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Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Factory Manager

Roxul Inc.

Responsibility for a 750,000 sq-ft facility comprising 240 unionized employees, and $179M sales. Two high capacity process flow lines producing over 135,000 tonnes of stone wool insulation annually. Leadership for Production, Maintenance, Quality, Environmental Health & Safety, Warehouse, and Security. P&L responsibility for $76M cost of goods sold, $5.3M fixed factory budget, $11.4M maintenance budget.  


  • Zero (0) lost time accidents by creating a culture of safety within the factory through the introduction of a good catch program
  •  71% reduction in customer concerns by refocusing production on proper quality policy & procedures, and improving the housekeeping in the warehouse to improve delivery time & accuracy
  •  4% improvement in line wool output by reducing unplanned equipment downtime by 4.6%, and improving time efficiency by 3%, through an enhanced preventative maintenance program
  •  Implemented a lean manufacturing Obeya Room and Production Scorecard, to improve communications & prioritize daily activities in operations, focusing the factory on improving key figures & cost
  •  Improved plant security, as required by C-TPAT, by implementing 3rd party security, visitor & contractor badges, and tighter controls for access in/out of the facility, and weekly security audits
Jul 2010Feb 2012

Mold Masters Ltd.

Director, Manufacturing Operations

Promoted by the VP, Global Operations to oversee two manufacturing facilities; comprising 223K ft2, 280 employees, and $150M sales.  Responsibility for Production, Manufacturing Engineering, and Maintenance.

  • Implemented $1.1M continuous improvement savings, through labour & efficiency improvements
  • Improved Delivery from 28% to 70%, while exceeding annual sales targets by 24% ($150M)
  • Reduced quality from 0.72% to 0.47%, focusing accountability on production for reporting quality at the source 
  • Achieved 30% employee participation developing a culture of continuous improvement on the shop floor
  • Drove improvements to cash flow identifying & driving $305K work-in-process reductions
  • Instituted the company’s first performance-based bonus program for the Production Supervisors, aligning corporate KPIs to individual performance, increasing accountability for Safety, Delivery, Cost of Quality, Productivity & Continuous Improvement performance in the production value streams  
  • Improved communication on the production floor by implementing daily production meetings and weekly WIG Meetings, introducing Communication Boards & Top 3 Boards in the value streams, establishing a Share Point site for Manufacturing Operations, and collaborating with IT to generate daily SAP reports
  • Introduced & piloted a strategic deployment software tool (Dploy) to align corporate strategic goals with production goals, which was adopted corporate wide to track strategic initiatives

Director, Continuous Improvement & Manufacturing Support

Global responsibility for driving Lean Manufacturing initiatives & Quality standards.  Local support & leadership for Quality, Manufacturing Engineering and Maintenance.

  • �Strengthened the Quality Management System by certifying Production Supervisors as internal auditors, resulting in zero non-conformances in the plant’s annual external ISO9000 audit
  • �Implemented quality reviews with global entities, resulting in 53% reduction in open Corrective Action Reports
  • �Initiated weekly Preventative Maintenance program, reducing equipment breakdowns to 1.5%
  • �Trained UK facility on 5S and Lean Manufacturing, resulting in a more efficient plant layout and manufacturing process to improve Delivery and Sales growth in 2011
Oct 2009Feb 2010

Alfield Industries Ltd., Division of Martinrea Intl.

Assistant General Manager

Responsibility for overseeing the operations of a manufacturing facility comprising 222,500 ft2 with 280 employees.  High volume manufacturing of metal stampings & welded assemblies totaling 385 end items for 12 customers in 43 locations.  P&L responsibility for the overall operation of Production, Maintenance & Tool Room for $86M sales.

  • Structured daily Production Meetings to focus on Safety, Quality, Delivery and Production issues to improve communication among all shifts
  • Created and implemented a balanced scorecard to align business goals with departmental objectives to drive bottom line results on the P&L
  • Established bi-weekly meetings to identify Top 5 Downtime & Scrap root cause issues affecting the performance of the Press, Weld and Spinning Departments
  • Identified opportunities to increase performance in the Press Department resulting in $22K annual savings
  • Focused resources on Top 5 parts for rework & repair, resulting in a quarantined part cost reductions of 44% 
  • Implemented weekly Quality System Audits to evaluate product processes to ensure compliance to established safety, quality & productivity standards, and recommend continuous improvement actions
Oct 2004Apr 2009

General Manager

Promoted by the VP of Operations to oversee 2 manufacturing facilities, comprising 281K ft2, with 406 employees, and $130M sales.  Responsibility for Production, Engineering, Quality, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Finance, Maintenance and Tool Room.  P&L responsibility for achieving $10M EBITA target. Executed a wind down plan for the Scarborough facility in 2009, relocating all product lines & capacity to other facilities in the organization.

