development of association.



Bachelor of technology (Computer Science and Engineering)

Radha Govind Engineering College,Meerut

Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh



12 th

Meerut Public Girls School,Meerut




Meerut Public Girls School,Meerut



13 June 201622 July 2016


IBM CE, Noida

Mobility include Android apps development and Hybrid apps development. Completed a Project Kisaan India, android application as a part of internship.

Internship Project

Title:  Kisaan India, Android Application.

Tools: Android, Java, XML .

Framework used: Android Studio

Kisaan India is a multifunctional stage for Indian agriculturists. Its point is to encourage ranchers with various requirements and assets at time. Farmers can specifically contact to merchants in vegetables showcase for offering their item ,check climate conditions, get new headway in innovation in horticulture field, request master exhortation ,talk about issue with other agriculturist on a discussion.

Academic Project

Title: Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning.


Coronary illness Prediction, is a model that can help restorative specialists in predicting probabilistic odds of coronary illness, in light of clinical data of patients.

Total Members: 2

My Role: Team Leader

Data: For analyzing, The existing datasets of Heart Disease Patients form Cleveland Database of UCI Repository is used. The Dataset has 76 attributes & 303 records, from which only 13 are selected.

Models:  To assemble the predictive model, Statistical Language R has been utilized. The Algorithms which are used are;

  • Logistic Regression Model
  • Random Forest Model
  • Neural Network Model

The efficiency of these techniques is compared through Sensitivity, Specificity & Accuracy.

Result:  Deployable R web application is builded,  utilizing Shiny Apps Framework, that computes the probabilistic odds of Heart Disease, in view of clinical data of patient and representation of impacting factor through plotly has been finished.