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Global Projects

POS system selection for global supermarket chain

Served on a 4-person advisory group charged with selecting a store automation system for a global supermarket chain headquartered in the Netherlands.Consolidated the requirements for the company’s stores in U.S., Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Netherlands.Assessed vendor responses including the incumbent supplier from Sweden.Made final recommendations based on best functional fit as well as architectural robustness.

Retail system project diagnostic engagement for British department store giant

Developed process flows and requirements definition for thin-client store back office capabilities for Britain’s fastest growing chain of discount department stores based in Manchester.This mid-project course correction engagement identified a number of key initiatives that needed immediate attention, while suggesting areas that could be delayed.

Store automation project for Japan’s second largest hypermarket chain

The work included analysis and improvement of existing retail processes, requirements definition for a POS and back office system to manage both grocery and general merchandise, RFP preparation and vendor response evaluation, software package selection, hardware specification/selection and acceptance testing.After rolling out in approximately 300 hypermarkets in Japan, the scalable system will also be implemented in the company’s hypermarkets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and China.

Best practice study for Australia’s largest retailer

Commissioned to provide input to the discount department store division in support of its business reengineering and information systems planning.Areas included were inventory management, CRM, category management, distribution/logistics and store automation.The report also included recommendations as to how the client should adapt these best practices to suit their particular environment.

Supply chain automation study for multi-division retailer based in Hong Kong

Corporate level assessment of the synergy between divisional supply chain processes, including distribution center logistics.The objective was to assess the potential benefits of supply chain consolidation.The divisions involved were a 200-store supermarket chain, a 300-unit convenience store chain and a 90-unit drug store chain.

E-commerce plan for Singapore-based department store chain

Developed the conceptual process flow and pro-forma architecture for major retail enterprise with presence in Singapore and Indonesia, as part of a proposal to develop and implement their click-and-mortar E-commerce strategy.

First retail software project for the largest drug store chain in the United Kingdom

Managed the system definition, development and installation of a dual-processor, full price lookup system for the largest drug store chain in UK.This was the company’s first attempt at migrating from electromechanical cash registers to point-of-sale automation.

Groundbreaking retail system for a French department store chain

Developed requirements specification and managed the software development for a state-of-the-art POS system for a large department store chain in France.This was one of the first store computerization projects of any kind in Europe.

Introduction of modern retail technology in South America

Managed the requirements specification, software development and implementation of the first supermarket scanning system in Brazil.

US Clients

Global Clients

CNBC Asia Interview


Dr. Bagal is a noted retail industry thought leader with a unique perspective that comes from over three decades of interaction with global retailers and vendors

Retail Management Consulting Leadership

 - KPMG Peat Marwick, New York

 - IBM Management Consulting, Hong Kong

 - Price Waterhouse Coopers, Hong Kong

 - Kurt Salmon Associates, Los Angeles & Tokyo

NCR Corporation, Dayton, OH

Fifteen years with the long-time market leader in retail systems, including establishment of the company’s first offshore software development facility in Calcutta, India

US Projects

Technology study for Fortune 100 drug store chain

Conducted a technology feasibility study for a 2,500-store drug store chain to develop financial justification for major capital investment in scanning technology.The project involved detailed analysis of the company’s store operations, merchandise management, seasonal & promotional pricing and distribution center operations.The analysis identified over $50,000,000 in annual benefits from operational savings and gross margin improvements, leading to chainwide implementation of identified technologies.

POS replacement project for major specialty apparel retailer

Managed the replacement of point-of-sale systems for a 500-store chain of women’s apparel headquartered in New York.This included defining the retailer’s short and long-term business requirements, RFP preparation, assessment of vendor proposals, hardware and software selection, pilot implementation and rollout planning.

Management of POS for major Florida department store chain

The pioneering POS system consisted of redundant dual servers, as many as 120 non-intelligent POS terminals and feature-rich transactions software.This was only the second POS system installation in the U.S.

POS selection committee chair for #1 North American airport/hotel retailer

Led the committee tasked with defining system requirements and vendor selection for a 500-store chain of specialty stores operating at major U.S. airports and hotels.Pre-qualified the vendors via a parallel process that resulted in a faster and more efficient selection process, leading to a system pilot well ahead of schedule.

Best practices definition for electronics superstore chain

For a California-based superstore chain of electronic consumer goods, conducted best practice study of 15 comparable superstore chains dealing with electronic goods, office supplies, and large appliances.The objective was to assemble a set of best practices in the utilization of sales data for better inventory management and improved customer service.

Design of effective store automation portfolio for Hawaii’s top retailer

Managed a team of consulting specialists and client personnel in defining the requirements for total store automation for the leading department and specialty store chain in Hawaii. This assignment involved the selection of a scalable system to meet the needs of a 170-register flagship department store down to the smaller specialty stores.

Strategic advisory role for largest retailers in America

Served as vendor liaison to store automation advisory committees of the two largest discount store chains in the U.S.Participated in defining advanced store system architectures and technology applications.

Member of the Corporate Advisory Committee for a global quick service restaurant chainServed as advisor to the committee charged with consolidating unique and varied POS and food inventory systems in restaurants located around the world.

Established and managed an offshore software development company in Calcutta, IndiaFor the world’s leading manufacturer of POS terminals and bank ATM’s, successfully converted the company’s second generation manufacturing software suite to current generation hardware/software.