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About Avakian Jewelry

A jewelry brand rooted in family and history and known for its fine wares, Avakian Jewelry was established in 1969 by the Avakian family. Avakian jewelry first originated in the country that was once known as "the Monaco of the Middle-East," Lebanon. During its golden days, the country was frequented by famous celebrities and artists such as Brigitte Bardot and Julio Iglesias, as well as many dignitaries and royalty. As shoppers learned of the business, they visited the location in droves, causing the shop to expand to three locations, all situated in the country's capital.Avakian Jewelry's growth continued through 1976, when Edmond Avakian joined the family business. The Bulgaria-born Avakian held a Master of Business Administration in Finance and a civil engineering degree before embarking on an education in gemology. Combining these three knowledge bases, Avakian imbued Avakian Jewelry with even greater renown and class via the Haute Joallerie collection of jewelry in 1980, the first of his many creations.Over the next five years, Avakian Jewelry continued to prosper, due largely to Edmond Avakian's passion. In 1985, he settled in Geneva and opened a shop in the Rue de la Fontaine. Avakian Jewelry grew gradually until 1995, when Edmond Avakian again exercised his creativity to create a new line of jewelry. Elegant yet accessible, the Victory line catered to customers in need of jewelry that matched every occasion, while appearing delicate and trendy. Additionally, Avakian Jewelry offered Victory pieces in an array of combinations: glittering diamonds, stones in shades that are subtle and eye-catching, all available in a multitude of colors. Understanding jewelry's appeal to female clientele, Avakian Jewelry launched the Tzarina collection with a lady's wristwatch, the first of its kind available on the market. Customers interested in learning more about the history of Avakian Jewelry and Edmond Avakian, as well as more information concerning the business's many collections, are encouraged to visit