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Work experience

Mar 2003Present

Computer Operator I / Help Desk Specialist

IS Computer Operator One

Job Summary:

The Computer Operator One reports to the Director of IS Operations and Client Services and is responsible for the operation and monitoring of on-line systems. Running batch processing and other productions jobs, preparation, storage and/or distribution of output products, and assisting users with problems during the course of their shift.

Primary Job Duties:

  1. Schedule and/or run batch or other production jobs as assigned. Performs system backups on various platforms as scheduled.
  2. Monitors on-line systems and network tasks to insure responsive operation and restarts the systems in case of failure with limited assistance. Coordinates necessary first or second level support necessary to resolve problems in an expedient manner with least amount of impact to the users.
  3. Maintains a working environment that promotes a professional image of the department throughout the MedicalCenter.
  4. Performs Help Desk responsibilities after normal business hours by responding to Help Desk requests from system’s users, defining priorities, answering questions, and resolving problems. Uses on call resources or vendors as necessary to resolve problems.
  5. Insures systems output is prepared, stored and/or delivered in accordance with specified guidelines.
  6. Prepares and/or maintains required work documentation logs and reports.
  7. Files and stores backup and history tapes in accordance with departmental documentation and organizational retention requirements. Prepares current backup tapes for off-site storage on a daily basis. Updates tape backup database on a daily basis.
  8. Provides assigned training to less experienced personnel as required or scheduled.
  9. Assists senior operators or Director in preparing work schedules, completing reports and other assigned tasks.
  10. Effectively demonstrates the mission, vision, and values of the medical center on a daily basis.

IS Help Desk Specialist

Job Summary:

The Help Desk Specialist reports to the Director of IS Operations and Client Support.Responsibilities include first level support for processing electronic and telephony generated requests for service, including but not limited to: requests for assistance related to Information Services hardware and software applications (troubleshooting, maintenance, updates and new installs), “how to” questions regarding hardware and software supported by Information Services, providing knowledge transfer to end user when feasible, processing formal requests for modifications or enhancements to Information Services supported systems, creation or editing of new or existing security accounts for most systems owned by Information Services. The Help Desk Specialist is also responsible for tracking and reporting each request, for documenting the responses given and for utilizing appropriate departmental procedures in developing the proper response to each type of requests.Also responsible for initiating follow-up calls to user departments regarding the status of requests, miscellaneous table and account maintenance, password resets and low priority software installations.

Primary Job Duties:

  1. Provides first level support for all electronic or telephone generated requests for service
  2. Responsible for tracking and reporting each request, for documenting the responses given and for utilizing appropriate departmental procedures in developing the proper response to each type of requests.
  3. Responsible for initiating follow-up calls to user departments regarding the status of requests, miscellaneous table and account maintenance, password resets and low priority software installations.
  4. Maintains a broad knowledge of all Information Services software and hardware being utilized to be technically conversant at all levels of problem solving through reading, briefings, seminars, and classes.
  5. Responds to customer requests and complaints, answers questions, troubleshoots user and system errors and provides problem resolution over the phone as much as possible to promote accelerated problem resolution. Escalates to second level support as appropriate. Provides consulting advice for the user community in a manner that promotes a professional and customer service oriented climate throughout the MedicalCenter.
  6. Responsible for creating, modifying or maintaining security passwords and profiles for specified applications within the Information Services domain.
  7. Actively participates in continuing education opportunities to maintain working knowledge of emerging technologies and best-practice business processes.
  8. Differentiates between user and system problems, resolving all issues pertaining to user requests and utilizing technical staff resources to address system problems.
  9. Analyzes problems encountered by systems’ users through telephone contact.
  10. Researches all problems from available resources (manuals, vendor support, etc.).
  11. Communicates, to appropriate analysts, coordinators, or other support personnel, requests that require programming, education, local assistance within the department, etc.
  12. Logs and tracks various types of requests to isolate and improve problem areas.
  13. Adheres to guidelines outlined for Management Procedures involving change management, problem management, recovery management, and on-line management.
  14. Provides point of contact knowledge transfer to end-users to minimize repeat calls and increase customer satisfaction.
  15. Effectively demonstrates the mission, vision, and values of the medical center on a daily basis.
Sep 2006Apr 2008

Service Agent / Service Manager

National Alamo Rental Car

Hired as a Service Agent then quickly promoted to Service Manager.