  • Consolidated the management team in 2 facilities, for quicker decision making & standardization
  • Sustained growth by winning $25M replacement business and $1.3M  takeover business 
  • Restructured production to align with actual sales forecasts, resulting in a $1.9M labour savings
  • Achieved $1.4M labour savings while maintaining 2 ppm, by eliminating non-value add  production operations
  • Implemented a proactive Health & Safety culture, resulting in 266 days without a lost time injury
  • Developed a continuous improvement culture, resulting in 89% employee participation throughout the organization
  • Achieved a balanced scorecard rating of 72%, by aligning production floor goals & objectives to the business plan, and improving employee morale in the process  

Assistant General Manager

Promoted by the General Manager to lead Production, Engineering, Maintenance and Tool Room for 400 employees with eight direct reports.  Duties increased to acting General Manger halfway through this role.

  • Conducted Kaizen and Six Sigma workshops, eliminating $2.9M in non-value added processes 
  • Achieved 99.4 % Delivery & zero expedites, while maintaining 13 turns monthly on finished goods
  • Implemented TPM software, reducing machine downtime to 3.2% and tooling downtime to 1.9%
  • Reduced scrap to 0.5%, by reducing destructive test & focusing on root cause analysis to resolve quality issues
  • Collaborated with engineering to identify $3.6M in customer givebacks using VA/VE initiatives on programs

Area Manager

Hired to lead a Weld & Assembly Department team of 308 with eight direct reports manufacturing cross car beam assemblies for Tier 1 OEMs, with yearly sales of $11M.

  • Implemented a 5S program that transformed the culture and improve productivity, which quickly became a best practice corporate wide for other facilities to benchmark against
  • Created a capacity & manpower models to align sales budget, resulting in a $900K labour savings
  • Launched 2 cross car beam programs worth $8.2M sales, by implementing launch readiness checklists
Jul 2002Aug 2004

Dortec Industries, Division of Magna Intl.

Manufacturing Engineering & Maintenance Manager

Hired to oversee Current Model Manufacturing Engineering, Maintenance & Facilities, consisting of 50 employees with five direct reports.  Budgetary responsibility for $4.3M.

  • Reduced plant quality issues by 60% ppm implementing Six Sigma projects, saving $62K annually
  • Increased plant OEE to 82% by implementing a Total Preventative Maintenance program
  • Key role in launching 11 new assembly lines that supplied Tier 1 parts to OEMs
  • Increased shop floor productivity and housekeeping by training & implementing a 5S program
May 1990Jun 2002

Destination Site Project Manager

Managed destination site activities for phasing out manufacturing operations at an existing 313,000 ft2 facility, which was relocated to a greenfield site in Mexico.

  • Led all technology & knowledge transfer exchanges between facilities
  • Implemented phone hot-line to address issues & concerns of destination sites
  • Managed on-site training of destination site engineers for transferring product lines

Industrial Engineering Manager

Managed a centralized IE department with 8 Industrial Engineers responsible for implementing lean manufacturing concepts, coordinating manpower, developing new business quotes, identifying process improvements & standardizing processes.
  • Implemented $2.1M in labor savings & 20% floorspace savings implementing work cells
  • Identified $1.1M in indirect labor savings implementing pull systems 

Manufacturing Coordinator

Coordinated production for an $8M automated assembly line producing over 14,000 daily units of safety restraints modules into 58 unique end items.  Managed the production area consisting of 300 unionized shop floor employees, maintenance workers & shift supervisors.  Established weekly production schedule to meet customer demand achieving 90% BTS while reducing WIP inventory by 23%.

Production Supervisor

Supervised an afternoon shift of 130 production employees manually assembling electronic driver information modules.  Also supervised a midnight shift of 40 production employees on an automated assembly line manufacturing safety restraint modules.  Mentored & coached employees on self directed work teams to attain high product quality.

Manufacturing Engineer

Lead engineer responsible for a 2 shift manual assembly process producing automotive relay control modules.  Implemented over $400K in labor & purchased parts savings through continuous improvement initiatives.

Resident Engineer

Established a newly created position at the customer’s location to improve customer relationship due to deteriorating product quality & customer service.  Improved customer ratings by 50% by coordinating containment actions to protect customer’s operations & establishing process improvement teams to identify and eliminate quality concerns.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Analyzed warranty and sales return data to identify continuous improvement actions for production & for reporting out to management.  Provided timely solutions to customer concerns by providing onsite support at vehicle assembly plants during new model launches.  Supported zero defect policy by coordinating customer protection plans to prevent non-conforming material from reaching the customer's facility. 

