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Managing a business is like conducting; you don't have to be able to play all the instruments well, just undertand how they all play well together. Need help with your orchestra? Contact me directly. My specialty is conducting, and with over 25 years of experience in both the retail and wholesale business, I understand how to lead an ensemble of people and positions much in the same manner a conducter directs musicians. Time and experience has taught me that leading a smaller focused group is sometimes more challenging than a larger one. In the smaller environment, every sound stands out, while in a larger one, some may fade into the background. I specialize in in business development and better management of operations. I work across all areas, including: business development and sales; providing both practical and functional experience to planning and implementation. In addition, I offer extensive knowledge and consultation in development of both conventional and web based businesses - with expert knowledge in integration and application of business software. I leverage an extensive network base across multiple channels to help provide the most effective solutions for each business.

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Sales/Business Manager

Blissliving Home
Manage business development, sales and operations for home decor manufacturing company focused in textiles and accessories.
Apr 2008Present


Goldman Sachs - Vantage Market Place
Consult and share insights with Goldman Sachs clients (including investment managers, hedge funds, etc.), related to retail strategies.
Apr 1992Present


MAP - Merchandise Assortment Planning
TIME IS MONEY - never is this more true when planning your merchandise needs at any level of retail sales. Too often people don't invest the time to understand their merchandise needs, analyze the financial capabilities, and then plan to buy within the realistic parameters of their business model. MAP (Merchandise Assortment Planning) provides the insight and advise to help streamline this process and provide improved inventory turn, better product presentations and increases in your maintained profit margins. Regardless of the size of your business MAP provides a customized approach to work with your budget goals and objectives.
Dec 2006Jun 2008

Vice President

Sheltered Islands
Manage sales and operations for company specializing in the home domestic market. Also manage domestic manufacturing facilities focused on private label development of home textiles products. I work with small to mid sized companies reviewing their business needs and help create business plans to meet specific goals. Manage the day to day operations and provide in depth sales and inventory analysis necessary to drive profitable sales results.
Dec 2004Dec 2006

Director of Sales

Legacy Linens
Responsible for management of all sales and sales related program development. Also responsible for development of marketing materials, web site development, production sourcing (off shore) and new business development for a domestic manufacturing company based in Virginia. Recently began management of overall business operations including; Stategic business planning, budget development and management, and product/inventory management. Sales management includes both internal sales management, including customer service operations, and management of over 30 independent national sales representatives.
Feb 2002Jan 2005

Vice President Business Development

I manage the day to day business operations, including; IT and warehouse logistics. I also handle all new business devlopment, including; creating business plans (Strategic/Marketing/P&L), implementing plans, and direct sales. Designed, developed, implemented and manage our B2B and B2C internet business (tripled business in less than two years). I use my extensive background in wholesale/retail to design and produce products, as well as, develop analysis and forecast tools for business planning.
Feb 2000Feb 2002

Director of E-commerce

Modell's Sporting Goods
I designed, developed, implemented and managed the e-commerce site for Modell's Sporting Goods in NYC. This involved the complete selection and development of both the front and back end functions. It also included developing the logistics of leveraging the existing retail structure for inventory purchasing and fulfillment. I combined the use of out-sourced fulfillment for small common stock items with the ability to ship from the existing warehouse for larger items. Successful launched and managed a profitable site from the initial year. Managed a transition to a completely out-sourced operation after 2 years based on limitations of the retail organization both financially and operationally to manage the growth.
Jun 1998Nov 1999

Director of Merchandising and Inventory Planning
Managed launch of two Internet sites; and Implemented Merchandise and Inventory systems to manage both Catalog and E-commerce. Implemented systems for Merchandise Planning, OTB and Inventory Control. Resulted in doubling inventory turn and increasing margins by 10%. Managed team of 5 Merchants and 6 Inventory Control personnel; as well as, 2 systems developers. Managed liquidation of all excess inventories resulting in lower maintained inventory levels, increased overall recovery and more focused initial planning.
May 1995Jun 1998

Director of Retail Operations

Starter Athletic Apparel
Developed Standard Operating Procedures; implemented structure allowing for increase from 4 stores to 37 in two years. Developed and managed complete P&L for all business reporting directly to the CFO. Selected and implemented Point-of-sale and Back Office systems; produced increased operating efficiencies and reduction in operating costs. Developed and implemented Sales Training Program resulting in 21% increase in items per transaction, and sales increases of 17%. Developed and implemented system for EDI transfer of product from wholesale division to outlet division. Managed Site Selection, Lease Negotiations, Store Design and Construction. Managed Accounting, Operations, Merchandising and Systems Support through 6 direct reports. Worked on team for initial Web Development; included creating support structure through stores for E-commerce support.
Apr 1994Apr 1995

General Merchandise Manager

Sunny's Surplus Stores
Implemented OTB system, Assortment Planning and Allocation system. Increased Maintain Margins by 12%. Designed and implemented new store fixture and visual program. Resulted in increased capacity per store and improved selection. Established vendor relations with key national vendors previously unavailable to the company. Developed, sourced and implemented private label program resulting in increases in overall margin and profitability.
Jul 1992Apr 1994

Director of Outlet Operations

Britches Great Outdoors
Developed and implemented business plan for initial Outlet store operations. Developed and implemented cycle product flow to minimize movement from full price stores and maximize turn. Designed and managed development of first and second store prototypes. Increased store capacity and ability to vary presentation. Implemented Standard Operating Procedures for consistent performance. Implemented training program resulting in increases in sales in excess of 25% per month on average. Developed and sourced complimentary private label program to fill vacant areas in the assortment presentation.
Jun 1989Jun 1992

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Brambilla France
Established and managed 4 regional sales offices, along with independent sales representatives. Managed key customer accounts; developed custom presentations and managed actual presentation to customer. Designed and managed production of product collection. Assisted in factory selection and monitoring. Managed design team. Designed and developed sales and marketing tools for product presentation. Created and managed P&L for annual sales �delivered presentation to Board of Directors in France each season.
May 1981Jun 1989


Britches Great Outdoors
Developed and implemented Historical Plans, Assortment Plans and Distributions Plans for all stores. Worked in both domestic and international market sourcing and developing products. Managed vendor relationships. Developed and implemented in store training for products.


Aug 1976May 1980


Minor in Business Marketing



Functional knowledge of multiple commerce platforms Core understanding of design, development, implementation and management of e-commerce
Microsoft Office