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Welding and Soldering
Soldering, Arc Welding, and a year in electronics class learning how to solder
Basic understanding of Spanish
Basic automotive knowledge
Wood Carving
Wood house, as well as Wood Caricatures


Aug 2008May 2012

High School Diploma

Prescott High School

Acquire and utilize new skills at a fast pace.

Perform multiple assignments, practices, and activities effiently with quality.

Communicate and deliver information to peers with a positive attitude.

Manage time between school and personal life effectively.

Take pride in ensuring that all schoolwork and supplies are organized and tidy.

Aug 2008May 2011

Certificate of Cabinetmaking

Prescott High School

Demonstrated business practices for a Woodworking Business.

Safety manufactured wood products.

Performed basic cabinetmaking skills.

Assembled wood products using fasteners, adhesives, and hardware.

Practiced safe and effective use of stationary woodworking machines.

Examined, programmed, and utilized computers and computer-controlled woodworking equipment.

Cabinetmaking Certificate


Roger Cline

Lauri Dreher

Work experience

May 2009Jul 2010

Maintenance Worker

Prescott Younglife

Meticulously prepped and painted home.

Created plan of action in order to safely remove dead trees by sawing and splitting into logs.

Conscientious about providing a defensible fire space by ensuring all dead vegetation was cleared from home.

Diligently repaired yard and driveway by leveling with gravel.

Paid close attentiong to detail when performing yard maintenance and up-keep.

Woodworking Projects

Reconstructed Clock


May 2011Present


Arizona Department of Education


Hand Carved House

Professional Recommendation


Obtain a position with growing responsibility and assist the company in achieving organizational goals.


Prescott Younglife August 2009-Present

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) August 2009-Present

-Attended 2011 Fall FBLA Leadership Conference

Paintball Club August 2009-Present

Career Description

Woodworking machine operators set up, run and tend machines such as power saws, lathes, planners, routers, sanders, and laser engraving machinery. They work from blueprints, drawings or work orders. They look at the defects of the raw wood and determine proper size needed for project. Machine operators also feed the wood into the machine, make any corrections or adjustments, and examine the finished product for flaws and cracks caused by the machine.

Skills Needed for Career

Knowledge of how products are made and supplied is a requirement for the job. Arithmetic, Geometry, and statistics are the major math courses required. Must have high school diploma and have completed on-the-job training or training through technical school.

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Currently, I am a senior at Prescott High School and interested in being in a company with positions that offer growth and an opportunity with the woodworking industry. I am a responsible young adult and have a positive personality. I currently have a 3.6 G.P.A and am a fast learner.

Due to my 2 year completion of the Cabinetmaking Program of Study at Prescott High School, I have obtained many skills. Daily we were taught to use safety methods upon checking and replacing parts on stationary and portable machinery. I have been trained to efficiently use laser engraving computers, as well as computer controlled equipment for woodworking. I have learned business techniques required for a woodworking company and work towards a management position in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my e-portfolio if you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my cell phone: (928)830-7871 or email: [email protected]