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Work experience

Loan Processor

E*Trade Financial
  • Average monthly fundings 60+ ($12mm) with a high of 85 consisting of conventional, subprime, alt-a, etc.
  • Pre-underwrite for accuracy, quality and compliance prior to submission.
  • Monitor pipeline and rate lock expiration's.Meet established turnaround-time and production goals set by management.
  • Prepare transaction for closing in 45 wet and dry states and draw loan documents.
  • Manage customer relationship from application to closing.Set and convey realistic expectations to the borrower and provide regular updates to all related parties including Realtors, closing agents and attorneys.
  • Maintain company customer service standards.
  • Mentor junior and new hire processors.
  • Prepare subordination documents and process NY mortgage tax transfer transactions.


  • Attained top producer 5 of 16 months.

Processing Manager

E*Trade Financial
  • Motivate, support and manage team of 10-15 processors.
  • Establish turnaround-time and production goals and conduct performance reviews.
  • Monitor new submissions, balance work flow and drive pipeline to ensure individual and department volume targets are achieved and files are processed in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Participate in monthly job fairs for mass recruiting during high volume periods.
  • Contribute to department processing manual. 
  • Provide training to new and existing staff members. 
  • Mentor and support new processors and provide the tools needed to achieve company success and meet department objectives.


  • Team consistently exceeded monthly projections with several top producing team awards.
Feb 2010Jan 2011

AVP, Quality Control

Frontier Bank, FSB
  • Analyze loans with guideline exceptions and determine if approval is warranted.Evaluate and synthesize data to ensure loan quality, adherence to policies and guidelines, business validity and salability.
  • Audit underwriting operations and loan files for quality and accuracy.Amend underwriting procedures, processes and general operational improvements to increase quality and viability based on review findings.
  • Conduct full and comprehensive audits and evaluations on FHA and FHLMC loans, with heavy focus on compliance and agency guidelines.
  • Develop, write and implement policies, procedures and controls that support bank quality-focused credit culture to prevent fraud, eliminate defects and mitigate risk.     
  • Develop, write and conduct complete training programs for retail and wholesale departments for SOP’s and other regulatory issues including RESPA 2010.
  • Revise HMDA procedures to improve controls and reduce error rate.
  • Perform monthly scrub, identify LAR inaccuracies and report findings to senior management.
  • Vet and approve 3rd party service providers and TPO’s and maintain compliant files.
  • Perform comprehensive loan review of Bank's portfolio and provided results to management.


  • Lowered monthly defect rate 45% (1.78) well below acceptable limits and improved delivery time to secondary market by 22% by implementing targeted training program and increased controls.
  • Reduced RESPA 2010 tolerance violations 95% through newly created procedures, adjusted workflow and targeted training program based from QC internal audit findings
  • 60% reduction in FTE's through improved efficiencies.
Feb 2006Dec 2009

Loan Processor

Investors First Mortgage
  • Support loan officers with qualifying applicants, loan placement and identify potential solutions or alternatives for difficult and denied loans.
  • Provide strong communication and support to underwriting, mortgage professionals and borrowers to clear stipulations needed for mortgage loan files to ensure a quick turnaround time and timely closings.
  • Evaluate and analyze loan package prior to submission to underwriting for quality and adherence to regulatory and investor guideline to expedite the final approval process and closing.
  • Process all loan types using Encompass360 LOS including commercial and new construction transactions.
  • Work with sales manager to create and implement changes to streamline processes and procedures for sales and processing staff.
  • Monitor new loan submissions and balance work flow to ensure department goals are achieved.
Jun 1998Jan 2006

Sr. Mortgage Underwriter

E*Trade Financial
  • Underwrite and decision AUS approved FHLMC, FNMA, FHA, investor and Bank loans per guidelines within lending authority limits of $1,000,000 for first liens and $250,000 for second liens.
  • Handled extremely high volume underwriting numbers.
  • Work with loan officers, processors and management to assist in qualifying loans.
  • Participate in developing and modifying processing procedures to lower underwriting turn-times, minimize conditions and increase company funding.
  • Commute to newly opened Pittsburgh location to train and mentor new underwriters and processors.