Material Planning & Logistics Industrial Engineer

Reduced purchased parts inventory on production floor to 1 day supply, by implementing a material replenishment system.  Reduced supply chain inventory using just-in-time, by assisting a 3rd party warehouse to develop a vendor owned inventory program, and by developing a manufacturing efficiency program with selected suppliers.



Master of Engineering

University of Toronto



Bachelor of Applied Science

University of Windsor

Industrial Engineering



Professional Engineers Ontario

Association of Professional Engineers

Professional Affiliations


What People are Saying About Andrew Avgousti

“I have worked with Andrew for almost Seven years now. We both started at Magna at the same time. I have supported the growth from Engineering Manager to Assistant General Manger during our time together. Andrew is literally one of the Best Lean guys around. I have seen entire plants and a company turn around their 5’S program because of him. Andrew has an exceptional ability to create outstanding team accomplishments; he treats his people with the utmost respect. During his time at Van Rob he conducted himself with the highest level of integrity and character. He has a very strong ability to build systems for others to use and follow. I am most proud of how he handled the shutting of his facility this year. Up until the very last day he treated everyone with the respect they deserved. His professionalism never wavered one bit. I think any company who takes Andy on will benefit from his character and ability. I would strongly endorse him for any position. He has proven time and time again he is a Leader that will not turn from any situation.”

Stuart Fraser, Director & General Manager Operations, Van-Rob Inc.

“As a support department to Andrew, his requests were always clear and concise. He was able to put together a strong team while creating a positive work environment to ensure his facility exceeded targets and expectations with both our customers and our company.”

Anne Dirksen-Cairoli, Corporate Purchasing Manager, Van-Rob Inc.

“Andrew is an excellent leader who cares about the development of his employees. He commits significant time resources to personal development and to coaching/mentoring others. His expertise in Lean Manufacturing, 6-Sigma and Change Management are significant assets to him as a senior manager.”

Jeff Molyneaux, Engineering Manager, Van-Rob Inc.

“Andy is very knowledgeable and data driven manager. We worked together on a critical asset plan and a press improvement initiative for Van Rob. He is a very performance and continuous improvement minded leader whose knowledge and experience was an asset to the group. Andy is a team player and a pleasure to work with.”

Robert Clark, Operations Manager, Van-Rob Inc.

“Andy is an excellent leader who is able to clearly define company goals and objectives and then provide the necessary support to achieve them. He is very strong in Continuous Improvement, 5S and Lean Manufacturing. As a coach and mentor he had a positive effect on his entire team and had a great impact on both my personal and professional life. I enjoyed working for Andy and would not hesitate to work for him in the future.”

Dino Borsato, Tool Room Supervisor, Van-Rob Inc.

“Top qualities: Dedicated, professional, goal driven Working with Andy on H&S issues was a refreshingly positive experience. Tight deadlines were accommodated at his plant and his management commitment was unprecedented. Andy's plant was the only plant that I could count on having Andy not only tell the employees but show them that safety was really first. Andy's commitment to H&S training was boldly apparent by his presence and participation at the training sessions. If Andy's schedule would not allow his full attendance but he always made an appearance and followed up with me to get his training completed. Andy was the only Van-Rob GM that I not only did not have to chase for completion but he wanted to know what my compliance rate was. Everybody at the plant knew this and respected his empowerment to them. When I brought H&S issues from the floor to Andy his response was efficient and progressive. A focus group was created on the spot with the effected employees and a cost-effective solution was worked out immediately. Work was stopped, employees were re-deployed and the fix was implemented. Andy formed focus groups prior to implementation of a new lines, he understood the challenges between production and H&S and made them work together not against each other. It was always GREAT to be part of the launch team. It was a pleasure working with Andy, I would definitely recommend Andy for a challenging leadership role.”

Lissa Gosling, Health and Safety Coordinator, Van-Rob Inc.

"Andy is no doubt a great leader. He is relentless in his pursuit for excellence in Lean Manufacturing, 5S and Total Quality Management. His "can-do" attitude is second to none. Andy has the ability to form teams and empower his team members to perform to their fullest potential. He has genuine cares for his subordinates' personal and professional needs. I enjoyed working for Andy and would not hesitate to work for him in the future."

Vinh Nguyen, Program Manager, Van-Rob Inc.

