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Knowledge of Court Systems
I have worked in the criminal division at the US Attorney's Office for over two years. I also have a criminal justice minor. My current job requires me to be active in Federal court and be knowledgeable in court procedures and documents. 
Microsoft Software Knowledge
I am very experienced in all Microsoft Office Software. I have taken many classes as well as on the job experience. Such programs include: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. 
Communication Skills
I am a communications major. I have spent the last four years earning my communications degree and studying many aspects of communication. I have advance written and oral communication skills. I have much experience in building relationships with others as well as working in groups. I am a fast learner and have an ability to understand complex procedures and determine and prepare material from such procedures. 


Federal employee with over 2 years of federal experience. Proficient in handling government records as well as familiar with many government agencies policies and procedures. 


Debate Organizer, Participant

Along with 4 colleagues organized a protest of a University Student Government petition to withdraw a food service contract on campus on the grounds of religious beliefs. Helped to plan and participated in a public debate with over 500 University students in attendance to fight insurrections. Evoked a response from both the Southern Illinois University Office of the Chancellor and University general counsel in a press release affirming civil liberties denied by University Student Government.

PWP Ratings Rated "Outstanding" in all categories of Performance Work Plan and Appraisal Records.

Developed Informational Briefings 

Developed Informational Briefing on W.A.V.E (Working Against Violent Elements) Housing Development for the East St. Louis Police Department, the Mayor’s Office, Illinois State Troopers, the US Attorney and the FBI. Researched and collected data to present to the agencies listed above. 

Planned and executed an informational training session 

Developed and delivered training to staff on information technology (e.g., Blackberry, Microsoft Word). Training included information on how to use the new Blackberry assigned to each attorney in the office. Another included a meeting on the office conversion from Word Perfect to Microsoft Word.  Each meeting had over 15 attendees and each came with a booklet written and designed by myself that was sent out to the entire office, over 70 colleagues received the booklets from each meeting. 


Mario Jimenez

I have worked with Col. Jimenez and assisted him with many projects and presentations dealing with special intelligence. 

Stephen Wigginton

The united States Attorney for the Southern district of Illinois. I have worked with him for over two years.

Julie Swanston

Victim Witness Coordinator for the US Attorney's Office. I have worked alongside her for two years. 

Matthew Stumpf

Mr. Stumpf was my criminal justice professor for two years. 

Work experience

Apr 2012Present

Student Trainee (Clerical) (GS-399-1)

US Attorney's Office
  • Working with Victim Witness Coordinator, Special Intelligence, ATF, DEA, FBI, IRS, CIA and other government agencies.
  • Worked personally with the head of special intelligence for the southern district of Illinois, Col. Mario Jimenez. 
  • Performed a variety of day-to-day clerical task in support of one or more clerical, technical or administrative staff. 
  • Converting Word Perfect documents to Microsoft Word, multiple filing jobs, answering telephones and performing secretarial work. 
  • Entrusted to review, sort and close case files for the criminal division of the US Attorney's Office. Also scanning documents and converting files from hard copy to digital. 
  • Proficent in all Microsoft software and programs. 
  • Familiar with court documents and procedures. 
  • Communicated with multiple other agencies as well as inner office colleagues.


Aug 2010May 2014

Speech Communication

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Department of Justice