  • Gained reputation for my industry expertise and presentation experience and was awarded the task to commute to PA to train new underwriters and processors at the new PA operations center.


Aug 2011Dec 2011

Correspondent Courses

North Lake College

Currently enrolled in Advanced Quality Control and Loan Underwriting.

Continuing Education

Participate in numerous training workshops and seminars to maintain current on regulatory matters, agency guidelines and industry practices.                                                                             

Commercial Lending

Construction Lending                                                                           

Mortgage Bankers Association                                                                                                2010                

Regulatory Compliance Conference                                                                               

Mortgage Bankers Association, Washington DC                                      Attended 2009, 2010 & 2011

HUD – Underwriting Credit and Income, FHA Appraisal Requirements                                          2012

USDA – GUS Lender Advanced Training, Guaranteed Loan Training                                            2012

VETERANS ADMINISTRATION- VA Underwriting                                                                      2012


With more than 18 years experience in the mortgage industry, I have a tremendous depth and breadth of experience that includes both residential and commercial mortgage loans. My career has included positions in Origination, Processing, Underwriting, Quality Control and Compliance giving me an essential understanding of the complete loan process.

I am a service driven individual with an innate ability to resolve complex situations, work as a strong team member and provide the best possible customer experience.  I believe my ability to excel comes from my passion for the industry and recognition that this is the largest purchase that people are most likely to make.

I look for ways to improve the customer experience and streamline the process.  My belief and experience has been that the best way to accomplish this is by effectively integrating, implementing and capitalizing on available and upcoming technologies and, just as importantly, ensuring that people receive comprehensive training for their positions.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of agency guidelines for FNMA, FHLMC, and FHA and regulatory requirements for real estate lending
  • Ability to analyze and assess the accuracy and appropriateness of each document and procedure involved in each individual loan
  • Proficient in DU and LP AUS systems; Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access); Point, Encompass360, OnTrak, InTrac and DataTrac LOS systems.
  • Exemplary verbal and written communication skills including technical writing on policies, procedures, training programs, matrices, forms and other various investor, regulatory and product communications.
  • Methodical and well-organized by nature with keen multi-tasking skills and the ability to handle a large workload while maintaining quick turnaround times
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge of Federal and State lending and compliance/regulatory matters including HMDA, TILA, ECOA, FCRA, HOEPA, RESPA, FHAct, SAFE Act, and GLBA
  • Participate in numerous training workshops and seminars to maintain current on regulatory matters, agency guidelines and industry best practices
  • Creative thinker and innovative problem solver.
  • Understand the general operating functions and quality control needs for mortgage operations, its unique operating environment, operating risks, and available quality control strategies and tactics to reduce, mitigate and remove risk exposures
  • Understand the purpose and function of Quality Control requirements, and how to implement a Quality Control Program in the organization to ensure the adequate protection of the organizations assets; in particular its mortgage lending processes
  • Skilled in bank policy and regulatory requirements for residential mortgage lending 


Lisa Crawford

"Averie is very detailed processor. She is an extremely hard worker, always willing to learn, and has great attention to detail. She is a true team player. I enjoy working with her. I always know that should I need help in any area Averie is always willing to jump in and do what she can. When Averie has processed a file I know that I will have a fast, smooth close from docs to funding."

Ray Hsieh

“Averie is a very knowledgeable and experienced in the mortgage lending arena. She brings a positive attitude along with those positive attributes making her a valuable asset to any operation. Averie learned the business from the ground floor and worked her way up into management. It is her ability with these skills and her dedication and drive that has made her a success in this industry.”

Renee Hauge

Averie is professional, focused and always ensures that the customer comes first.Her mortgage compliance knowledge is excellent and she has proven to be a great asset for the department.Her underwriting experience is evidenced by her ability to process extremely complicated loan files effectively.

Averie is a true team player.She is well respected by her peers, co-workers and management for her eagerness to help, sense of urgency, attention to detail and positive attitude.

What I have found in Averie far exceeds the processors I have worked with in the past and I heartily endorse her as she would be an asset to any organization.