“Andrew was known as Mr. 5 S. He was the embodiment of 5-S in Van Rob that it became the global standard for us. His relentless drive of the concept made it part of the operating process across three countries. He is a true believer of Lean manufacturing concepts and Six Sigma and provides leadership, support and personally facilitates and coaches his peers and direct reports on Kaizens events, Visual management techniques, Zero Quality attainment and Pull systems.”

Raveen Satkurunathan, Manufacturing Development Manager, Van-Rob Inc. 

“I was hired by Andy when I was an engineering student and worked with him for about three years. He transformed me from a student to an effective leader/team member/engineer. He trusted me with responsibility, and gave me the opportunity to lead complex projects that involved multiple levels of management early in my career. He clearly defines the expectations and offers his full support in achieving them. He always brought the best out of his people at all times by challenging and motivating them. I know him from outside work as well, and he is extremely effective in what he does. He is highly committed to health & safety, lean manufacturing, 5S, strategic planning,coaching & mentoring, continuous improvement and change management. He is an affective leader, motivator, mentor, boss and person. He was always a pleasure to work with.”

Faraaz Bahmany, Manufacturing Engineering Specialist, Van-Rob Inc.

"Andy is a great leader and I learned a lot from him for the short time I worked at Van-Rob. Andy always made the expectations clear to me and provided all necessary support to get things done on time on budget. Andy will be the leader to get the team through this extremely tough time for automotive. The team will come out of this recession stronger than ever."

Wendy Chen, Manufacturing Engineering Specialist, Van-Rob Inc.

"Andy is results driven manager of people and systems. He is excellent at making any team around him - better. His biggest strengths are imprinting forward motion systems in areas of his control and making them part of the culture. Examples are 5S and lean manufacturing concepts. Andy is a valuable asset to any manufacturing company looking to improve their corporate culture and improve profitability."

 Darren Charbonneau, Production Manager, Magna - Dortec Industries

"As a Co-Op Student, I reported to Andy from May 2002 to May 2003. He played an integral part in my development at Magna Closures. His passion for "Lean" is evident. To me he represented forward thinking in an environment that wasn't always conducive to it. On a more personal level, Andy knows how to develop people. There were points through my Co-Op where I was challenged to the brink of failure, but I never failed. Andy carefully selected my projects and allowed me to rapidly develop my confidence and skills which ultimately set me up for success. In my mind this is a quintessential trait of a good manager. Based on his knowledge and people skills, I would recommend Andy for any position requiring Leadership of Lean Implementation."

Moiz Tayabji, Industrial Engineer, Magna - Dortec Industries

 "As a direct report to Andy I was able get clear & concise direction and was able to work easily and effectively within his boundaries. As a manager now, I aspire to his level of organization, his ability to create a light atmosphere while driving to get us all organized and formalized so that we made deliberate and planned steps."

Steven Martin, Industrial Engineer, Ford Electronics

"Andrew worked as a member of our management team, responsible for Alfield's goal of improving productivity on the plant floor and implementing cost reductions. During this time, Andrew demonstrated his strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment."Joanne Radford, General Manager, Alfield Industries

"I've known Andrew for more than 5 years. During that time, I mentored and coached Andrew while he was employed at Van-Rob and at Dortec. I watched Andrew evolve from a manager into a leader as the General Manager at Van-Rob. Andrew has a winning attitude that makes him successful in both his career and family goals that he sets. He is well organized and sets goals and objectives for himself and his direct reports. He builds strong and lasting relationships by gaining trust and empowering his team. He cares about the people reporting to him by wanting them to reach their full potential. He spends time with his direct reports mentoring and coaching them to be successful in their own goals and objectives. He is an outgoing person who takes the time to listen to people's concerns and helps them come up with the best solutions to resolve issues. Andrew most importantly knows that development is an ongoing process and continuously strives to improve himself and his team. I would happily recommend Andrew for any leadership position he is seeking."

Frank Kreze, President, Leadership Management International Canada


Leadership Training

Leadership (2011)

Four Disciplines of Execution (2011)

Effective Personal Productivity (2007)

Supervisory Competency (2002)

New Salaried Supervisor (1999)

Interviewing Skills (2003)

Negotiation Skills (2002)

Lean Manufacturing Training

Lean Bronze Certification (2009 est.)

Six Sigma Green Belt (2003)

Lean Production Design (2000)

Safety & Ergonomics Training

JHSC Certified Member (2007)

First Aid - Level A CPR (2007)

Ergonomics Training (2003)

Technical Training

Stamping Die Certification (2006)

QS-9000 Internal Auditor (1995)

ISO/TS-16949 (2003)


References available upon request.