Job Summary:

Service cars for clients and have them ready to rent in a timely manner.

Primary Job Duties:

  1. Worked with management to ensure the rentals were cleaned and available
  2. Compiled work schedules
  3. Completed documentation on major and minor car repairs
  4. Organized the shipping of vehicles to other locations
  5. Communicated with local Dealerships about the repairs of our cars
  6. Communicated the MSDS and safety materials to all employees
  7. Made sure my employees performed their required tasks.
  8. Increased employee motivation and job strategy

As the Service Agent:

  1. Cleaned interior and exterior of all cars
  2. Checked the fluids
  3. Changed oil as needed
  4. Deliver cars to and from the service center
  5. Deliver cars to and from the dealerships and repair shops
  6. Maintained a gas log when filling cars with gas
  7. Keeping the shop clean and clear of hazards
  8. Opening and closing the service shop
Nov 2001Apr 2003


Miller-Motte College

I was a full time student during this period and spent all my concentration on my studies.

Dec 1999Nov 2001

Planner - Scheduler

Mundy Industrial Company (Dupont Contractor)

Job Summary:

Coordinated with managers and supervisors on the various task they needed to have completed on a daily basis.Arrange schedules for the completion of this work with the “outside support” team.

Primary Job Duties:

  1. Organized the morning exercise program
  2. Meet with managers and supervisors every morning to discuss daily activities
  3. Checked email for job request and scheduled the work to be done with managers and supervisors
  4. Scheduled specific training for our employees
  5. Inspected job requests to make sure we hade what we needed to get the jobs done quickly and safely
Sep 1999Dec 1999

Temporary Staffing Assingments

Mega Force

Mega Force was a temporary staffing company.I was assigned various clerical jobs during this time.These were temporary jobs.I was hired as a permanent employee for the Mundy Co. through this agency.I also worked at Mega Force as their receptionist.

Jun 1999Sep 1999

Collection Agent

Job Summary:

Responsible for collection and repossessions of all past due accounts

Primary Job Duties:

  1. Opening and closing office
  2. Arming and disarming alarms
  3. Greeting customers when entering the office
  4. Taking payments for loans
  5. Running credit reports on applicants
  6. Assisting the front desk with calls
  7. Assisting client with application for loans
  8. Assisting client with payment options
  9. Making collection calls
  10. Assisting management with collections and repossessions
  11. Coordinated with wrecker companies on seizing automobiles
  12. Investigation work for asset recovery
Jun 1991Jun 1999

Disbursing Clerk

Job Summary:

Disbursing clerks maintain pay records and process travel claims for the Navy using microcomputer programs. DKs are also responsible for computing the financial reports for all ships and shore bases. DKs learn banking, cash handling, bookkeeping and auditing skills.

Primary Job Duties:

  1. Maintain Personal Financial Records of military personnel
  2. Review for accuracy and process documents affecting military pay entitlements and deductions and perform related computations
  3. Prepare military payrolls
  4. Determine transportation entitlements
  5. Compute travel allowances incurred by military personnel and their dependents
  6. Process vouchers supporting receipt and expenditures of public monies
  7. Ensure accuracy of accounting data
  8. Maintain related fiscal records
  9. Prepare associated reports and returns
  10. Operate ADP equipment associated with the administration of the Navy pay system.
  11. Using computers to compute pay and prepare payroll information
  12. Serving as cashiers to pay government funds
  13. Keeping files and accounting records for payments of government funds
  14. Maintaining automated teller machines onboard ships
  15. Providing customer service by answering personal financial questions as mandated by law
  16. Acting as collection agents of money owed to U.S. Treasury by Navy personnel



Eric Gray

Amy Brothers

Christina Beonit

Sam Killen

Amanda Howerton

Friend for about seven years


My objective is to simply improve my quality of life.




Network Engineering

Network/Computer/Software Repair

Investing (Commodities)





Weight Lifting


Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High - by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, et al.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior - A Book That Changes Lives by Dan Millman

An Uncommon Way to Wealth by Victor D'Argent

The World's Most Powerful Money Manual & Course by Ken Roberts

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel

The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills


Sep 2002Present

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